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Daniel's Hat, a free pattern - Ysolda Ltd. Looking for a perfectly warm winter hat this year?

Daniel's Hat, a free pattern - Ysolda Ltd

Our gift to you today is a free knitting pattern for a simple hat in super squishy brioche rib that that'll look great on everyone! It makes a great beginner brioche project, or is an easy and gentle knit for more experienced knitters. It's named after our team member Daniel, who recently left to pursue a career in music production — we made this as a leaving gift for him. This brioche rib beanie is stylish, unisex and the ideal one-skein gift project. The hat begins with casting on for the ribbed brim and you'll then work from the bottom up towards the crown that's perfect for a pom pom. Shown, top to bottom: Adult M in Gilliatt; Adult L in Nightshades; Baby in Gilliatt. Wide Rib Hat + Hand Warmers. Cozy in the cold, comfy in the not-so cold, polished for city life, rugged for woods walks, our Wide Rib Hat + Hand Warmers are always right!

Wide Rib Hat + Hand Warmers

Knit up in our new Campo, the beauty of this set is its crisp stitch definition; the practicality is its 50% cool organically grown cotton and 50% toasty wool; and the fun is its quick-as-a-wink worsted weight. Milled in Italy, Campo has the same bucolic ease as the field its named for. Les bas Canola. I wanted a pair of socks with a simple stitch pattern to showcase a nice plain yarn.

Les bas Canola

So I created the Canola Socks: women socks with, on the front of the foot, a pattern created by mini cables of two stitches (if you have never done cables before, it’s a good project to start, since the more stitches in a cable, the harder it is to do). If you don’t want to knit cables, just make knit stitches instead of cable stitches. Also, I kept some ribbing each side of the ankle, to give a better fit. If you don’t want them, just work knit stitches instead. Size Women foot, about 19 cm (8 1/2″) around the largest part of foot. Titania / DROPS Children 27-13. POINT MOUSSE (en allers et retours sur aiguille circulaire): Tricoter tous les rangs à l'endroit. 1 côte mousse = 2 rangs end.

Titania / DROPS Children 27-13

DIMINUTIONS: Diminuer à 4 m du bord (= après/avant la bordure picot). Toutes les diminutions se font sur l'endroit! Diminuer ainsi après 4 m: Glisser 1 m à l'end, 1 m end, passer la m glissée par-dessus la m tricotée. Little Fox / DROPS Baby 36-14. POINT MOUSSE (en allers et retours): Tricoter tous les rangs à l'endroit. 1 côte mousse = Tricoter 2 rangs endroit.

Little Fox / DROPS Baby 36-14

Katie's Mittens pattern by Kristin Lamm. This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download I made these mittens for my friend Katie, and because they turned out so nicely, I decided to write up a pattern and share it.

Katie's Mittens pattern by Kristin Lamm

It includes charts for the floral pattern and palm motif, as well as complete written directions. version 1.2. Ainur Berkimbayeva For Purl Soho: Herringbone Mittens. Ainur Berkimbayeva, master of both logic and beauty, has perhaps outdone herself with her breathtaking Herringbone Mittens.

Ainur Berkimbayeva For Purl Soho: Herringbone Mittens

These mittens will knock your socks off! Ainur’s Herringbone Mittens turn your hands into mutable sculptures, flickering and morphing, both defining and confounding the planes of your hands. Dotty Strange Brew. Recently I was sorting through my MASSIVE pile of works-in-progress (commonly known as WIPs), and I came across this a nearly finished kid sweater.

Dotty Strange Brew

While some projects didn’t make the cut, this one seemed ready to be finished and worn! This little motif was a concept knit I started while we were developing designs for the Strange Brew collection. It needed sleeves, but to polish it off quickly, I decided to just add few rounds in ribbing, bind off and call it good! And as it turns out, it fits Neve, and is super cute! Knit Elbow Patches. It’s astounding how many sweaters my dear friend Taylor has with elbow holes.

