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What's your take @orderofsplendor on this Canadian rock? The #bisoncam is full of otherworldly riches, like this glowing moon taken by ValleyFlowers. Purple Haze all in my eyes, don't know if it's day or night on the #SkyCam. Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada. Even in darkness the #GreatLakes are unmistakable. #GoodMorning from @Space_Station #YearInSpace. Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander attend state dinner in Canada 

The Argentina-born royal, 43, went for high glamourRoyal couple attended a state banquet at Rideau Hall in OttawaCouple are on an official visit to Canada until Friday By Bianca London for MailOnline Published: 17:25 GMT, 28 May 2015 | Updated: 19:53 GMT, 28 May 2015 She's known and loved for her bold sartorial choices and Queen Maxima's wardrobe for her trip to Canada was no different.

Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander attend state dinner in Canada 

The Argentina-born royal, 43, went for high glamour in a vibrant floor-length pink gown and glistening tiara as she and her husband, King Willem-Alexander, attended a state dinner. Sophie the Ice Bear, Yukon, Canada. A rarely-seen peek at Canada's polar bears, bison, belugas and orcas. Candid @exploreorg photos show what Canadian wildlife gets up to when no one's looking. Prince Harry signs the back of the @lestweforgetCAN mural, commemorating the 162 Canadian lives lost in Afghanistan.

LestweforgetCANADA (@lestweforgetCAN) World Wars Commemoration. #Aurora over Elk Point AB tonight @EpicCosmos @reedtimmerTVN @mikesobel @weathernetwork @AuroraMAX @BBCEarth. Chasing Starlight - An Adventure in the Canadian Rockies. "Valhalla", B.C., Canada - Ursula Abresch. Jasper National Park - Alberta, Canada. #canada. Valley of Ten Peaks. Titans of Tiaras: Robert and Louis Koch. In contemporary America, the phrase "Koch brothers" has divisive political implications, but in nineteenth-century Germany, the same label brought to mind glamorous, glittering royal jewels.

Titans of Tiaras: Robert and Louis Koch

Robert and Louis Koch founded their jewelry house in Frankfurt in 1879, and within a few short years, they were supplying jewels to the major royal and princely courts of Germany, as well as to foreign monarchs in Russia and Italy. Robert and Louis worked with the firm until their deaths in 1902 and 1930, and their descendants ran the company until World War II. Under different ownership, the firm closed for good in 1987. But the beautiful tiaras created by the brothers for European royals are still regularly worn today, a testament to the skill and endurance of their craftsmanship. Here's a look four of my favorites! The Prussian Tiara Current Owner: Queen Sofia of SpainOriginal Owner: Princess Viktoria Luise, Duchess of Brunswick More on this tiara... Yukon Terriotry, Canada. #canada.

Sunrise at Vermillion Lakes, Banff #Canada by @anotherstateofm for #EarthCapture. Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada. @natlparkservice. Vancouver, Canada. #canada. Winter in Montana, USA. #usa. New Brunswick, Canada. #canada. Moraine Lake - Alberta, Canada. #canada. Lake Louise, Canada. #canada. #DYK The Earl of Wessex is Colonel in Chief of three regiments, including Hastings and Prince Edward of Ontario? Nova Scotia, Canada. #canada. Fall in Montreal. #usa. Panda Twins Born At Toronto Zoo. Recently, a panda Er Shun gave birth to two twin cubs at the Toronto Zoo and they were the first pandas to be born in Canada.

Panda Twins Born At Toronto Zoo

The pandas were born by making use of artificial insemination and the father of the twins is a male panda called Da Mao. The twin pandas are doing fine and are little lesser than 190 and 115 grams respectively. The strangest part is that the mother panda cares more for one panda over the other. Hence, the zookeepers are planning to swap the cubs to ensure that the mother panda starts caring for both. Toronto Zoo’s management was all praises for the efforts of the scientists and the staff that were behind the birth of the pandas. My tête-à-tête with the Earl of Wessex was a pleasure. I wished him well on his visit to Canada. #Forum2015.

