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The Shipping Muse Downtown Houston, Texas, feels like a ghost town. Buildings with tinted windows loom heavily and cast dark shadows on the abandoned sidewalks. Residents rarely spend time here, and when they do, you would hardly know it: 6.3 miles of tunnels connect more than 80 city buildings, pushing pedestrians underground and away from the heat, the humidity, and the possibility of a dynamic urban lifestyle. Though the city lacks visible signs of human interaction, Houston is industrially and economically one of the busiest places in America. Nichols and Walker met in 2004 at Burning Man, a weeklong art bacchanalia in the Nevada desert, and forged a friendship over like-minded design dreams: “We both wanted to create affordable, design-intensive housing for creative, urban people,”Nichols says. Though containers are part of Houston’s vernacular, Nichols and Walker knew the idea of living in one was not. Nichols and Walker signed the property deed and enlisted Christopher Robertson as the designer.

Le Container habitable et habitation modulables sont développés par notre société afin de répondre à une demande dans l'habitation low cost. En travaillant avec un technologie de pointe et une conception de design moderne. Nous sommes habilités à vous pro architecture and hygiene - home rctc industrial zombie llc movie making machine department of mechanized architecture emergency house eco-orphanage moma deitch yahoo ding-dong cnn contact copyright © 2014 adam kalkin all images and materials are the properties of their respective owners Accueil Urban Rio, Panama's First Affordable Green Container Project UPDATE 3/16/09 – Urban Core International has gone dark. The website was shut down. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us. Aaron Newman, founder and managing partner of Urban Core International, sent me the details of his latest project, Urban Rio. Specifically, Urban Rio is a product of Urban Core's prefab and container division called Envision Prefab. It's easy on the eyes, to say the least, and just so happens to be the first sustainable, affordable, container project in Panama. Urban Rio units will have energy-efficient appliances, HEPA filters, energy-efficient split air conditioners, smart lighting controls, a water recycling and reclamation system, low-flow faucets and toilets, tankless hot water heaters, and a living green roof. Article tags: Development, international, residential

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