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Container Archtecture

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Mannen bor i en fartygscontainer på 14 kvadrat – stig in och upptäck makalösa insidan. Cubica, ett företag med bas i Costa Rica, skapade Casa Cubica, som är ett 6 meter brett hus byggt med en container som grund.

Mannen bor i en fartygscontainer på 14 kvadrat – stig in och upptäck makalösa insidan

Även om utrymmet kan tyckas litet, är detta hus både vackert och funktionellt. Fraktcontainrar, Containerbostäder and Container hus on Pinterest. Stacked Container Classroom and Dorm. Amazing Expanding House Pops Out of Single Trailer. © Mehdi Hidari Badie Back in the dawn of the shipping containers as housing era, nobody thought about using empty boxes and shipping air; because of the cost of the box and shipping, people were playing with folding designs.

Amazing Expanding House Pops Out of Single Trailer

Designer Mehdi Hidari Badie has taken the idea of the pop-up to extremes with what Yanko calls an "Amazing Modern Mobile Home. " Blu Homes should hire this guy or pick this unit up for their home shows; it is sort of an extreme version of their folding homes. Really extreme; there are a lot of panels to unfold, a lot of edges that will need gaskets and seals. Yanko writes: This cleverly compact mobile housing design by Mehdi Hidari Badie has got all the bases covered when it comes to making the most of limited space. It is all rather clever, over triple the size of the basic trailer, complete with exterior decks and solar panels on the roof. This Is A Rustic Shipping Container Home With Style And Class! It's something we're all looking for these days... cheap, effective, accomplishing our purpose.

This Is A Rustic Shipping Container Home With Style And Class!

How much room do we need? At what cost? Shipping containers have provided a rather inexpensive and heavy storm-proof metal structure, yet making them pleasing to the eye requres some great finishing touches. Here is one that has taken those touches in creative style! From the solid granite kitchen top to the sliding bathroom door... EBS Block. EBS Block is a uniquely designed modular, prefabricated, fully functional portable house created from a 20ft shipping container.

EBS Block

Dimensionally, traditional individual container homes can create awkward living/working spaces. Taking into account added insulation, you have a long narrow box with less than eight foot ceiling. To make an adequate sized space, multiple boxes need to be combined. This is not the case with EBS Block as our unique innovative design opens up to be 6 metres long X 8 metres wide X 3.5 metres high and provides a total live-able area of 54m2 which encompasses the pull out bathroom/kitchen on each side of the house. EBS Block is opened via remote control using the integrated mechanical and electrical systems.

EBS Block is designed to adapt to harsh terrains and weather conditions, providing a spacious and comfortable living area. Adam Kalkin’s Old Lady House is a Modern Shipping Container Masterpiece Adam Kalkin Old Lady House – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Problem loading page. Cargotecture. 645 Sq. Ft. Modern Shipping Container Modular Home. On September 12, 2015 This is a 645 sq. ft. modern shipping container modular home called the Kiev by Nova Deco which is an international manufacturer in Australia that builds quality shipping container and modular homes.

645 Sq. Ft. Modern Shipping Container Modular Home

When you go inside using the glass sliding doors you’ll find yourself in the living area that opens up to the kitchen and dining room. You’ll also find two bedrooms with two bathrooms in this model! Not bad for only 645 sq. ft., right? Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Images © Nova Deko. Gorgeous Designer Home Built From Shipping Containers. 100% Off Grid Solar Powered School Built From Shipping Containers in Malawi. 640sqft Solar Powered Shipping Container Cabin with Greenhouse For $25k. Gorgeous Solar Powered Off Grid Shipping Container Cabin For $58k.

MEKA reinvents shipping container housing. Shipping containers are wonderful things- for shipping.

MEKA reinvents shipping container housing

They are part of an elaborate and extensive infrastructure for moving goods cheaply and efficiently that has revolutionized world trade. They are also all the rage among designers and architects who have been converting them into housing, with varying degrees of success. Then there is Meka. Home - MEKA WORLD. Hon svetsade ihop 4 containrar på sin tomt. När vi ser slutresultatet tappar vi andan! Claudie Dubreuil kommer från Quebec i Kanada och är ingen främling för hållbara byggmaterial.

Hon svetsade ihop 4 containrar på sin tomt. När vi ser slutresultatet tappar vi andan!

Faktum är att hennes företag, Collections Dubreuil, är stolta över deras sätt att bygga hus och återanvända material på ett ekologiskt hållbart sätt. Hon får dock sällan chansen att visa det fullt ut. De flesta hus Claudie bygger är någorlunda konventionella. Därför höll hon inte tillbaka någonting när det var dags att bygga hennes eget. Hon bestämde sig för att använda gamla fraktcontainrar som byggmaterial, och resultatet är inget annat än häpnadsväckande. Att få tag i containrar var enkelt. Den svåraste delen i hela projektet var att få ingenjören att anpassa dem efter hennes ritningar. Efter att ha kämpat i månader fick hon dem till slut levererade och svetsade på plats. Skillnaden är enorm. Den är lika vacker och modern som utsidan, och de stora fönstrena ger en oslagbar utsikt.

Det finns inslag av tegel och trä, och väggen bakom spiraltrappan bidrar verkligen till atmosfären. Modern Shipping Container House in Venice, CA. On August 20, 2015.

Modern Shipping Container House in Venice, CA

Shipping Container Housing Guide. Containers of Hope / Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture. Architects: Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture Location: San Jose, Costa Rica Project area: 100 sqm Project year: 2011 Photographs: Andres Garcia Lachner Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta dreamed of living in their fantastic property 20 minutes outside of the city of San Jose, Costa Rica; where they could be with their horses and enjoy the natural landscape.

Containers of Hope / Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

They made the very bold choice of exploring with me the possibility of creating a very inexpensive house made out of disregarded shipping containers that allowed them to be dept free and live the life they always dreamed of. It was important for me to provide them with the sunrise, the sunset, the spectacular views, and overall try and create a feeling of comfort and home. The final cost of the house (40,000USD) is lower than the cost of social housing provided for the poor in Costa Rica.

Shipping container architecture. The Nomadic Museum is composed of 152 shipping containers.

Shipping container architecture

It was constructed to house a photography exhibit in New York City in 2005, was dismantled, and was reassembled in Santa Monica, California, USA in early 2006. Exhibition: Container Architecture at the NRW Forum Museum in Duesseldorf. Video: Kathryn Findlay’s Impermanent Structures, Architecture Tour. Munda Shipping Container Tiny House. On May 16, 2015 This shipping container tiny house is designed and built by Munda Design and Construction. When you walk inside you’ll notice an open one level floor plan with no lofts, ladders, or staircases.

The company is offering base units at 16, 20 and 24 feet. Pricing starts at about $18,000. Please enjoy and re-share below.