Knit Elbow Patches

It wasn’t until I spotted her plinking away at a computer keyboard that I realized the cause… she’s a leaner, a focused leaner. The more she focuses, the more she leans, and the more she leans, the more worn her wares become. She most definitely puts her sweaters to work. These Knit Elbow Patches were developed with Taylor in mind, out of love and necessity. To knit up these Patches I used two strands of Purl Soho’s brilliantly colored, 100% merino Line Weight, and to sew them onto the offending elbows, I used a single strand of the same. Criss Cross Top. Beginning with a thoughtful design and ending with a flattering fit, there’s a lot to love about our Criss Cross Top! Form follows function, here, with easy stitch patterns that each do their job. Reverse stockinette serves as a beautiful all-over ground, while 1 x 1 ribbing gives structure and definition to edges.

One simple cable at the front neckline provides all the drama. Knit from the bottom up, you start with the front hem, then knit the back hem, then join in the round, and separate again to work the front and back. A back neckband anchors the front shoulders, and before you know it, it’s time to slip on your own gorgeous Criss Cross Top! We knit up ours in our 100% merino wool Worsted Twist. Archway Lace Wrap. We love lacework because it’s like drawing with yarn!

Archway Lace Wrap

In all the shapes and spaces of our Archway Lace Wrap, we see sundown walks under colonnades, tower windows with views, a little chat under a portico. Wherever your imagination takes you with this pattern, the knitting is always engaging! A 16-row repeat is simplified with straight-up purling every other row and instructions in both written and chart forms. Color turns this picture into a painting, and with ten new colors of Burnish to choose from, there are lots of lovely ways to fill the canvas! Our version is rich in depth and beauty in the new color, Turquoise Sea… Stunning!

Botanical Lace Wrap. Now seems like a pretty good time to focus on a little challenge whose reward is pure beauty. Like an heirloom piece of lace that you might discover in an old chest in the attic, our Botanical Lace Wrap is mind-bogglingly gorgeous… And it’s even more mind-boggling to think you can actually make it with your own two hands! We know about this stitch pattern through Barbara Walker and her classic Treasury Of Knitting Patterns. She calls this historic stitch Frost Flowers. She also points out that it’s a lot easier than it looks, just requiring you to keep track of some basic decreases and yarn overs.

Testimony to the miracle of knitting! Archway Lace Wrap. Filcolana. Knit Linen Market Bag. Now banned in eight states, including New York and California, single-use plastic bags are going the way of DDT and CFCs… And good riddance! How painless, when the alternative to plastic bags is simply an opportunity for beauty. Our Knit Linen Market Bag will make you wonder what in the world were we all thinking! Don’t let its elegance fool you. Simple Pleasures Hat In Line Weight + Tussock. Our Simple Pleasures Hat is surely simple and definitely a pleasure. Super soft, slightly slouchy, and 100% lovely, it’s one of our favorite hats around! The first kicker here is the wide 2×2 rib cuff. Knit up holding two strands of Line Weight merino, it is thick and cozy right where you want it.

The second kicker is the soft halo that rises above the cuff. Checkerboard Lace Scarf In Tussock. Our Checkboard Lace Scarf is nothing you can’t handle. Feather light and dreamy soft, it rewards the little bit of extra effort! This pattern is really no more than a combo of yarn overs and standard issue decreases, all guided by one simple rule: every yarn-over hole makes a stitch and so requires a corresponding decrease to keep the stitch score even. Make a stitch here, take a stitch there, and watch a field of little diamond-shaped checkerboards grow! In our mohair-silk Tussock, our Checkerboard Lace Scarf is magically voluminous and downy soft. It’s also just the color you want now that we’ve added 17 new ones to the palette!

Designed for Purl Soho by Jake Canton. Materials 3 skeins of Purl Soho’s Tussock, 60% super fine kid mohair and 40% silk. Les bas Canola – Maude Design. Bébéguin – Maude Design. This post is also available in / Cette publication est aussi disponible en: English Je ne sais pas si vous êtes comme moi, mais quand il vient le temps de tricoter des échantillons avant de commencer un projet, j’ai souvent envie de me rebeller et de sauter par-dessus cette étape… même si je sais qu’elle est presque toujours essentielle!

