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Switched On Kids - Where does electricity come from


ElectroCity Everyone likes instructions, right? Just think up a city name and declare yourself Mayor. Check out what other great leaders have built and rate them. If you’re a school teacher, you can to register so your students’ cities can be registered to and searched for by your school name. Load saved game Top 5 Towns
Miami Museum of Science - Atoms Family - Frankenstein
This major retrospective presents the work of a critical figure in the history of modern art, photographer and filmmaker Paul Strand (American, 1890–1976), whose archive of nearly 4,000 prints stands as a cornerstone of the Museum’s collection. It surveys Strand’s entire life’s work, including his breakthrough trials in abstraction and street portraits, close-ups of natural and machine forms, and extended explorations of the American Southwest, Mexico, New England, France, Italy, Scotland, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, and Romania. On View : Upcoming Exhibitions On View : Upcoming Exhibitions