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Machine Knitting

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Machine. Stricken. Diana natters on... about machine knitting. Machine Knitting is my Life. Machine Knit Sock Tutorial. This pattern is written for a sock knit on a mid-gauge (Silver Reed 860) knitting machine. (There are notes for adjusting the pattern for a standard gauge machine.) Download a PDF now After many prototypes (and errors), I have finally knit a sock that fits me perfectly. The sock is knit to fit a size 9 foot. My feet are kinda skinny, so you may want to cast on a couple of extra stitches if you have a bigger foot circumference. (I have written some guidelines to follow for customizing your socks so they will fit YOU).

Before you start knitting, I want to let you in on a couple of sock tips. Tip # 1 - If you are not sure of how many rows to knit for the sole of the foot, measure your foot from heel to start of the toes. Tip # 2 - Ok, so your foot obviously isn’t going to be the same size as mine. Formula for unwrapped stitches: Number of stitches cast on =________ Divide this number by 3 Subtract one Tip # 3 - I do not like sewing seams by hand.

Tina’s Mid-Gauge Sock Pattern Written step-by-step. Knitting Machine Edging for "Over the Top in Lace" Pattern. Machine Knitting Fun. New Original Patterns for Bulky Knitting Machines. Sandee's Kwik Knit Knitting Machine Books Patterns and Videos, Machine Knitting Sandee Cherry. Knit Roses for LK150. Knit Roses with the Studio LK150 This Knit Rose Pattern was initially given out as a pamphlet by Husqvarna White (who were the Canadian Distributors for Studio machines at that time) in April of 1994 These roses are easy to knit on your Studio LK150, and create the perfect embellishment for your favourite sweater or home accessory.

Materials Any yarn suitable for knitting on the LK150. Light yarns that are not too drapey and not too thick work well. This is a great technique for using up lots of odds and ends. Cast On With the carriage on the right hand side of the needle bed push every other needle between #40 left and #40 right all the way out to D. Knitting the Rose The texture of the rose is created by knitting a tuck stitch pattern.

Leave the cast on comb on. With the 1 x 1 pattern ruler push every other needle out to D position. Cast Off Because the cast off edge is the outer edge of the rose you will want to have a nice decorative crochet cast off. Finishing Home. Roni Knutson's Machine Knitting Page. How To Machine Knit A Basic Easy Stocking Hat | knittsings. Every October, my local machine knitting group holds a Hat-a-thon. We get together with food, knitting machines, and tons of yarn to knit hats for the homeless.

Between those who show up and others who work at home, the pile can quickly grow to over a hundred. This year, I sat next to someone new. She brought her machine, a Studio 321 with ribber, and was learning how to use it with lots of help from Rosemarie. As I listened to her being guided through casting on, how to set up a ribber, and the importance of a new sponge bar, I couldn’t help smiling. Five years ago she was me, with ironically the exact same machine model. So to the new lady on my right, welcome. Info The Hat-a-thon pattern is extremely easy. Bulky Gauge Machine Tension 7 to 9 with worsted weight yarn Cast on every other needle over 75 to 85 stitches Knit 4 rows Bring out of work needles into work Knit 120 to 140 rows depending on gauge.

ShareThis Related Posts. Machine Knitting. How to find the best knitting machine for your needs and budget, as well as tips for getting the most out of your machine and patterns you can use as you get comfortable with your knitting machine. Machine-KnitThough not regularly updated, the Machine-Knit site offers a good archive of information you might need someday about your knitting machine.

If you're stumped about how to replace a part, make a buttonhole, pick up stitches or do other fancy things with your machine, odds are you'll find some tips here. Selecting a Knitting MachineThis amazing article runs down the most popular knitting machines in different weights. If you are thinking about buying a knitting machine and aren't sure which machine to pick, this article will give you a lot to think about.

It won't make the decision for you, but you'll be a lot more informed after reading it. Introduction to Machine Knitting. Learn Machine Knitting. Machine-Knit - Your Machine Knitting Resource. Machine Knitting Guild of Minnesota. I haven't been knitting a lot lately, but have managed to use up some stash yarn to make this easy baby pullover for charity. Give it a try and see if you don't also think it's one of the easiest things you've ever knit (if you use your ribber, that is.) English Rib Baby Sweater mar heck 4-22-12 Yarn: Mary Lou's Solo, approx 1/3 cone (I got 3 baby sweaters out of one full cone with yarn to spare.) Size: 12 months (18 months in parenthesis) Machine: standard gauge with ribber Notes: I started with Diana Sullivan's charity sweater pattern that is similar but I couldn't get gauge with my chosen yarn, so it's modified with thanks to Diana for the original.

The pattern consists of 4 rectangles. No shaping is required because 1 x 1 ribs are tighter than the English rib for cuffs necline and bottom. The sweater has a boat neck and ¾ sleeves. Don't fret when the piece first comes off the machine. Sorry about the directions being one big blob.