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Strange Days: A Canadian in TrumpLand – Human Parts – Medium. Living just a few short miles north of the border, the United States has always been a huge part of my life.

Strange Days: A Canadian in TrumpLand – Human Parts – Medium

Family vacations, road trips, and broadcasting on the ABC and NBC feeds from Vermont and upstate New York, occasionally interrupted by campaign ads for a dashing young Bernie Sanders running for Senate — the TV shows, movies, sports, and general ethos that helped shape my childhood. Driving through your average Canadian town you would be hard-pressed not to think you were driving through your average American town.

Everything is the same. Yet somehow it isn’t. Canada's multiculturalism is no model for Europe. Multiculturalism is to Canada as the welfare state is to Britain: Canadians view their multicultural model as distinct from the European version, and as suffering from none of the defects of the latter.

Canada's multiculturalism is no model for Europe

Many Europeans do so, too, seeing in the Canadian model the answer to Europe's multicultural problems. Last month I was invited to give a talk on immigration and citizenship in Europe to a Trudeau Foundation conference in Nova Scotia. For someone like me, a European in favour of mass immigration but critical of multiculturalism, it was a fascinating experience. The foundation, whose aim is to promote academic research, was set up in 2001 in memory of former Liberal prime minister Pierre Trudeau, and is indelibly shaped by his liberal humanitarianism. Trudeau is particularly associated with the nation's multicultural policy that has come to shape Canadian self-image. The Fading Case Against Canadian Multiculturalism  In pluralistic democracies like Canada, there is rarely agreement around the definition of Canadian identity.

The Fading Case Against Canadian Multiculturalism 

In part this is because there are several ways to express Canadian identity. Being Canadian can mean different things to different people. Therefore, it is probably more fitting to talk about Canadian cultures and identities in the plural. As such, it's perfectly normal for there to be continued conversation about "who we are" as a people(s). Some observers insist upon the importance of defining "us" in some singular way so that newcomers know precisely into what they're being asked to integrate. Justin Trudeau pledges reconciliation in Canada after Aboriginal abuse. Justin Trudeau has pledged to work towards full reconciliation with Canadian Aboriginals as he accepted a final report on the abuses of the government’s now-defunct system of residential schools for indigenous children.

Justin Trudeau pledges reconciliation in Canada after Aboriginal abuse

The forcible separation of some 150,000 children from their families over more than 100 years was an attempt to end the existence of Aboriginals as distinct legal, social, cultural, religious and racial entities in Canada, the long-awaited report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada concluded. “Our goal, as we move forward together, is clear: it is to lift this burden from your shoulders, from those of your families and communities. It is to accept fully our responsibilities and our failings, as a government and as a country,” Trudeau told hundreds of residential school survivors as the report was released Tuesday. Canadian Heritage - Funding Apply to one of a myriad of funding programs that support culture, history, heritage, sport and official languages in Canada.

Canadian Heritage -

Events, celebrations and commemorations Show your pride for this amazing country by participating in our many events and celebrations and by commemorating important moments and people in Canadian history. Videos, TV Schedule & Watch Full Episodes Online. Canada is a great country. Let's buck the trend this Canada Day.

Canada is a great country

Let's unapologetically celebrate Canadian greatness. Sadly we now live in an age of moral relativism. I'm no Nationalist...but I'm Damn Proud to be Canadian. Get elephant's newsletter I am not a nationalist.

I'm no Nationalist...but I'm Damn Proud to be Canadian.

I believe nationalism can be a dangerous thing—often exploited to divide, rather than unite us. I am a citizen of the earth. We are all citizens of the earth. Multiculturalism Is A Canadian Success Story  Why multiculturalism makes me proud to be Canadian. Sure, pugs are adorable, but they also have some unique characteristics.

Why multiculturalism makes me proud to be Canadian

Here are some things to consider before you adopt one. When I first saw Rosie, I knew we were soul mates. She came bounding into the kitchen, tongue lolling and eyes bulging, and gave me a big wet pug kiss on my nose. Canadian. Why We Are Proud to be Canadian. “I would like to ask you a question,” C almost whispered, pushing her long hair back behind her ear.

Why We Are Proud to be Canadian

She sat shyly hunched on the bench, folding her shoulders inward and making her diminutive frame appear even smaller. Her peers, a group of Grade 11 English students gathered with us for an afternoon picnic, were playing a raucous game of volleyball as we sat back and chatted. Why I Love Canada: We Are More Free Than Americans  So many ideas come to mind, but one particular reason that I love Canada is the very philosophy that guides our society: peace, order and good government.

