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Knitting for Kids

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Oliver Pig pattern by Susan B. Anderson. I love this pig!

Oliver Pig pattern by Susan B. Anderson

I usually don’t name my toy designs with a specific name for many reasons but mainly because I would prefer that the knitter or recipient come up with their own name that is meaningful to them. However, while I was creating this cute pig with a knit-in colorwork sweater, jeans and a separate button-up hooded jacket, I kept calling him Oliver Pig in my head. So when coming up with a project name I decided to just go with it. Oliver Pig seems to suit him well. But I encourage you to feel free to change the name to whatever suits you and yours!

How to Make a Knitting Spool – Natty Knitter. My son came home from school last week and announced that he could knit.

How to Make a Knitting Spool – Natty Knitter

His teacher had taught her first grade class spool knitting, which they can do while they listen to her read stories. It’s a brilliant idea, not only does it give the kids something to do with their hands, which cuts down the fidget factor, it also helps each kid to be self contained and not flicking the back of his friend’s head. In short, it aids concentration for individuals and improves the atmosphere in the classroom. Of course, they are not knitting with needles, no-one should arm a group of seven year olds with pointy sticks. Instead, they are learning spool knitting, otherwise known as bobbin knitting, corking or french knitting.

My son wanted to make a spool knitting bobbin at home, so we did. It’s super easy to make and even easier to use, so I thought I’d share that with you today. Owls Two Ways (crochet) pattern by Ana Clerc. This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download This is a pair of universal simple one-piece owl patterns.

Owls Two Ways (crochet) pattern by Ana Clerc

Using the yarn of your choice, owls are stitched with a needle or hook 2 sizes smaller than the yarn normally calls for. For example, I used worsted weight yarn and a size F hook for the brown owl and the same weight yarn and size 6 (4.0 mm) dpns for the gray one. Both owls share the same finishing instructions and are done in the round from the bottom up. In addition to yarn and needles or hook, you will need the following tools and materials: • Buttons OR safety eyes OR felt circles for eye centers • Felt circles to make eye circles • Small scrap of felt OR a small scrap of yarn to make a beak for your owl • Toy stuffing to fill owl AND a small bag of rice, beans, or poly-pellets to weight the bottom. • Needle and thread for sewing on beak and eyes • Yarn needle to close the top of the owl • Stitch marker to mark the first stitch of your rounds (I used a locking one for both.)

Children's Mittens 4-6-8 Year Olds Pattern #166. Free Knit & Crochet Scrunchies Patterns – Savlabot. I have been trying out a few different ways to make scrunchies and thought I would share the process.

Free Knit & Crochet Scrunchies Patterns – Savlabot

I made five different style scrunchies but ended up only really liking 3 of them. I am going to share how I made those 3 here. I am still working out exactly how I want to seam them. Universal Yarn Heartsbloom Hat and Mittens (Free) at WEBS. Universal Yarns Heartsbloom Hat and Mittens is an adorable hat and mitten set for children that's all about texture.

Universal Yarn Heartsbloom Hat and Mittens (Free) at WEBS

Both the hat and mittens are knit in the round from the bottom up, beginning with a ribbed cuff. The all-over seed stitch pattern is broken by a panel of beautiful cables. Knit with Universal Yarn Bella Cash, they're super soft and kind to baby's skin. Sizes: Toddler (Child Small, Child Medium, Child Large)Finished Measurements: Hat- 16 (17¼, 18½, 20)” brim circumference Mittens- 5¾ (6¼, 6¾, 7¼)” hand circumferenceYarn Requirements: 2 (2, 3, 3) balls Universal Yarn Bella Cash (60% fine merino/30% nylon/10% cashmere; 50g/230yds) shown in #102 Blush (WEBS does not carry color)Needles: US 2 (2.75mm) DPNs or 16” circular for Child Small, Medium, & Large hat and US 1 (2.25 mm) DPNsGauge: 25 sts and 36 rows = 4” in seed stitch using larger needles 28 sts and 38 rows = 4” in seed stitch using smaller needles.

Baby-Hausschuhe (English) Dimensions: about 9,5 cm (3,75 inches) long by 5 cm (2 inches) wide (sole) Needle size: 4mm – US 6 (and 3,5 mm – US 4) Yarn: Schoeller und Stahl Merino Mix (or any other Aran (8wpi) yarn), you will need less than 50 g Construction: You start knitting the sole back and forth.

Baby-Hausschuhe (English)

After you picked up stitches around the edge of the sole, you join in-the-round and shape the shoes with decreases. You complete the booties by working the cuff ribbing. Crochet Summer Baby Booties Free Crochet Pattern - Video. Crochet Summer Baby Booties as the temperature is getting higher!

