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Best Free Content Curation Tools 2012

Best Free Content Curation Tools 2012
Content Curation has been on the upside lately, and while there are some who don’t think that it is an ethical form of “content creation”, there are those that think completely the opposite. Whichever side you choose to be, you should know that if you do decide to “curate content”, to always give credit to its original source and never copy an entire article even if you are linking back to its original author. That does not have anything to do with curation and may even be considered as stealing content. While I am at it, creating a list of useless links is also not regarded as curating content. Which side are you on? Do you favor “content curation” as an interesting approach of content creation/marketing, or are you totally against it? Curating content done properly, IMO has its positives. Be the best curator of meaningful contentFind the best information that others have written and posted online—the best articles, charts, tables, infographics, videos, or pictures. That’s it!

Complete Guide to Blogging Welcome to the Complete Guide to Blogging, a 100% free course on everything you could possibly need to know about blogging and setting up your first WordPress driven web site. This guide is currently broken up in nine different chapters and a new sub-chapter goes live every day on the blog. If you click on a sub chapter below that is not working, it probably wasn’t published yet. Business Blogging - Creating a Successful Business Blog Learn the tips and tricks you need to know to create a successful blog for your business. Whether you want to start a business blog to help you boost sales or simply connect with your customers, the information you need to develop a successful business blog can be found here. 3 Reasons Why Every Company Needs a Business BlogLearn how every company and organization can benefit from a business blog. 10 Questions about Starting a Business Blog AnsweredAnswers to common questions and links to additional resources, so you can start a business blog for your company successfully.

Creating a Content Machine: Tools, Models and Tips Curating content is an important activity and central to those brands who are looking to give their audience something useful. By spending time to find, filter and enhance content – which is shared across social media – you’re building interest and value in your brand. But what is the value for your business? Content curation gives your visitors reasons to re-visit, refer and interact.

7 Steps to Becoming a Freelance Writer by Mark Nichol You love to write, and perhaps you’ve even had some of your work published, but you just can’t seem to get your career as a freelance writer of nonfiction off the ground. Here are some flight lessons: 1. Focus Blog - How Zemanta Avoided Fraudulent 301 Media Traffic Three years ago (in November 2014) our anti-fraud efforts at Zemanta flagged a set of sites with statistics that were too good to be true — lots of pageviews, lots of clicks, and low CPC. But those same sites also had low engagement after the click and virtually no... read more Zemanta is Outbrain’s only official DSP partner Content Curation Guidelines for Where to Share By definition, content curation is the act of continually identifying, organizing, and sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific topic or issue online. When evaluating which content curation tool to use, there are three primary areas of consideration: 1. The Inputs – Where does the content curation tool get information from? What type of content will this allow me to curate? Will it help identify and recommend relevant content?

Steve Jobs: Be a Thinker-Doer as a Blogger There’s been a video that’s been passed around recently around the interwebs that shows a “lost” interview with Steve Jobs earlier in his career between the time of being dismissed from Apple and being a few years into NeXT, his literal next adventure. It’s been difficult to find because the original company behind the interview has been pulling it down left and right due to copyright infringement but if you Google hard enough you should be able to find a copy. I suggest you do and if you can sit through the 50 minutes it’s well worth the time. In it he shares some really candid thoughts about business, entrepreneurship, product development, and leadership – it was a great display also of his style of interviewing which was very candid but often-times not as polished (at least the first shot). There was one part that was particularly powerful for us as bloggers that I wanted to share here with you – it’s the idea of being an effective “thinker and doer.”

Business Blogging Articles to Get You Started Start here if you're new to business blogging... Following are key articles about business blogging: how to get started, tips for writing blog posts, how to engage with your readers and more. This series is a good overview of what you need to know if you're new to blogging or struggling to make your business blog work for you. The Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog - TentBlogger Spiderman is awesome! He's one of my favorite comic book characters. I have been literally dying to start this series and now that I’ve finished the first two series (Getting Started with Blog Advertising and Make Money Blogging) I’m ready to tackle number 3, which is going to most likely be upwards of about 30 or so posts.

Blogging For Web Designers: Editorial Calendars and Style Guides Advertisement A few years ago, you might not have pointed out during a meeting with a potential client that you maintained a blog. Over time, though, blogs have evolved from the being a personal hobby to a serious work tool. 19 Great Web Curation Tools There certainly is no shortage of ways to collect content from the web. Apps make it even easier to sync with your computer and smartphone. Every time I find a resource I love (but don't have time to look at it) I clip it to Evernote. This list has been added to the Teacher-Librarian page. What's your favorite curation tool? How To Easily Edit Your WordPress Theme Design With The Firebug Firefox Addon Written by Robyn-Dale Samuda in As bloggers, we aim to provide unique user experiences for all our visitors online through the use of the best blog designs and templates we can find. Although there are thousands of free and premium themes available, there comes a time when we want something specifically suited to our taste as well as our readers’ without hiring a developer. The ability to customize your own blog theme is an invaluable skill and will save you lots of time and money in the long-run; and through the use of a tool like the Firebug Firefox Add-on, making simple and advanced customizations are easier than ever. Firebug is a tool I use extensively as a developer to help me understand a site’s layout and quickly implement design changes through CSS. So here are some tips and ideas to get you started on customizing your own WordPress themes.

Must-Have Tools of the Blogging Trade Some where along the line we started blogging. To be honest, we have picked up tips and tricks from word of mouth, our mastermind groups, online tutorials, reliable series and a whole lotta “googling.” As a result, we have found the following to be a good overview of blogging resources that have taught us well or have simply made our life/job a whole lot easier. They have truly become our “must-have” tools of the blogging trade. Of course, we could include more resources, but we simply haven’t tried them all. We were tempted to add an “I wanna try” category but we can’t put our stamp on it if we can’t fully vouch for it.