Why I Love Canada: We Are More Free Than Americans 

Our constitution is wise to mention these principles as foundations of our way of life. Although the American motto of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" explicitly mentions freedom, it is in fact the Canadian incantation that provides for real liberty. The American version has led to the creation of national myths, largely due to the fact that Americans spilled their own blood fighting for their constitution ages ago. This has led to laws constantly being viewed through the lens of "framers' intent," leading in turn to increased polarization in society. Nimama, are they going to take me away too? My youngest daughter was six years old when she asked me this, clinging to me in desperation, her face distorted and her eyes full of tears. I hadn’t expected such a visceral reaction, and before I could say something intelligent and soothing, I started crying. I rocked her on my lap say ‘moya ‘moya ‘moya (no no no) over and over again.

Just as I had not anticipated her terror, I was taken by surprise by my own. Just thinking about someone taking my child from me is enough to cause my throat to close in fear. Residential School Song (Indian Boarding School Song) Cheryl Bear. Home - Residential School & Historic Trauma Survivor Resources - BearPaw Digital Library at Native Counselling Services of Alberta. Broken Circle:The Dark Legacy Of Indian Residential Schools - Theodore Fontaine Call Number: 371.829 FON 2010 Publication Date: 2010-09-01 "Theodore Fontaine lost his family and freedom at age seven, when his parents were forced to leave him at an Indian residential school. His life was not his own for the next 12 years. Poems from The Crooked Good - by Louise Bernice Halfe. The End and the Beginning I made a trip across the largest lakeI’ve ever seento where the long noses live.There on the hillBoulders satin a Talking Circle.I walked around and gave tobacco.They squeezed their stone-ground handson my chestas I choked to a decision I had made.My Beloved held me.Though I never spoke of it,somewhere in his secret lair he knew.

I’ve sat with Rib Womansince Atayohkan became Big Thunderand her Big Heavens awoke in us.Many of us have. Some of us never understand.Some of us have learned to:Incubate,hatch these million eyes, these millionears, these million noses, these ancient rootsthat stem through our bodies.It is these sun-runners who go deep in theDwelling.Perhaps, I am one of them.

Wepinaso. 12901 9000 1 pb 1. Monster Poem - Canadian Child Abuse Watch. 'Monster' by poet Dennis Saddleman: 'I hate you residential school, I hate you' - Home. Edmontonian shares his poem about surviving residential schools. Residential school survivors had a chance to speak, write a poem, paint a picture, sing a song or speak at a sharing circle at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Ambassador: Wab Kinew is an aboriginal leader seeking to engage with Canadians at large. By Joe Brean. Originally published by the National Post. Read the Original Here. Later this year, the Assembly of First Nations will choose a National Chief to replace Shawn Atleo, whose resignation in May derailed a $1.9-billion deal on First Nations education, and made Mr. Atleo’s perceived closeness to the federal government seem like a curse.

In that election, one likely contender would stand out starkly among the career chiefs who dominate indigenous politics in Canada. Canada s Pride: Creating a Nation s Identity. Canadian. Speakers on National Pride - National Speakers Bureau. Can Obama end our anti-Americanism? NELLY FURTADO LYRICS - Powerless (Say What You Want) The 25 most perfectly Canadian song lyrics ever on CBC Music. Canadian Newcomer Magazine - Culture: Funny About Those Canadians. Of Moose and Men: Analyzing Canadian Humor. Is the very concept of “Canadian humor” an oxymoron?

As they say in Canada: possibly, or possibly not. Canada’s history lacks the violent frontier mythology that continues to fuel the folk hoax of rugged individualism so central to the American identity. Is Canada more than not America? “Do Canadians identify themselves as anything other than not being American?” What defines Canadian identity? - Quora. National Narratives in Canadian Literature (Seminar 55+) - Continuing Studies - Simon Fraser University. What is Canada? Colin Horgan: Without America to despise, what's left for Canadians to rally around? THE GREAT CANADIAN IDENTITY CRISIS. Anti americanism and canadian identity. Culture of Canada - history, people, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social. Liberal Americans: Come to Canada! I Am Canadian, and so are they: Molson’s new nationalist pitch. 6 4 1h. What are some cultural differences between Canadians and Americans? - Quora. Canadian Culture in a Global World. TV, Values, and Culture in U.S.-Canadian Borderland Cities: A Shared Perspective.

Why I Love Canada: "Our Popular Last Names Are Smith, Singh and Ng"  New Internationalist. Native schools and stolen generations: U.S. and Canada. Cultural Survival. Read Residential Schools Short Story - Chapter 1. Canada confronts its dark history of abuse in residential schools. War Party – Feelin' Reserved Lyrics. Residential school survivors and their descendants share their stories. Residential schools and reconciliation: What you should be reading today. Edmontonian shares his poem about surviving residential schools. Reconciliation and the way Forward pdf full min. AHF READER Scholastic.compressed.

Residential School Survior Stories. Canada's residential school story to be taught in classrooms this fall - Edmonton. 10 Thought-Provoking Lyrics From Native Hip Hop Artists. Aboriginal peoples and cultures. Canadians increasingly reporting aboriginal identity. Ss rel texts Booklet CranesFlySouth. Read 19 Short Stories From Nobel Prize-Winning Writer Alice Munro Free Online.