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Loom Knitting

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Knifty Knitter Video Instructions. *tiny OWL knits* discussion topic - hexiPUFF - along! ***beekeepers quilt KAL*** Chalklegs' beekeeper's snowflake. In trying to keep my HAPPY charged up on the beekeepers quilt & my serious longing for cooler temps, I’ve worked out a snowflake honeycomb!

chalklegs' beekeeper's snowflake

What you need to do: When you’ve finished your honeycomb puff & you’ve bound off, DON’T CUT YOUR YARN! You will have the last bind off loop remaining on your hook (If you’ve done a knitted bind off, just slip out your needle and insert a crochet hook) I used a 3.5mm hook. (you could start with an already finished puff too, just join your yarn to a corner and start the snowflake edging) Now you’re going to start to work a crochet edging around your honeycomb, it’s basically a cluster of 3 picots on the puffs corners & chains on the side edges of the puff.

This is your first 3 picot snowflake cluster on the corner of your honeycomb puff. This is the chain, slst, chain that will get you from one 3 picot cluster corner to the next. Ch 4, skip next 4 sc on side edge of your puff, slst in next sc (you should be at the corner point of your puff now) Ibensb's Cat pillow. Invisible Loom Innovative Patterns for Loom Knitters.

How To Cast Off Rectangular Loom - Knifty Knitter. Figure 8 Stitch on a Round Loom. Custom Search. Tutorials. Click the links to view the pdf tutorials in your browser or right click and select "save link as" to download them.


Free Patterns « Guppygirl. Sometimes the best things in life ARE free ;) These patterns are now grouped by the loom used in the pattern, starting with the smallest loom and moving on to the next largest and so on.

Free Patterns « Guppygirl

The very last category has little appliques made from I-cords and can be done on any loom with at least 3 pegs. Have fun! Tutorials - Loom Knitting. Rostitchery: loom knit market bag. (this post was originally published on 4 july, 2007, with the title "to market, to market, with a bag big enough to hold a fat pig".) in which i come up with half a solution for half a problem. during the summer, ella's preschool has water play day on fridays. the first friday, i packed ella's swimsuit and towel in a bag i had made on the blue knifty knitter long loom. her teacher loved it, and of course i tried to convince her that she could make one too but like most people miss jenny insists she is inept. so even though i KNOW she could make one herself, i went ahead and made one for both her teachers because ella is very concerned that miss jenny and miss sue won't have any way to carry their towels to the beach. to solve this problem, i lift up the bars on BOTH sides of a stitch and put them on the peg together--thus keeping the stitches aligned as i continue in the round: on the end pegs, make sure you twist the stitches, to keep them consistent with the rest.

rostitchery: loom knit market bag

Free Knifty Knitter Flower Loom Patterns and Instructions. Stitches - The Knifty Knitter. Making the Double Ribbed StitchAs mentioned above, the double ribbed stitch can be done following the knit 2, purl 2 pattern.

Stitches - The Knifty Knitter

Patterns « Angelphilipp’s Blog. Untitled. When you try your hand at loom knitting you join the ranks of women (and men) who have tried to create using simple tools.


As you scour the online world for loom knitting patterns you should remember that it was not at all this easy for people doing this craft. First of all, they did not have looms back then. Knitting was done the good old fashion way – needles and a lot of manual dexterity. The art of knitting was really an art back then as it was a necessity for some who had to make their own clothes and other knitted stuff. Knitting can be traced back to the 1550's where no looms, loom knitting patters and no internet to get online help.

Sure enough one woman did say this is enough! Today, loom knitting patterns are available for beginners as wells as more advanced enthusiasts. Owing to the needs of a reverend's wife almost 500 years ago, you are now enjoying the art of knitting. 17 Loom Knitting Patterns. [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of March 4, 2013 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically.

