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DIY Knitting & Spool Looms

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! Butterfly & Other Waffle Weave Looms. ! Flower Loom Tutorials & Other Small Looms. Soda Bottle Looms. You can create workable looms from any plastic bottles or jugs--the size and shape of the bottle or jug will determine the size and shape of your knitted project.

Soda Bottle Looms

In this instructable, I will also show uses for the scraps that remain, thus using every part of the "buffalo"! I will post an additional instructable with more detailed instructions on using your loom, but in the meantime, you can find instructions on round looms online by searching for round looms and following the main principles of wrapping the yarn. Its a much easier way to knit than using needles and very portable. This loom is very easy to hold and surprisingly durable and will be a good loom to start with to see if you like the loom knitting before spending $$ on a bigger loom. This is my first instructable, so please be gentle, LOL ALSO...Please keep in mind this is entered into the Keep the Bottle Contest! Tin Can Knitting Loom ∙ How To. DIY Large Easy Loom & Knit A Cowl Scarf.

10 Homemade Knitting Nancys. I used inspiration from a couple of the pages linked below.

10 Homemade Knitting Nancys

I have created a number of different knitters for different types of projects using everything from PVC pipe to toilet paper tubes and from poster tubes to buckets. When I thought about pegs, I considered nails, but the nail heads I had were too big. I wanted to try the popsicle sticks, but I didn’t have any. I even thought about taping spoons to the base (handle ends up), but decided against them because they were too bulky.

Then, inspiration struck… I’ve had a worn out bamboo shade waiting to be taken apart and used for craft projects for months. Peg Knitting Loom. How to Make An Easy Knitting Loom (Tutorial) This tutorial is now available in PDF format.

How to Make An Easy Knitting Loom (Tutorial)

The Most Versatile Portable and Easy to Use Knitting Loom Ever NOTE: I have put together a starter kit with 16-64 pegs, rubberbands and spacer beads. Just email me at the address is in my profile for details. If you want to try making a knitting board, I can throw in some wooden dowels and more rubberbands. You'll need the following to create your own flexible loom: - Pegs Any of the following will work: Pick-up Sticks (fine - small gauge)Swizzel/cocktail stirring sticks (medium - large)Pencils or Ball-point Pen barrels (large - extra large) - Small Rubberbands - Spacers - optional. - Knitting Tool - optional. - Wooden dowels or pen barrels - optional for Double-Knit.

Making Your Own Loom. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get into looming.

Making Your Own Loom

Round looms can be built easily from tin cans and rakes and knitting boards can be make from 2x2. Simply use nails or cotter pins for the pegs. The gauge of the loom is determined by the distance between the pegs, measured from the center of the pegs. Use the table below to help you create the gauge loom that you are interested in: Have fun building your loom and good luck!

Make Your Own Knitting Loom. "Make your own knitting rakes" This is a rake knitting pattern I am working on for this home made knitting loom.

Make Your Own Knitting Loom

It is a hoodie for a doll. Sometimes we want to use a smaller loom than the Knifty Knitter loom and this is what we came up with. Knitting looms Most small gauge knitting looms can be rather expensive so my son in law threw this one together for me. The finished one is still to come. Po' Folks Loom Size I call this my “Po' Folks Loom”. The board is about 12 inches long. As you can see the pegs are not in a straight row, but they are evenly spaced at 3/8 inch. The Lost Art Of French Knitting. And some unrelated roses….

The Lost Art Of French Knitting

Ive been distracted this week by french knitting…what can I say, I’m obviously very easily distracted! Maia has been wanting to crochet, but at almost 6 it is still too difficult for her to master just yet, so we have been giving french knitting a go. This lovely vintage wooden cotton reel was gifted by our neighbor Stephanie and with the addition of 4 nails, made just the knitter I remember having as a child. Unfortunately it was still not easy enough for her to manage on her own, so it was back to the drawing board… A quick look around the internet turned up many many options for french knitters (or knitting nancys if your prefer); so we devised this one: And without the aid of a hook successfully created this scarf?

Billy wanted to get in on the photo shoot (actually I think he was eyeing up the wool)… She’s pretty proud of her creation, but I’m not convinced this will become a favorite pass-time just yet :) Maybe in another year or two… Like this: Related.