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Tinker Crate - Hands-on Experiments by Kiwi Crate. When we were first designing Tinker Crate, one of our advisors - a retired Professor of Science Education at Stanford University - challenged us to think about what STEM really means, beyond just "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math".

Tinker Crate - Hands-on Experiments by Kiwi Crate

Our response was that STEM is a key to creative problem solving, a foundation for critical thinkers, and a pipeline to innovation. Our mission in creating Tinker Crate is to help kids gain these crucial skills through hands-on activities that are also seriously fun. The design of Tinker Crate reflects this. We're not just another science kit.

We create "low threshold, high ceiling" projects, so they're accessible and fun for all types of learners. Our goal for our projects is to help Tinker Crate kids to build their problem solving skills and to gain the CONFIDENCE and CURIOSITY to tackle problems where there's no one right answer. Making an Impressive Working Robotic Arm from Cardboard. Years ago, when my son was in high school, he came home with a robotic arm that he’d made in class.

Making an Impressive Working Robotic Arm from Cardboard

I was in the process of writing a book about robotics at the time (The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Building Robots) and was absolutely tickled by the design of the bot he brought home. They were studying hydraulics and had built robots using little more than some 1/2″ pine board, 10ml needle syringes, plastic tubing, and water. I think I had more fun playing around with it than he did. I hung on to it and still have it in my robotics collection today (right next to my Armatron and Super Armatron). This project, by the mysterious group of makers known as The Q, utilizes the same basic design as my son’s robotic arm except they substitute cardboard for the pine lumber. Here is the parts list they provide: Cardboard, 8 10ml syringes with rubber pistons, a dead AA battery, 4 lengths of clear plastic hosing, Popsicle sticks, super glue, water, and patience. DA Makerspace 0117. 100+ Makerspace Materials & Products w/ Supply List -

FREE Makerspace Supply List – PDF Format One of the most common questions we get is in regards to buying makerspace materials.

100+ Makerspace Materials & Products w/ Supply List -

There are a ton of products and supplies out there and it can be overwhelming to pick the right ones especially if you are just starting out. One of the first steps you should do before spending any money is to talk with the people who will be using your makerspace. Some schools and libraries have done formal or informal surveys to capture this data. 100+ Makerspace Materials & Products w/ Supply List - 100+ Makerspace Materials & Products w/ Supply List - A most magical Hour of Code with littleBits. Join millions of people worldwide who will spend an Hour of Code learning how to program, a partnership between Computer Science Education Week and

A most magical Hour of Code with littleBits

We’ve curated a collection of learning activities so you can participate at home, in school, or at your makerspace. All of these inventions guide you through each step so you can easily adapt them for your learning space. You can start with the beginner challenge from maker librarian Colleen Graves, then move on to the Nerdy Teacher’s more advanced challenge, the In or Out Sign.

Save the screen time for later – working with physical objects to learn abstract computing principles is key to addressing all the learning styles in your classroom. Are you participating in the littleBits Magic of Invention Challenge? Partners, Pitfalls, Stolen Equipment and False Spies: An Interview with Design that Matters, Part 2. Here in Part Two of our interview with Design that Matters, Tim Prestero and Malory Johnson sound off on the pitfalls of designing for social impact, how to assess user feedback, what it's like working with design newbies, the future of their current project, and what young designers seeking long careers should consider.

Partners, Pitfalls, Stolen Equipment and False Spies: An Interview with Design that Matters, Part 2

Tim Prestero and Malory Johnson If you missed Part One of our interview, it's here. Core77: Let's talk about the importance of partnerships. The Challenges of Designing Things that Save Lives: An Interview with Design that Matters, Part 1. As a designer, have you ever had a "What the fuck" moment?

The Challenges of Designing Things that Save Lives: An Interview with Design that Matters, Part 1

Tim Prestero experienced his while working with a group of Special Forces operatives. A former Peace Corps volunteer and then-PhD-candidate at MIT, Prestero's original life plan had been "to fix the world as an environmental scientist," he explains. ‘Makerspaces’ for science instruction also proving helpful for English learners. Credit: PAT MAIO / EDSOURCE TODAY Fourth-grade students at Wilson Elementary School in Sanger, Calif., participate in a makerspace activity, which many education experts say helps these English Language learners build their language skills.

‘Makerspaces’ for science instruction also proving helpful for English learners

Educators are finding that the new “makerspace” movement – a strategy to teach K-12 students science, math and technology through hands-on activities – is providing the added benefit of helping English learners become more proficient in the language. In makerspaces, students gather a few times a week in a separate classroom, library or museum for a group project using such technologies and materials as 3D printing, robotics, microprocessors, textiles, wood and wires to construct robots and other electronic gadgets. But now experts are also seeing makerspaces as a valuable tool for helping improve English, as children talk through their work in teams and keep journals to record their progress.

The Power of Circuits #sciencegoals. The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits. Paper circuit project templates. Makerspace Project Inchworm. Makerspace Materials Supply List. 2nd Ed MakerED Resources For School Makerspaces EBOOK 3 14 16. Makerspace Materials & Products - FREE Supply List - Paper Circuits Book - The 2nd Edition is now filled with 250+ MakerEd & Makerspace Resources Download the ebook here This latest edition is a collection of over 250+ resources to help you with your makerspace and maker education program.

Paper Circuits Book -

This ebook will be revised quarterly in order to add the latest resources available and to make sure all links are active. The latest revised edition will be sent out automatically to everyone who is currently subscribed. Download the ebook here 3D Modeling Software 3D Printable Models 3D Printing Materials/Filament 3D Printing News 3D Printers Makerspace Project Sites Maker Education STEM/STEAM Education Maker Educators Maker Equipment & Tools – CNC Routers/ Laser Cutters.

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