Crochet Summer Baby Booties Free Crochet Pattern - Video

If you love to crochet some house slippers for your family, you will love to check out Crochet Women Slippers Shoe Patterns Round Up. With kids getting in touch with trends at a much earlier age nowadays, it is better you get them familiar to DIY alternatives. Trying to find a proper soft shoes for little feet is not easy, especially when you want them to wear the same sneaker brands as parents do. Crochet baby booties are a perfect choice as crib shoes for the little walkers. This one with big holes is easy to crochet for beginners and are perfect gift for little feets to keep warm and breathy at the same time! DIY Adorable Knitted Baby Booties. Handmade baby booties for baby gifts are easier than you think.

DIY Adorable Knitted Baby Booties

You can create a nice one with needles and some yarn! If you know the basics of knitting, here is a pictured tutorial for you to make a pair of cute baby booties. I discovered this project over at a Turkish website (source). Unfortunately, there is no written tutorial or pattern for these cute baby booties. But you get the idea! The followings are more DIY ideas for you to make a cute pair knitted baby booties. Click here for How to DIY Easy Knitted Toddler Slippers.

Buciki dla niemowlakiem / Babys shoes - coffer of knitting paterns. Görüntünün olası içeriği: çizgiler - - Little Jamboree / DROPS Baby 16-3. GARTER ST (back and forth on needle): K all rows. ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- JACKET SHORTENED ROWS, BODY PIECE: To make jacket wider at the bottom work shortened rows as follows: * Work 20-22-24 (26-28) sts, turn piece, slip first st as if to K, tighten thread and work return row, work 46-50-57 (65-70) sts, turn piece, slip first st as if to K, tighten thread and work return row, work 64-70-80 (90-98) sts, turn piece, slip first st as if to K, tighten thread and work return row, work 46-50-57 (65-70) sts, turn piece, slip first st as if to K, tighten thread and work return row, work 20-22-24 (26-28), turn piece, slip first st as if to K, tighten thread and work return row, work all 70-76-86 (96-104) sts, turn piece and work return row *.

Little Jamboree / DROPS Baby 16-3

Repeat from *-* 1 repeat of the above = 12 rows on sts at the bottom and 2 rows on sts at the top. INCREASING TIP: Make all inc from RS. Toddler Socks. Like most four year olds, my son can display stunning defiance, like last week when I asked him to take my first Toddler Sock for a test drive.

Toddler Socks

After some coaxing, begging and finally bribery, I succeeded in getting the sock on his foot. Determining that it indeed fit, I reached down to remove the sock and was met with even more resistance, “Uh-uh, I’m never taking it off!” At last I had to admit defeat, because let’s face it, hand knit socks are a total delight! These simple socks are so cute and cozy, even a toddler can appreciate them. Plus, little socks for little people are really fun to make. Baby-Hausschuhe (English) Wayback Machine. 10 Free Knitting Patterns For Baby Shoes! Teddy Bear Granny Square Blanket Pattern. Kids Puppy Hat Knit Boys Girls.

Golden Pear — viridian hue. Using colour 1 and smaller needles cast on 64 sts. Place marker and join in round. Ribbing: [K1, P1] repeat to end of round. Repeat Ribbing until piece measures 1 inch / 2.5cm from cast on edge. Change to larger needles. Seeloveshare. Knitted Baby Booties Free Patterns Cutest Ideas Ever. Report Do you love to Knit? The Ink Stained Wife: Bows Before Bros. I've been a bad blogger, but a least I've been a good little knitter!!! So we found out our little bean is a girl! So after some restructuring of my thoughts, it was time to knit things with bows! I've done the Saartje Bootees a few times but I wanted something a little different. I couldn't find any booties with bows that I particularly liked so it was time for some improvisation on the old faithful.

These are a quick little knit with a beautiful outcome. The sizes are NB and about 0-3 months, don't be afraid to go up a needle size to make them last a little longer. Free Honeycomb Stroller Blanket Knitting Pattern. Unlike most typical baby blankets, this one features a unique honeycomb pattern. It may look complicated, but the pattern is actually easy enough to master. The blanket's small size, perfect for a stroller or crib, is another welcome feature. Techniques Binding off -- BO. PATRONS DE TRICOT - CHEVAL BLANC. /* Filter Menu Color and Image Section CSS */ Patron gratuit Cheval Blanc - Poncho - Cat. 25-22. Crochet Mermaid Tail Bag. Five Petal Flower By Denice Johnson 1. 9 Amazing Ideas for That Special Skein of Sock Yarn - Sheep Among Wolves. If you are anything like me, you have a lot of fingering weight or sock yarn. And mostly single skeins of a colorway. I love hand-dyed yarn, whether it’s solid, semi-solid, variegated or striped.

