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containerbay There is growing interest in the use of shipping containers as the basis for habitable structures. These "icons of globalization" are relatively inexpensive, structurally sound and in abundant supply. Although, in raw form, containers are dark windowless boxes (which might place them at odds with some of the tenets of modernist design...) they can be highly customizable modular elements of a larger structure. The projects below are sorted alphabetically (by company or designer's name). Selected projects utilizing shipping containers. Info credits: Zack Smith, Kevin Tze King Ho. Back to top of page Useful linksIf you have any relevant links let us know Container Sources Shipping containers are widely available - here are just a few of the many sources: Allied Container Products Antioch, California Seabox East Riverton, New Jersey Factory Containers Direct - Inventory available in multiple locations- see web site. Technical Resources Books

Would You Live In A Shipping Container? | Cannell | Fast Compan Adam Kalkin isn't the only architect to make homes out of shipping containers. A handful of architects, including Jennifer Siegal and Lot-Ek, began using them ten years ago as a gritty reaction against the tidy white surfaces of modernism. But nobody has employed shipping containers more inventively than Kalkin, a New Jersey architect and artist who has used them to design luxurious homes, museum additions, and refugee housing. In architectural circles, Kalkin is regarded as something of an oddball. His talk this week was tied to the publication of Quik Build: Adam Kalkin's ABC of Container Architecture ($49.95), which shows 32 of his projects in all their odd ingenuity, including Bunny Lane, a home he built for himself with a 19th century clapboard cottage inside an industrial hanger, and the Push Button House, a furnished room that unfolds from a container with hydraulic walls. For all his artsy provocations, Kalkin's strategy makes some practical sense.

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2+ Container Haus | Studio5555 Der Architekt Jure Kotnik entwarf für einen Klienten das Wochenendhaus 2+ welches aus 2 Schiffscontainern besteht. Dieses ConHouse benötigt nur wenig Aufstellfläche und kann überall eingesetzt werden. Dadurch das der zweite Container auf den ersten steht entsteht am Eingangsbereich ein Vordach und auf der Rückseite ein Sonnenschutz für die Terasse. Das ConHouse ist für das IKEA Prinzip der Ausstattung gestaltet. So kann je nach Wunsch oder Geschmack eine andere Farbe bestellt werden. Artikel-Autor Philipp Thom

Container Architecture Building out the box Everytime I drive past Low-Cost housing, I cant stop but wondering what creative measures could have been taken, still remaining in budget to make this habitats look appealing. With a worldwide focus on recycling and upcycling, I find the creative use of shipping containers as public spaces, offices and houses fascinating. This is certainly not a brand new concept internationally, but I am certainly not seeing creative use of this medium here in South Africa. An UN-Creative solution For me this new project shows the versatility and possibilities. LOT-EK’s design for the Open School focused on activating the open space at the river edge. Constructed from 8 shipping containers carefully arranged, the program features three different and interconnected areas each evoking a different spatial experience mainly driven by the natural environment. Some more interesting concepts.

Lefevre Beach House von Longhi Architects | Studio5555 © CHOlon Photography Zwischen Sand und Wasser steht das Lefevre Beach House und trotzt den Naturgewalten. Inmitten der trockenen Wüste Perus an der Punta Misterio 117 km ragt gewaltig das Strandhaus aus dem Felsen. Artikel-Autor Philipp Thom Kab'in: Living a Container Si quelques étudiants havrais ont pu expérimenter l’habitat en conteneur, grâce à la Cité Universitaire A Docks, ce concept n’est que peu développé en France. Une société spécialisée dans le photovoltaïque et le conseil en efficacité énergétique, vient de se lancer dans la vente de conteneurs habitables. Kab'in - Habiter un Conteneur Implantée à Joinville, la société a obtenu une autorisation de la mairie pour installer un « Show-Room » place Mozart, à partir d’aujourd’hui et pendant trois mois. Faciles à installer, résistants et bien isolés, les Kab’in vides sont vendues 1000 € le mètre carré. Pascal Benveniste, le PDG de Stratègéco Enéovia, vante les mérites du Kab’in : « C’est rapide, la livraison se fait en vingt-quatre heures. Page Facebook Kab’in Ci-dessous les différents Kab’in Source : Le Parisien

Shipping Container Homes - Cargo Container Houses Want your own container house? There's a six-month waiting list for the Quik House by architect Adam Kalkin, who is based in New Jersey. The distinctive Quik House comes in a prefabricated kit, based on recycled shipping containers (in fact a completed house is about 75% recycled materials by weight). The standard Quik House offers 2,000 square feet, three bedrooms and two and one-half baths, though larger options are also available. The shell assembles within just one day, and all the interior details can be finished within about three months. The Quik House comes in two colors (orange or natural rust bloom), and the estimated total cost, including shipping and assembly, is $184,000.