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Tiny Living on Wheels

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Couple Buys A London Double Decker Bus, Turns It Into A Dream Home Complete With A Fireplace And A Bathtub, Lives Mortgage Free. Your home is all about you feeling good.

Couple Buys A London Double Decker Bus, Turns It Into A Dream Home Complete With A Fireplace And A Bathtub, Lives Mortgage Free

But when Charlie MacVicar, 26, and her partner Luke Walker, 27, decided to move in together, they knew they couldn’t relax in a place which forced huge financial obligations on them. So the couple started looking for alternatives. Since Charlie’s dad owned land in Essex, United Kingdom, where she and Luke could’ve lived on, they considered multiple ideas on how to make use of it, but eventually got themselves a double-decker bus to have more space. “We love to travel and wanted a hub that we could return home to and then leave again and have a lot of flexibility,” Charlie told Bored Panda. “We loved the TV show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and [our project] was inspired by some of the builds on the show. Over the next year, Charlie and Luke worked hard on making their dream a reality, and with some help from their closest people, it turned out just the way they wanted. More info: Instagram Image credits: doubledeckerhome.

'IKEA' Collaborates On Their First Tiny House Design And The Interior Looks Both Beautiful And Practical. It’s a small dream of mine to have a comfy, cozy, tiny home somewhere in the Scandinavian woods (preferably near some mountains and a lake).

'IKEA' Collaborates On Their First Tiny House Design And The Interior Looks Both Beautiful And Practical

I’d go for walks and return home to make delicious breakfast just as the sun’s peeking out from the treetops. I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in thinking about moving out to nature to live a minimalist lifestyle full of fresh air and adventure because, let’s be honest, the hustle, bustle, and stress of everyday city life can be exhausting. That’s where the Swedish retailer (and our beloved meatball maker) Ikea comes in. Ikea partnered up with Vox Creative, Curbed, and Escape, which builds small homes and RVs in the US, and created a sustainable tiny mobile home that you can live in off the grid. So the Ikea Tiny Home is the perfect fit for anyone constantly on the move or wanting to mix and match remote work with adventuring. Exploring the Bambi Inside Out: Floor Plans and Features. Exploring the differences, similarities, and things to ask as you’re shopping for a Bambi 16RB, 19CB, 20FB, or 22FB travel trailer.

Exploring the Bambi Inside Out: Floor Plans and Features

The Bambi is the quintessential Airstream model — fun, sleek, timeless, and it carries a 90-year history of excellence on a single axle. While originally earning its namesake in Africa during the famous Cape Town to Cairo caravan in the early 1960’s, the Bambi continues to prove mile after mile that its strength and sure-footedness not only gave it its original name, but provides a way of life for those who travel with it across the globe today. It’s possible you thought that all Airstream models that have a single axle are known as the “Bambi”. While the nickname was assigned to any model that had one axle for several years, Airstream made the official transition in May 2019 to having a dedicated badge for the Bambi family. With a quick look you know that Bambi is the shortest, most affordable traditional travel trailer within our lineup. iSmove motorhome packs incredible concept-grade transforming trickery.

A year ago, German camper giant Hymer dropped the buzz bomb that was the VisionVenture camper van concept.

iSmove motorhome packs incredible concept-grade transforming trickery

The all-new iSmove motorhome from Hymer sibling brand Niesmann + Bischoff isn't the production version of that van – it's not even a van – but it does pack features that bear remarkable resemblance to the 2019 concept, most notably the transforming hybrid wet/dry bathroom. Seven patent-pending, VisionVenture-style features in all give the iSmove about as much comfort, space and style as you can squeeze into a light, compact motorhome that's the same length as some camper vans. Hymer emphasized last year that it wasn't pursuing a production VisionVenture camper van but would be trickling some of the concept's features into production. We assumed that to mean "Hymer" production, but as the premium motorhome brand of the Erwin Hymer Group, Niesmann + Bischoff makes an even more logical launch point. The Best Off-Road Camping Trailers You Can Buy in 2020.