17 Loom Knitting Patterns

In order to track any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will include a historical reference at the top of this document. This Privacy Policy will tell you, among other things: Your California privacy rights. Knitting board cast-on methods. The Cable cast-on method creates a cast-on similar to the cable cast-on in needle knitting.

knitting board cast-on methods

It creates a sturdy edge that is elastic that is perfect for ordinary edges, end of rows and ribbing. Tools needed: Round loom & rake Crochet hook The Chain cast-on method is creates a nice even edge that matches a single crochet bind-off. Use when the edge of your fabric will not be hidden such as with fringe and lace. Crochet hook. Authentic Knitting board - Adjustable Knitting Boards, patterns, dvds, rug yarn and videos. Authentic Knitting board - Adjustable Knitting Boards, patterns, dvds, rug yarn and videos. Knifty Knitter Knitting Looms. To use a Knifty Knitter knitting loom, you usually begin by wrapping each peg once. This is called, “casting on.” How to Make Knifty Knitter Stitches. For The Love of Yarn. Loom knitting "knit" stitch definition - let's clear some things up!

Let me begin by saying I am by no means an expert. I am merely sharing knowledge I've picked up over the past few years. I've technically known how to needle knit for over 30 years -- I learned when I was 8 years old or so. I did not, however, devoted too much time to needle knitting since there were many other crafty sort of things I was more interested in. Loom knitting piqued my interest almost 3 years ago and then I became a lot more interested in needle knitting as a result. I starting truly studying needle knitting and playing around with it so I could convert it over to the loom for my own personal use and to open myself up to more design ideas on the loom. Knitting-Looming-Machine Knitting, Crochet and other stuff. Magic Scarf Pattern. How to make the magic scarf: You need a round loom, how wide you want the opening will depend on the size you want.

Magic Scarf Pattern

I have done one on the red kk, and a couple on the yellow kk. The red kk one opens up and form fits around the face. Knifty Knitter Straw Loom Instructions. Teach-In 2 Straw Weaving a Belt. Free Knifty Knitter Patterns. Knifty Knitter Kids Patterns. This free pattern requires a day or two to knit.

Knifty Knitter Kids Patterns

It is done from top to bottom. In other words, you start with the legs and work your way up the body and then to the head and ears. It's done with the one-over-two stitch, or double stitch, method. Skill Level: IntermediateYou will need: * Pink Knifty Knitter * 2 skeins of Paton's Divine Yarn - Soft Earth * ¼ yard of pink fabric * Pink embroidery floss for the nose and mouth * Buttons for eyes (or whatever you choose) * Ribbon for around the neck * Stuffing material * Yarn needle * Knitting Hook Free Bunny Pattern for Kids.

Knifty Knitter Craft Patterns. This flag craft makes cute decor for the Fourth of July, President's Day, Veteran's Day, or any other holiday with a patriotic United States theme. It's knitted with the green, red, and blue looms working from bottom to top. It uses the one-over-two stitch. Skill Level: Intermediate You will need: * Knifty Knitter Green Round Loom * Knifty Knitter Red Round Loom * Knifty Knitter Blue Round Loom * Knifty Knitter Hook * Yarn Needle * Star - Approximately 1.5 Inches * 18 oz. Red Yarn * 18 oz. Patriotic Flag Craft Pattern. Knifty Knitter Blue Long Loom Patterns. This baby blanket is made using the e wrap.

It is done as a single flat panel. To knit a single flat panel, you reverse the direction that you are wrapping as you reach the end of your knit. The blanket calls for 100 knitted rows. The finished blanket will measure 27 x 27 inches. Free Patterns for the Green Round Knifty Knitter Loom. I found this cupcake hat pattern at the "This Mama Knits Blog. " It is the perfect size for a young girl.

The knit and purl stitches are used on the green round loom. Basic understanding of how to make a brim is needed. Also the spool loom is used to create the cherry on top. Knifty Knitter Pink Long Loom Patterns. Making the Honeycomb Stitch on the Knifty Knitter Loom. Knifty Knitter Bag Patterns. Knifty Knitter Baby Patterns. ★ Free Knifty Knitter Long Loom Patterns ★ Flat Drawstring Cast Off on a Loom Knitted Hat by Jeannie Phillips.