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Destination Modern Art

Destination Modern Art
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Louvre - Online Whiteboard Collaboration Shelver! - Mrs Lodge's Library TPT Bonus Sale! TPT is throwing a bonus sale for back to school tomorrow! Everything in my store is on sale! read more » TPT Sale! National Gallery of Art NGAkids Art Zone SEA-SAWS SEA-SAWS is fun for kids of all ages. Select photographs of natural and man-made objects, then arrange the pieces to create a seascape or an abstract composition. The BUILD tool helps you construct animated characters and set them in motion. (Shockwave, 7.5 MB) FACES & PLACES helps children of all ages create portraits and landscape paintings in the style of American naive artists. By combining visual elements borrowed from more than 100 works in the National Gallery's permanent collection, this two-part interactive activity offers an overview of American folk art of the 18th and 19th centuries. Photo Op is a large program and it may take some time to download. The NGAkids Still Life (Shockwave, 8 MB) helps you create interactive art that mirrors the paintings of the old masters. A still life slideshow (Flash, 32K) features photographs of real paintings and art objects in the National Gallery of Art that were the inspiration for this interactive.

Creative Spaces | Home | British Museum Simple English Wikipedia Educator Review What's It Like? Simple English Wikipedia is an adapted version of the regular Wikipedia site for English learners, younger students, or anyone who struggles with reading. While the homepage looks very similar to the regular Wikipedia site, the articles are written using basic vocabulary and grammar. The site has over 100,000 articles; students can search by keyword, or choose a topic from a set of knowledge groups like Sciences or Culture. There's also a Book Creator function that allows students doing research to collect a group of related articles in one place. Is It Good For Learning? With its basic vocabulary and grammar, Simple English Wikipedia can be a great tool to help some intermediate and advanced English learners access information and articles. Some teachers are wary about using Wikipedia as a research source, and with good reason – anyone can write and edit articles. How Can Teachers Use It?

Crunchzilla: Code Monster <h2>Code Monster gets kids excited about programming. It is a combination of a game and tutorial where kids experiment with learning to code. <p> Code Monster use Javascript. Please enable Javascript if you want the play with the Code Monster. Otherwise, Code Monster will not be able to play with you. I'm Code Monster! Getting Started Lesson 1 BACK How to Play | Lesson Sections | About | FAQ | Terms of Use | Privacy | Contact | © 2015 How to Play Code Monster teaches kids and adults a little about Javascript programming! It's easy to play. Click on the Reset button if you really mess up your code and want to start over on a lesson. Code Monster saves what lesson you are on, so feel free to stop at any time and come back later. Have fun! About Code Monster from Crunchzilla is an interactive tutorial for kids that focuses on action. Projects start with simple boxes and colors, rapidly progressing into exciting experiments with simple animation and fractals. Frequently Asked Questions Sure!

National Portrait Gallery, Canberra - Home Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting the National Portrait Gallery on 24 April 2014. The Gallery will not be open to the public on Thursday 24 April 2014 but will reopen at 10.00am on 25 April 2014. More information about the Royal visit The purpose of the National Portrait Gallery is to increase the understanding and appreciation of the Australian people – their identity, history, culture, creativity and diversity – through portraiture. The new National Portrait Gallery building, situated on King Edward Terrace, Parkes, Canberra, bounded by the High Court of Australia and the National Gallery of Australia, displays some 400 portraits of people who have shaped Australia and who continue to shape our nation. is the home of information about the National Portrait Gallery, its collections and portraiture in Australia and around the world. Image Courtesy of Brett Boardman