We Live In An Old Military Truck And Travel The World To Show Our Son The Beauty Of Our Planet (New Pics) In the first part, we have been driven from Austria all the way through Central Asia to the end of the „driveable“ world, Vladivostok.

We Live In An Old Military Truck And Travel The World To Show Our Son The Beauty Of Our Planet (New Pics)

You can find the first part here. In the second part, our journey leads us from Vladivostok via South Korea to Japan. After a snowy winter in the Japanese Alps, we have moved on to Borneo, crossed Brunei until we have spent a few incredible, shocking, scary, marvelous and surprising months in Indonesia. Floor Plans. Modernizing the Timeless Classic. Introducing the all-new Comfort White interior décor for the 2020 Airstream Classic The Airstream Classic Travel Trailer has been one of our most popular – and one of our most luxurious – models for many years.

Modernizing the Timeless Classic

In fact, the name “Classic” goes back to 1979, and has been used throughout the years to designate Airstream’s top of the line units. Towable bunker is how Aussies do a "basic" adventure camper trailer. Australians don't like to compromise when it comes to tough-as-nails off-road camper trailers.

Towable bunker is how Aussies do a "basic" adventure camper trailer

So if you're a trailer company that calls yourself "Australian Off Road," you know you better show up to the trail with a positively blast-proof camper, even if it's your "most basic model yet. " Comparing Bambi and Caravel Travel Trailers. This year, Airstream introduced two new lines of single-axle travel trailers.

Comparing Bambi and Caravel Travel Trailers

With Bambi and Caravel, you now have the choice of four different trailer lengths in an easy-to-tow form: Lightweight, single-axle travel trailers that retain Airstream’s iconic style, low center of gravity, and aerodynamic shell. While Bambi and Caravel have a myriad of similarities from a quick glance, there are several features that create a stark contrast between these two single-axle models.

How do these two small but mighty travel trailers stack up against each other? We’ve prepared a side-by-side comparison to show the differences between the Bambi and Caravel to help future Airstreamers find the single-axle travel trailer that fits their needs and desires. Cargo Van Home/Office. The living vehicle 2020 is a net-zero luxury apartment in an aluminum shell. Santa barbara-based living vehicle has designed an off-the-grid camper for full-time living. the trailer sleeps up to 6 and intends to be a net-zero vehicle with no water or waste out. it runs on an automotive-grade lithium battery system and 200 percent more solar power than its previous model. images courtesy of living vehicle the updated living vehicle sports a redesigned shell made entirely from 100% aluminum. no wood was used in the construction of the structure and chassis, frame, interior and exterior skin, subfloor and all cabinets are fashioned from the material. inside the 28-foot trailer features a combined dining and lounge area with an abundance of clever space solutions and amenities that give it the feel of a luxury studio apartment. firstly, the indoors can be extended with a fully integrated self-supporting deck that is rated for 1,500 pounds and is big enough to cook, lounge, or do yoga. project info company: living vehicle model: 2020 size: 220 square feet.

the living vehicle 2020 is a net-zero luxury apartment in an aluminum shell

Margot Airstream by Colorado Caravan. Bowlus Road Chief ® The Luxury Aluminum Travel Trailer. Knaus Boxlife camper van sleeps seven and still loads up with bikes and gear. Happier Camper. The 5 Best Camper Trailers for Any Adventure. Vanlife has its perks, as does the resurgent RV craze.