But if I only ever knit socks it can get quite boring and Second Sock Syndrome might just raise its head. Besides how many pairs of socks can one person need? And I don’t know a lot of people who’d be happy to receive hand knit socks. There are plenty of other projects you can knit with a single skein of fingering weight yarn. Scarfs There are quite a few scarf patterns that don’t need more than one skein. 26 Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns - Ideal Me. KNITTING PATTERN-The Cove Cardigan 2/3 4/5 6/7 8/9 10/11. Petite Purls - Fall 2010. Easy Toddler Sweater Free Knitting Pattern - Gina Michele. ABC Knitting Patterns - Trendsetter Boy’s Sporty Brioche Sweater. Free Toddler Sweater Knitting Patterns - Winding the Skein.

I love looking at patterns and dreaming about what to make next. You know, the *next* project is always going to be the most exciting don’t you? One Hour Teeny Tiny Sweater. Elwood pattern by Jenny Wiebe. This dashing sweater is reminiscent of the old man it’s named after, my Grandpa Elwood. Top down, raglan construction keeps it simple, while the bold stripes and textured shawl collar create a stunning product.

For those who aren’t afraid to rock the old man look, this one is sized from 6 months to adult XL, so you can make this for anyone you like. And with optional neck and waist shaping, you can make sure it fits whoever the intended wearer is. Seven Months pattern by Jenny Wiebe. In Canada we are blessed with at least seven months of winter. Cold, cold winter! As a kid I remember having to stuff my beautiful dresses into my snow suit every time I wanted to wear something pretty through those seven months.

Inevitably my dresses would be crumpled and my spirits flattened when I pealed myself out of the snow suit. Machen pattern by Jenny Wiebe. ** Add Machen and King of the Castle to your cart and get them both for $9. Discount applies to previous purchases. Baby Bunny Rabbit Hat Knitting Pattern - Gina Michele. De rerum natura: modèles gratuits. Issue81. Mice Knitting Patterns. Cat and Kitten Knitting Patterns. Reversible Fingerless Mitts 2. Baby Mittens pattern by Malin Nilsson. Wishy Washy Fishy Tawashi pattern by Rhonda White. Cuddly Koala Hat Knitting Pattern - Little Red Window.

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens. Tangled...: perfectly simple...and free! Passed down pattern / Traditional Newfoundland Salt and Pepper Hat – The Salt 'n Pepper Hat Project. Animal Hat Knitting Patterns. We Like Knitting: Living Fishie Hats - Free Pattern. Fish Hat - Winter 2008. The HUGE List Of Free Knitting Patterns for Boys - Little Miss Kate. Tangled...: pixie love... Leksak (tunic) pattern by Yarn-Madness. Coffee, Yarn, and Nirvana, please!: Baby Cap Pattern. Eye Smile / DROPS Extra 0-932 - Stickad DROPS monstermössa i ”Alpaca” med ögon, mun och antenner - Gratis mönster från DROPS Design.

Tricotting blog - Tricotting Handmade Knitwear. Petite Purls - Summer 2009. Baby Hat Knitting Patterns. Cool Kid Hoodie. Knitting pattern for baby sweater and hat. Posting Us Squares. Baby Cocoon, Snuggly, Sleep Sack, Wrap Knitting Patterns. Catwoman returns. T H E . T H R I F T Y . K N I T T E R » Blog Archive » FREE PATTERN: Pebble (Henry’s Cobblestone-inspired Manly Baby Vest) 103 Free Knitting Patterns for Men, Women, and Children. Mustaa villaa: Three reasons to love Garter Stripe Beanies. WEB-BERNAT-SOFTEEBABYCHUNKY-K-ShawlCollarCardigan.pdf. WEB-PATONS-CANADIANA-K-CabledKnitCardigan.pdf. Customer Review of Pattern BK4K70430. Polkadot.

Issue81. Azalea Baby Cardigan pattern by Amy H. Aymond. Biscuits and Jam. TopKnotHat. Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns. Untitled. Free Pattern: Baby Blanket and Hat. 7 Free Knitting Patterns for Toddler Sweaters. Ribbed Baby Jacket pattern by Debbie Bliss. Zsa Mask pattern by Nele Peeters. Easy Kids' Knit Poncho.

Patons_Astra500941_04_cardigan.en_US.pdf. Bernat_HandicrafterCotton460_kn_hoodie.en_US.pdf. Patons_Canadiana500882_01_cr_hoodie.en_US.pdf. Bernat_KW530167_07_kn_pullover.en_US.pdf. Crochet Tripod Hat _ Yarn _ Free Knitting Patterns _ Crochet Patterns _ Yarnspirations.pdf. Patons_BeehiveBabyFingering500885_06_cr_blanket.en_US.pdf. Bobble Blocks Baby Blanket _ Yarn _ Free Knitting Patterns _ Crochet Patterns _ Yarnspirations.pdf. Baby T-topper _ Yarn _ Free Knitting Patterns _ Crochet Patterns _ Yarnspirations.pdf.