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Augmented reality

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Layar. Proposes ARML to AR Consortium :Mobilizy. Nearest Tube Augmented Reality iPhone 3GS App. Wikitude. Layar, worlds first mobile Augmented Reality browser. S i x t h s e n s e - a wearable gestural interface (MIT Media L. 'SixthSense' is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information.

s i x t h s e n s e - a wearable gestural interface (MIT Media L

We've evolved over millions of years to sense the world around us. When we encounter something, someone or some place, we use our five natural senses to perceive information about it; that information helps us make decisions and chose the right actions to take. But arguably the most useful information that can help us make the right decision is not naturally perceivable with our five senses, namely the data, information and knowledge that mankind has accumulated about everything and which is increasingly all available online.