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Link-It Pearl-ing with pearltrees (A Spectrum of Reviews) Okay, so when I was invited to a "pearltrees" event, I envisioned something like bath beads, or - the obvious one - jewelry. I thought of an ornate wire tree sculpture upon which to hang my beautiful pearl necklaces (of which I have zero.) But, the Clever Girls Collective said that pearltrees was going to somehow help me shop, and since the event was co-hosted by Beth Blecherman of TechMamas and Cool Mom Tech, I knew it had something to do with technology. But how? Well, here is how. Below is my very own pearl - and its little offshoot-pearls - containing my birthday and holiday wish-list. If I add items to this tree, it will update above. As it turns out, I've gone totally wild with pearl-ing. At first I believed my holiday list would be a mile long. So here is my general "shopping" pearltree: I've also created pearltrees for pretty standard things like restaurants, recipes, and photography. I admit that pearl-ing is pretty addictive. My various trees are always a work in progress.

Markup pearltrees > blog Evidenziare, annotare, citare, ... Ci sono due tipi di evidenziatori che possiamo usare su internet. Il primo tipo permette di mettere in evidenza, su un sito web, le parole che sono state utilizzate per trovare quella pagina su Google. In questo modo, a meno che la pagina web aperta non sia proprio specifica e risponda esattamente alla domanda, non bisogna mettersi a cercare ad occhio dove sta la parte che ci interessa, perchè basta usare lo strumento di evidenziatore per sottolineare le parole cercate o altri termini presenti dentro la pagina web. In questo modo è possibile individuare rapidamente la parte più rilevante della pagina e trovare le informazioni necessarie. Il secondo tipo, invece, è utile per sottolineare le parti importanti di una pagina in modo da conservarle in una specie di blocco appunti oppure per condividerle come delle citazioni mirate. 1) Scrible permette di creare una lista organizzata di articoli annotati o materiali di ricerca. 11) Wired Maker è un plugin per Firefox.

Pearltrees, ou la fixation et la classification du web - Miscell Un service indispensable est né il y a bientôt un an, un service qui se propose en toute simplicité de révolutionner notre approche d'internet. Ce service, c'est Pearltrees, et en tant qu'utilisateur forcené depuis sa création, il me semble qu'il est temps de faire partager mon avis qui, une fois n'est pas coutume de ma part, sera à la limite du dithyrambe. Partons pour une petite exploration tant du service que de l'entreprise, jeune pousse française située dans le XIème arrondissement de Paris. "Créez le monde de vos intérêts" Pearltrees se propose de vous permettre d'archiver et de classifier un nombre infini de pages web, par l'intermédiaire d'une interface visuelle épurée. Le service a également été créé dès le départ dans une optique collaborative et "d'amélioration du web" . Vidéo de présentation de Pearltrees : stockage & partage Votre future mémoire subjective du web Un bon service se caractérise par une interface ergonomique, simple tout en étant flexible. Défauts de Pearltrees

Professional Online Publishing Pearltrees Visualizes TechCrunch Disrupt Did TechCrunch Disrupt blow right past you? I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to watch that video of Eric Schmidt’s keynote about five times before I actually understand what was going on, and don’t even get me started on “Dancing Erick.” For those that are likewise, um disrupted, data curation tool Pearltrees has created the above tree visualization, which allows you to relive the three day info hurricane on your own terms by clicking through any of the available “pearls” or data nodes. For the uninitiated, Pearltrees is a free visual curation tool that allows you to organize the web into subscribable clusters, either by pulling in data from your browser or by crawling what you follow on Twitter. You can embed a Pearltree (like we have) on any website and it will update automatically as you add more content (like “Dancing Erick.”

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