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Knitting Patterns

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An Education in Lace Grafting: Lace Pattern 3 - Interweave. We’ve tripped through a couple of swatches, and now we are on our third lace pattern.

An Education in Lace Grafting: Lace Pattern 3 - Interweave

This series with Joni Coniglio, Interweave Senior Project Editor and in-house lace expert, will have a total of eight installments. We are close to the end, and hope that by the time it is all said and done – your lace grafting skills will be tops! An Education in Lace Grafting: Lace Pattern 3 - Interweave. Editorial spring 06. You have cast one stitch on to needle #1. 5.

editorial spring 06

Bring needle #2 over the yarn tail on your thumb, around and under the yarn and back up, making a loop around needle #2. Doilyhead's Blog. Fisherman Pillow. It's a classic.

Fisherman Pillow

Traditional fisherman-stitch patterns are adapted to create this handsome pillow, October's Knit Project of the Month. Perfect on your favorite sofa and large enough to use as a floor pillow. Note: The following pattern makes one, 24" by 24" knitted square, which is finished off with two rows of single crochet, and then attached by sewing to a finished pillow. If you prefer to make a completely knitted pillow, knit two panels. The online pattern store. Faberge Cowl Inspired by the enameled and jeweled eggs made by Peter Carl Fabergé for the Czar and Czarina of Russia between 1885 and 1917, this cowl captures the beauty and intensity of Imperial Russia.

the online pattern store

This pattern is knit out of worsted weight yarn and uses slightly larger “E” or “5/0” size glass seed beads, which, along with the included photo tutorials, make it a perfect first beaded project for someone wanting to try beaded knitting, while remaining challenging enough for more experienced knitters to enjoy making. This pattern contains a photo tutorial on beading with a crochet hook, as well as a photo tutorial on the pattern stitch. Best and brightest toy knitting patterns for toddlers. Knitted toys are a great gift for small kids — they’re soft, lovable, cute, and can be made to be both durable and washable.

Best and brightest toy knitting patterns for toddlers

As long as there are no small pieces, they can be excellent for toddlers to lean, play, and grow. Here are some of the best toy knitting patterns for toddlers. Click photo to purchase pattern. Clarence the Dinosaur by Amanda Berry is a great piece for a dino-loving little boy or girl. View.e.needleworktraditions. How Did They Do That?


The Ultimate PieceWork 15 Year Digital Collection, containing all of the issues from 2001 through 2015, equals 6,078 pages filled with needlework history, patterns, and techniques. Wow--that's a lot of pages (I counted)! You can easily browse through the pages on your computer, tablet, or other device; search using the interactive tables of contents; print the patterns and instructions for myriad knitting, crochet, tatting, needle and bobbin lace, embroidery, needlepoint, beading, and cross-stitch projects; discover the abundance of historical techniques and stories about needleworkers from around the world and throughout time. Below is one of my favorite examples of what you'll find in this digital collection--it's a short tutorial from the March/April 2008 issue of PieceWork on the centuries-old technique of making loop-manipulated braids.

View.e.knittingdaily. A Knitting Masterpiece (and How to Lock Floats)Inspiration comes in all forms, from the country to the city and beyond.


There are many designers who are inspired by nature, including myself, but there are also beautiful patterns that take their inspiration from the beautiful architecture of the city. Kyle Kunnecke, the author of Urban Knit Collection, grew up with his construction superintendent father taking him to job sites and teaching him about architecture. He lived all over the country, enjoying the unique aspects of cities from the southwest to the southeast. Continental Knitting: A "Picking" Lesson. When I first learned to knit I was a “thrower” (or English-style knitter)—I held the yarn in my right hand and wrapped it (or threw it) around the right-hand needle.

Continental Knitting: A "Picking" Lesson

Most of my friends were “pickers” (Continental knitting style)—they held the yarn in their left hands and used the right-hand needle to pick it through the loop to make a stitch—and they wanted me to switch methods so I would be a faster knitter. I was perfectly happy with my throwing technique, though. It was fast enough for me and my tension was really even. Then I started a seed stitch scarf. I did about three inches and quit the project.

For seed stitch, you do a row of K1, P1, and then you knit the purls and purl the knits from the previous row throughout the entire project. But for throwers, moving the yarn back and forth for each stitch can be too tedious and time-consuming. Knitigating Circumstances. I am very saddened and angry at much of the political discussion these days about building walls and reinforcing borders.