Ne serait-ce pas super de pouvoir choisir de la laine, des aiguilles et de se mettre à tricoter sur le champ? C’est le défi que je me suis lancé avec ce béguin bien simple. Les bas Canola – Maude Design. Parce qu'Elle le vaut bien ! - Des bouts de nous : le blog. 23 août 2011 Parce qu'Elle le vaut bien ! Elle ? Qui elle ? Purlsoho. Reversible Pleat Hat. I have a soft spot for shaping. The only thing I find more rewarding than beautiful, efficient shaping is beautiful, efficient shaping that is as striking on the right side as it is on the wrong.

Our Reversible Pleat Hat has just this wonderment and reward. The unexpected technique of pleats form the crown, and what’s better, these pleats have personality inside and out! Knit in our lofty Flax Down, these Reversible Pleat Hats are wonderfully cozy and warm. Lightweight Raglan Pullover. A circular raglan pullover is a wonderfully empowering thing for first-time sweater knitters. Creating one is like receiving a decoder ring for sweater-making. It unlocks secret geometries and makes simple sense of what is, after all, a pretty complicated garment. Who knew you could knit three tubes (i.e. 2 sleeves and a body) and then join them together into a larger tube (i.e. a yoke)!?! From there, regular “raglan” decreases shape the shoulders, from the underarms to the neckline. Dappled Hat, Mitten + Hand Warmer Set. When the setting sun pours through half-covered branches to pepper light over newly fallen leaves, it’s time to bundle up in our Dappled Hat, Mitten + Hand Warmer Set!

Farmhouse Dishtowels. Special without being stuffy, our Farmhouse Dishtowels have the style of an heirloom kitchen linen and the practicality of a true workhorse. They’re also super easy to work up. Little Ladders Scarf. Silk may have a rap for being swanky, shiny, and normally confined to cocktail parties and wedding wear, but we challenge that reputation! Rililie's Marlin's Donkey. Arboreal pattern by Jennifer Steingass. Arboreal is worked seamlessly from the top down. The stranded yoke is worked and then short row shaping is added on the back to shape the shoulders and neckline. Thaliah pattern by Andrea Mowry. Dewy mornings. Branches & Buds Pullover pattern by Carrie Bostick Hoge. Vivid Blanket by Emily Wessel. Little Moons Lace Wrap. Amaro pattern by Thea Colman. Béret Brynja - Tricoteuse d'Islande - Hélène Magnússon. Ravelry: Meret (Mystery Beret) pattern by Woolly Wormhead. Ravelry: Dream Stripes pattern by Berangere Cailliau.

Broadway / DROPS 172-42 - Modèles crochet gratuits de DROPS Design. 839. Wooling n°4 - n°10 Top Ajouré en fiche PDF en français Publications, broderie & tricot Achat en ligne. Hors Série Filomèche - n°07 Gilet Court Modèles, broderie & tricot Achat en ligne. 895. 160-17 Darling pattern by DROPS design. Orange Dream Cardigan / DROPS 178-43 - Gilet tricoté de haut en bas, avec raglan, empiècement ajouré, manches ¾ et forme trapèze en DROPS Safran. Du S au XXXL - Modèle gratuit de DROPS Design.

Courtney / DROPS 61-2 - Pull DROPS en Paris et Coton Viscose - Modèle gratuit de DROPS Design. Professor Meow Sweater pattern by Claire Slade. Ravello pattern by Isabell Kraemer. Fall 2007. Anja : Knitty First Fall 2012. Alice cap : - Winter 2014. Escargot hat: Knitty Winter bis 2011. Tuto : Une pochette pour aiguilles circulaires de Noël. Le cache-coeur "Bonjour tendresse" pattern by La Droguerie. {Tricot} Cours de chaussettes #4 (en collaboration avec Alice Hammer)