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Pleated Mini Crochet Skirt, Toddler Size - Free Crochet Pattern. This is an easy pattern for a cute pleated mini skirt for little girls with an elasticized waist, very practical to put on and take off.

Pleated Mini Crochet Skirt, Toddler Size - Free Crochet Pattern

*Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. You can choose to work the skirt in one solid color, or make a vertical striped skirt using 2 or more colors, as pictured below. Pleated Mini Crochet Skirt Size: 2- 3 years toddler, easy to adapt for other sizes. Gauge: with 3,5 mm crochet hook: 21 sts= 10 cm (will give the height of the skirt)Finished measurements: - total height: 22 cm ( if you'll like a longer skirt start with more chains) - waist circumference: 53 cm with lot of stretch. GREEN ZEBRA – Crochet Baby Booties FREE. Hello!

GREEN ZEBRA – Crochet Baby Booties FREE

It’s time for another free crochet pattern for baby booties. This time you will need two shades of green DK weight 100% cotton yarn, 3.5 mm crochet hook, stitch markers, yarn needle and some buttons. They are super cute and easy to make. The pattern is also available as a PDF file and a YouTube tutorial. You can read all about using the pattern and selling the items using Croby Patterns designs HERE.

Final length of the sole: Rolled_Edge_Raglan_Baby_Sweater. Pinterest. How to make crochet ball. How to make crocheted beads in a few easy steps.

How to make crochet ball

Many time people asked me to write this tutorial and finally it's here. These crochet balls you can make in all the colours of the rainbow and in any size.It is a very good idea for beginners to start out with thick yarn and a large hook so they can practice before going down to the skinnier threads and crochet hooks. Used terms: stitch (st.), single crochet (sc), single crochet 2 together (sc2tog) A wooden bead is perfect as a core of a crochet ball, but you can use acrylic beads as well. Use proper size of crochet needle for the yarn you chose to use for the bead.Take a bead about 2 cm diameter.

Make a loop a few inches from the end of your yarn.Take the loop where two threads overlap, between your left thumb and forefinger. Insert hook into the loop from front to back. Draw up a loop.Make a chain. Insert the hook into the loop, so you are crocheting over a loop and the yarn tail. Draw up a loop to begin your first SC. Complete the SC. Little-garter-cardi-v01en. Baby_Sophisticate. Hey jen renee: baby knits. I'm gearing up for a knitting retreat this weekend with four of my most favorite knitting girlfriends.

hey jen renee: baby knits

I absolutely cannot wait for a whole weekend of uninterrupted knitting time with them. We always manage to cause a little trouble, but in a good way. To get ready, I've been scouring Ravelry and my pattern books for the perfect projects to work on. Petits carrés pour petits chaussons.

Samedi 4 avril 6 04 /04 /Avr 01:24 Explications de montage du modèle de "Booties" de Susan B.

Petits carrés pour petits chaussons

Anderson d'abord tricoter 3 carrés. Là j'en ai fait 2 en pt mousse et un en pt de riz, pour que l'on voit mieux le montage double face : 1ère étape, coudre deux carrés pour obtenir un seul carré en double-épaisseur : 2ème étape, on plie comme une enveloppe ouverte notre carré dodu, en cousant les petits côtés (ça sera le dessus du pied) *pour avoir le pt de riz joli sur l'extérieur, j'ai cousu en le mettant au départ à l'intérieur. 3ème étape, on plie le carré restant en triangle, et on coud ensemble les deux côtés en assemblant aussi les deux pointes : ce morceau ressemble maintenant à une mitre ! Dernière étape, l'assemblage de la "mitre" avec le pied. Baby Surprise Jacket. Free pattern: Green Zebra baby sweater. I made the prototype for this sweater for my younger niece.

Free pattern: Green Zebra baby sweater

I was pressed for time and didn’t have a chance to shop for new yarn, so I dug into my stash and used up leftovers. Of course, I didn’t have enough of any one kind of wool to create a solid-colored sweater, so this stripey creation was born. The body of the sweater is knit seamlessly in one piece, bottom up, using intarsia to create the knitted-in buttonband. Cutting the yarn for each color change would have produced far too many ends for me to want to weave, so I carried the yarn not in use up the edge of the work, tucking it behind the working yarn. The sleeves are knit on DPNs in the round. Of course, you can make variations of this sweater. Copyright: This design is mine, and while you’re welcome to use it to knit from, you may NOT republish it, sell it, or give it to a friend.

Officially The Coolest Free Baby Sweater Pattern On The Net! · Knitting. Oct The sweater is knit in two pieces.

Officially The Coolest Free Baby Sweater Pattern On The Net! · Knitting

The main piece is knit up the back and down the front. A detachable front panel is knit with buttonholes on both sides. Alternate panels could be knit to accommodate holidays, whims, or disastrous stains (or growing babies!). And it’s here, on the Jimmy Beans Wool website: