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Filth Wizardry

Filth Wizardry
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Get your mess on! paper, plate, and plane that artist woman learning through play | living, learning, playing, wondering and pondering at Playcentre creating a window collage Did you see the pretty window collage on the wonderful Filth Wizardry blog? I was inspired to do something similar with the children at preschool. The first step was to cut and/or tear different colours of tissue paper. We used our clear perspex easel instead of a window. Different kids arrived at different times and added their tissue paper to the easel. I had envisioned (a la filth wizardry) that the easel would be completely covered like this: But the children had other ideas. They carried over other collage materials and added them to the mix: Although it didn't turn into a stained glass window it still succeeded as a communal collage experience - and this week it will turn into a communal washing up experience!

SAND AND WATER TABLES diy Alright, alright, alright. (Picture me saying that in my best Matthew McConaughey voice.) Are you ready to see this bathroom done or what? Yea, me too. Too bad it's STILL not finished. Last time we left off the guys had just put up the dry wall. Here's where the large pantry-style cabinet will go... And here it is after about 7 coats of high gloss white paint....or was it 8? I left the doors on to paint it and a highly technical tool to keep it propped open... There are endless uses for toilet paper. I totally forgot to take a before picture of the cabinet. My chunky supervisor The men folk, on the other hand, chow down on pizza that comes in a box too big to fit through more doorways... But back to the bathroom. I'll spare you the long and boring step by step tile laying process and get straight to the good stuff. Next it was time for paint. (sneak peek of the floor!) It looked like a nice neutral grey. Plus it matched perfectly with the mosaic tiles. Powdery, baby blue walls. First I cursed.

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