The 5 Best Camper Trailers for Any Adventure

But both also have a lot of drawbacks. When your portable vacation home is also the vehicle you take to get there, anything that happens to it mechanically takes you out of business. That’s why we still have a soft spot for camper trailers, which you can tow behind any appropriately rated vehicle, park in a great spot while you go off exploring and keep nice and preserved without worrying about whether it’ll start the next time you spontaneously decide to get away. Our favorites have sleek, modern looks, cool amenities, and lots of smart details that make your time on the road all fun, with no hassle. Polydrops, Your Own Space, Los Angeles. Evolve solar teardrop trailers bring rustic style and powered living to remote spaces. Winnebago turns new Mercedes Sprinter into adventurous, lithium-powered all-season camper van. App-controlled, minicar-hauling camping trailer echoes the look of the Mercedes Sprinter towing it.

Carbon fiber camping trailer sustains itself off-grid with "endless" power and water. Mayes School Bus Conversion - A Moving Tiny Home. When Gabriel and Debbie Mayes decided to embrace the tiny house movement, they knew the transition would be anything but easy. Peanut Airstream Land Yacht Renovation by Sitka Concept. Having flipped 11 houses—and lived in all of them—in the span of a decade, Annie Jomphe and Martin Readman of Canada–based design/build firm Sitka Concept are used to getting their hands dirty to finish a job.

So, when the couple discovered that a 1976 Airstream Land Yacht they purchased sight unseen was more run-down than anticipated, it wasn’t enough to shake their resolve. Newsletter Join the Renovations Newsletter Modern renovations can give new life to midcentury gems, old industrial buildings, and other outdated spaces. Take notes on these revamped spaces—from whole-house overhauls to kitchen and bath remodels, these projects reinforce the wisdom of working with what you've got. Edmonds + Lee Architects Turned an Airsteam into a Mobile Office. Nissan NV300 Energy Roam Woodworking Van. Glamping for Glampers: Luxury camping on the South Korean mountainside. South Korean design studio Archiworkshop has injected some serious style into its recently completed 'Glamping for Glampers' project (Photo: June Young Lim) Image Gallery (16 images) Emerging South Korean design studio Archiworkshop has injected some serious style into its recently completed "Glamping for Glampers" project.

Located in the mountainous region of Yang-Pyeong in South Korea, the remote glampsite features a series of luxurious "tents" which add some serious comfort to the traditional camping experience. View all. Housetrike three-wheeled camper shelters homeless nomads. While not nearly as popular or diverse as motor vehicle camping trailers, pedal-powered campers like the Midget Bushtrekka provide another form of mobile shelter. Not to be confused with the Tricycle House, the Housetrike is a pedal camper with a unique form. It looks like a basic cargo trike at first, but extends into a lockable sleeper for one. View all. Knaus Travelino envisages a clean, light camper of the future. Last year, German camper specialist Knaus Tabbert used the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon to present its vision of the future camping trailer. 7 Best Off-Road Trailers. With our continuing dependence on tech devices and current state of online privacy, there’s no better time than the present to get off the grid.

Outbuilding of the Week: A Retro '60s Camper, Outdoor Bathhouse Included: Gardenista. Off-grid tiny shelter and artist's studio is on the move. Ecocapsule promises independent off-grid micro-living. ECOmbo solar-equipped camper designed to keep you comfy off grid. Designed as a compact, low-fuss way of traveling far away from the grid, the Ecombo trailer has cozy living quarters inside a rugged block that you tow with your 4x4.

High Camp teardrop trailers wrap fine woodwork with aluminum skin. Zach both converts a chevy cargo van into a nomadic filmmaking studio. Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle. Heavy duty off-road caravan doesn't leave luxury behind. Last year, we looked at a number of new camping trailers built rough and tough on the outside and soft and luxurious inside. Tiny house expertise put to use in Mercedes Sprinter campervan conversion. Huge "tiny house" is home to a family of five. Shipping container-based tiny house can be towed or stowed. Egg-shaped tiny house finally hatches. Double-decker motorhome hotel chases surf and sleeps you next to the beach. Classic 1960s Airstream is ready for work and play.

Beauer's latest expanding camping trailer sleeps a family of six. Bruder EXP-4 camping trailer marries cinder block toughness with teardrop coziness.