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Free Knitting Patterns For Barbie & Others

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Knitting: Barbie Valentine Heart Bag. Barbie Knit: Sweater, Tube Top, Purse, Bell Bottoms. "The patterns have been tested many times for I have made them for my daughters, their friends for birthdays and my nieces.

Barbie Knit: Sweater, Tube Top, Purse, Bell Bottoms

This is my first time writing my patterns out so I hope I've made them easy to understand. " ... CE CLARK A SWEATER FOR BARBIE by CEClark TUBE TOP FOR BARBIE by CEClark Materials: size 9 knitting needles and a small amount worsted (sayelle) yarn Cast on 19 stitches Work 8 rows moss stitch (k1, p1) across row Cast off loosely Leave about a 6 in. yarn for sewing Sew short ends together. *For a different look-cast on 20 st and work in ribbing (k1, p1) -or add crochet chain straps (about 2 1/2 in) · put on doll by putting feet first and pulling up into place(if not casted off loosely you will find it hard to get over hips.

Knit: Free Barbie & Ken Patterns. Ideas For Easy Knitted Barbie Clothes. Knitting: Barbie, AG, Raggedy Ann, 14" & 16" Plastic, Cabbage Patch Dolls. Knitting Patterns For Barbie (PDFs) Barbie Knitting Patterns - 37 Patterns. 100's Of Knitting Patterns: Barbie, Ken, Pippi, Tommy, Skipper, Shelly. Free Barbie Doll Clothes Knitting Patterns. Barbie dolls are an icon!

Free Barbie Doll Clothes Knitting Patterns

What little girl hasn't had fun playing with Barbie dolls and dressing them in all sorts of outfits. More Barbie Clothes Knitting Patterns. Due to the immediate popularity of Barbie Clothes Knitting Patterns I wanted to share a few more knitting patterns for knitting Barbie clothes.

More Barbie Clothes Knitting Patterns

Here are some more that you are sure to have fun with. Barbie Clothes Knitting Pattern # 1- Butterfly Dress This dress is so cute, I want one! I love the color choices in the picture, but you could certainly make it any color you want. You will actually knit the front and the back of the dress separately and then put them together. Barbie Doll Bikini Swim Suit Knitting Pattern. Barbie's Ragg Hiking Socks - Knitting Pattern. The yarn for these socks begins its life as fingering-weight (baby or sock) yarn that is made up of 4 strands (plies).

Barbie's Ragg Hiking Socks - Knitting Pattern

You get the "ragg" color by using a yarn that has 2 plies of natural color and 2 of gray or brown, and separating it into yarns with one ply of each color. Of course, any color will do. Cut off about 3.5 yards (3 meters) of the yarn and separate the plies into two 2-ply yarns. This yarn is very thin, and the socks are quite tight. There's little chance of getting any shoes on over them if this isn't true. These are knit on American size 00 (1.75mm) double pointed needles.

Abbreviations: k = knit p = purl SSK = slip one stitch as if to knit, slip another as if to knit, knit them together p2tog = purl two stitches together dec = decrease instep = top of foot Sock top: Cast on 12 stitches, distributed over 3 needles. Heel flap: The heel flap is made on 6 stitches. Gusset: Knit one round plain. Foot: Knit 6 rounds plain. Copyright ©Judy Gibson, 1997. Knitting - Barbie Bikini. “Knitted doll clothes free pattern below” Only $2.99 Barbie or fashion doll clothes patterns are incredibly popular and more people are using these to ensure their Barbie looks incredible.

Knitting - Barbie Bikini

Whether you want to create the ultimate outfit for your Barbie to be causal or dressed up, there are plenty of different options. Knitting the outfits yourself may seem daunting; however, following the patterns will make it far easier. You will find that there are several different events that your Barbie will need to attend, and having the perfect evening wear is essential. Both the evening blouse and evening gown are easy to make, and will ensure that Barbie is the belle of the ball. To add a touch of class and sophistication to these fashion doll clothes for the event Barbie should wear the mohair coat and hat, which is also perfect for going out and about during the day.

All Barbie's like to have fun with their friends and the skating outfits for both boys and girls are excellent. Barbie Halloween Witch Knitting Pattern. Barbie - Free Shrug Knitting Pattern.

Barbie Knitted Dress Patterns

Barbie Knitted Tops & Bottoms Patterns.