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AG - Knitting & Crochet Patterns

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Crochet: Fringed Halter AG Doll Top. A retro styled halter complete with flowers and fringe.

Crochet: Fringed Halter AG Doll Top

What you need: Worsted weight acrylic yarn Size H (5 mm) hook Yarn needle Scissors Halter: Row 1: Chain 20, sc back across chain, chain 1, turn -19 st. Crochet AG & 18" Doll Pants & Top. Black and White & Red all over… 18” doll Pants… 3 colours of WW yarn an 5.5mm hook 1st Leg Ch 18 with black yarn.

Crochet AG & 18" Doll Pants & Top

Rows 1-3: dc evenly, Row 4: inc by one . Row 5: dc evenly. Rows 6-8: work in dc w/ inc on 6 and 8. break off red. Top 'O the Morning AG Doll Pattern. AG Crochet Hooded Scarf Tutorial - SuzyMStudio. Peggy - AG Doll Crochet Ice Skating Costume. Peggy…18” doll This is as close as I can get to her costume for the 1968 Olympics.

Peggy - AG Doll Crochet Ice Skating Costume

There should be a titch more yellow in the lemon/lime yarn but colours change over the decades Bernat Satin yarn,- “Soft Fern” Bernat Merry Christmas glimmer yarn (very small amount) and a small amount of white SportWeight yarn. 4.5mm & hook and an elastic waistband. The Collar Fold a strand of glimmer yarn (about 26 inches long) in half twice – you have 4 strands at this point.

Row 2: work 1 sc in every sc and over each ch. while working over the chains try to get one strand of the glimmer yarn as well. Costume… working from collar down Row 3: work *dc in 1, 2dc in next* to end. AG Dainty Ruffles Party Dress. AG 18in Doll Clothes Crochet Patterns Directory. Crocheted Sweater For 18" Dolls. Crocheted Doll and Teddy Bear Sweater Pattern for 18 inch sizes Don't be afraid to try this sweater if you haven't crocheted in years!

Crocheted Sweater For 18" Dolls

This is a beginners pattern. The stitches used are so simple. (you can always get out a crochet leaflet where they tell you how to do the stitches if you have forgotten how). For those that like to have their own copy with color picture, I do have this pattern packaged for sale. Crocheted Sweaters for Dolls! Ch=chain st=stitch sl st=slip stitch sc=single crochet hdc=half double crochet Back (make one) Row1: chain 25,hdc in 3rd st from hook, hdc across ch2 , turn.

Row2-6: hdc across, ch2 , turn. Row7: hdc across, turn. Row8: sl st in 4 sts, ch2, hdc in 17 stc (The hdc in 17 may not be correct, so just hdc until you have 4 st left), ch2, turn. Row9-14: hdc across,ch2,turn. Row15: hdc across, turn. Row 16: sl st in 3 sts, sc, hdc in 9 (or to match the other side of 3 sts), sc in 10, ss in 11, 12, 13th - fasten off. Row2-6: hdc across, ch2, turn. Row12: same as 10. Crochet Doll Clothes For AG & 18" Dolls. You want to make something special for your child or Grandchild who loves her American Girl doll. 18 inch doll clothes to fit these dolls are sometimes hard to find locally and can be expensive if you have to order them online.

Crochet Doll Clothes For AG & 18" Dolls

The alternative is to save money by making your own doll clothes for them using these free crochet patterns Crochet 18" Doll Clothes #1 On this website you will find a free crochet pattern for button down cardigan sweaters. There is also alot of photos here for different variations of the sweater. Crochet 18" Doll Clothes #2 This website has a free crochet pattern for a summer set to fit American Girl dolls. Crocheted Doll Set - 18", AG Doll. Sweater 1: Ch 45 loosely.

Crocheted Doll Set - 18", AG Doll

Turn and dc in 3rd ch from hook and next 4 ch, double corner in next ch, *dc in next 9 ch, double corner in next ch*. Repeat between * twice more, dc in next 6 ch - 8 dc on each front, 13 dc on each sleeve and on back. American Girl Knitting Patterns. AG Knitting Patterns - Bitty Baby Layette Set. Knit & Crochet Outfit & Messenger Bag - 18"doll. Life is Just Peachy – 18” doll Crochet + knitting patterns DNBO = Do Not Break Off The pattern includes pants, a top and the messenger bag which are crocheted and the hat and cape which are knitted.

Knit & Crochet Outfit & Messenger Bag - 18"doll

The crochet involves sc, sl st, dc and hdc. The knitted parts include knit, purl, yarnover, knit 2 together, knit 2 together Through Back Loop, and Knit one front and back (k1fb) I used Bernat Super Value yarns and various hooks. The knitting was done with 5.5mm needles Pants: with Brown Bernat Super Value (WW) and 6mm hook Legs… do not break off after 2nd leg Ch 20 and join… work 8 rows of 20 dc.