Knitigating Circumstances

I was born in the US as the Berlin Wall was being built, and rejoiced at its downfall decades later. I went on to live for 10 years in the former East Germany and to see firsthand the toll that a wall can have on everyday lives. Better than Booties: Knitting for Babies. Priscilla Gibson-Roberts studied hand knitted socks from around the world for nearly a decade.

Better than Booties: Knitting for Babies

During her sock adventures, Priscilla always hoped to find the perfect structure: a sock that is durable, fits well, is flexible in terms of design, and is easy to knit and repair. Much to her surprise, she found the key in a pair of machine-made socks that she bought because she wanted to copy the lace around the leg.

When she put these socks on, she realized they fit perfectly-not at all like the average manufactured sock. Upon close examination, she found that the construction of the socks was based upon a short-row technique for both heel and toe. Better than Booties: Knitting for Babies. Knitting Finishing Techniques: Adding Snaps. I’ve been exploring knitting finishing techniques for my Vera cardigan, which I just finished putting together. The fabric is really stretchy and a bit floppy, to be honest, and the design calls for a tie closure, which I tried, but the top of the fronts still sagged and curled in a bit.

For a minute I thought I might have chosen the wrong yarn for the stretchy fabric, but I don’t think so. It’s an Aran-weight merino/silk blend, which has plenty of body, so I think it’s just the stitch pattern. I also probably need to block it a little better. Honestly, I was disappointed in this project, and I set it aside in the “meh” pile. View.e.knittingdaily. Great advice for knitting lace Summer is a great time to knit lace and to wear it (according to me, anyway). It's light on the needles, so you can knit it in hot weather, and the finished product is airy and drapey, so it's a great fabric to wear on a breezy summer evening. Plus, it's gorgeous and really fun to knit!

Knitting Techniques: Finishing Steeked Edges. I got a text the other day from one of my knitting friends. it went like this: Friend: Hi Kathleen! Have you done steeking?? KC: Yep. Friend: Sounds scary! CUTTING your knitting! Knitting Tips: Clever ways to use stitch markers. One of my friends says that she thinks of her fancy stitch markers as jewelry for her knitting. I admire that, because I’m not a super-fan of stitch markers. They interrupt my flow of knitting, so I only use them when absolutely necessary, such as at the beginning of a row and to separate stitch patterns within a row (a cable from its reverse-stockinette background, for example). Loveknitting. The online pattern store. For Knitwise Design 2015 23 Perfect Pitch Scarf This clever design allows you to fine- tune your scarf so it’s perfect every time!

Each time you wear it you can change the look by adjusting the relative lengths of the loop and tail. So many different ways to wear this design! (Stitches in Time) : Knitty Winter 2013. Windschief - The Yarnery. Product Categories sock/fingering. Hudson Lace Cowl pattern by Marcy Vandale. Well. That was lucky. Socktacular! eBook - Knitting Patterns from The Health Benefits of Knitting. Sleeve Cap Tip Sheet Solomon. Short Row Cap Conversion 2. View.e.knittingdaily. Knitting Finishing: Setting In Sleeves. 10 Charities Looking for Yarn Crafters. There are people who love to knit and crochet, but produce more sweaters, blankets, caps, and mittens than their friends and families can use. Yarn crafters are a generous group: in 2000, images of penguins wearing sweaters to help them recover from an oil spill prompted knitters all over the world to donate handmade penguin sweaters to the Penguin Foundation. They received many times more sweaters than they wanted, and most of the tiny sweaters were sold to raise funds.

There are other folks who could benefit from some lovingly-crafted woolens for one reason or another. Organizations have arisen to connect generous and productive crafters with those who could really use their output. Maybe you would like to knit for one of them. 1. Warm Up America! 2. Bundles of Love is a nonprofit organization that provides basic supplies for newborns in Minnesota, including bedding, clothing, and basic care items. 3. Wildlife Victoria is committed to helping wild animals in Australia.


Free One Skein Knitting Patterns & Christmas Knitting Patterns. Silver's Sock Class. Worsted weight yarn - approx 225 - 350 yards in 2 separate balls Amount of yarn needed depends on how long you want the leg portion. Tips & Tricks for Choosing Colors for a Fair Isle Pattern. Free Pattern: Crochet Bow and Ribbon Baby Hat. Crochet Patterns. Best Sock-Knitting Tips from Our Readers. Needle_Arts_Newsletter. Recipes.