The Earl of Wessex discusses innovation and entrepreneurship @RyersonDMZ @RyersonU in Canada. #DYK The Earl of Wessex has visited Canada 36 times? Raising tens of millions of dollars for Canadian charities. Beware The 9 Most Dangerous Whirlpools Around The World. 8 Reasons Why Canada's Justin Trudeau Will Be A Good Prime Minister. After nearly 10 years in office, Stephen Harper was ousted as Canada’s prime minister during the October 19 election by the young Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party.

8 Reasons Why Canada's Justin Trudeau Will Be A Good Prime Minister

Many political pundits, on the basis of cross-country polls, saw it coming. Harper, who raised the profile of the Conservative Party until he was finally elected in 2006, was walking on a thin rope by the end of his latest term. Sure, he lowered the federal tax to 5 per cent in his first term, steadied the economy during a worldwide recession, and was part of a government that lowered the interest rate to an all time Canadian low. Most people, however, will remember him as a polarizing figure; one that was transparent only when it served his purpose. And who could forget the countless scandals which rocked Parliament Hill in the nation’s capital. Like every incoming politician, Justin Trudeau has promised change – “real change” as his election slogan intimated.

Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada - Gab Carriere. Inuit throat singing can be a game when the first to laugh loses. But it sounds enchanting. Albion Falls, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Natural Beauty of a mighty Lake, Banff National Park, Canada! Glacier National Park, Montana #USA. Prairie flying in the Fall, cool and clear, nice thick air. Does anyone recognize the airplane type? Smeared Skies, Lake Ontario, Canada. Astro self-portrait by @paulzizkaphoto Goat Pond, Canada. Quebec City, Canada. #canada. Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta - Katie Goldie. Newfoundland Island, Canada □□ #canada.

Bo Stewart. Banff National Park -Situated within the Rocky Mountains, Canada. #nature #canada @explorecanada. "Valhalla", by Ursula Abresch. B.C., Canada. Awesome colours and scenery... Lake O'Hara, BC, Canada. Alberta, Canada - Brett Abernethy. Toronto, Canada✈ Autumn in Canada. Photo by Chris Asche. Canada. Now. □□ The Commercial Space Blog: Rocket Spaceflight Accurately Described by Scottish-Canadian Scientist in 1861. By Henry Stewart Author and space historian Robert Godwin has released a paper claiming primacy for Ontario in the historical space race.

The Commercial Space Blog: Rocket Spaceflight Accurately Described by Scottish-Canadian Scientist in 1861

His research credits the fifth principal of Queens University in Ontario, Presbyterian minister William Leitch (1814-1864), with being the first trained scientist to have applied scientific principles to accurately describe the rocket as the best device for travelling in space. As outlined in Godwin's paper, "The First Scientific Concept of Rockets for Space Travel," which is available online for subscribers of the Space Library, Leitch first published his description of the principles of rocketry in an Edinburgh journal in 1861 and also included it in his 1862 book "God's Glory in the Heavens.

" But Godwin says William Leitch made his suggestion to use rockets four years before even Jules Verne’s famous “space gun.” According to Godwin: There is no doubt in my mind that Leitch deserves a place of honour in the history of spaceflight. A Peek of Emerald Lake by Kristin Repsher. The Queen meets @RugbyCanada players @jebbsinclair and @JPritchard_21 at tonight's #RWC2015 reception. Mountain lakes are just the best. Newfoundland. #Canada. Big thanks to @RayMackeyNL. Moonlight over Brigus Newfoundland, I Call it "Night Moves! #Canada. Awesome photo by @RayMackeyNL. Alberta, Canada. Nature knows how to celebrate Autumn. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! Emerald Lake, Canada. 18 Times Canada Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone On Tumblr. Sudbury Fall evening, so beautiful. Looking forward to meeting and talking with everyone at @LaurentianU tonight!

Niagra Falls, such an incredible place. The Canadian Rockies, 1993. Perfect idea for a date. Montana. #northernlights #auroraborealis #lakesuperior #awesometimespentwithsomeonespecial #lovinglife. Michigan...from space #earth. Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta. Alberta, Canada - Jonathan Basiago. Waterfall Bridge, The Canadian Rockies. Memories. A glorious morning at Triple Falls, Glacier Park, USA. Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. 11892277_946380758753239_6257205051252745914_n. The Prince's Youth Service Awards. Photos du journal - Incredible World. The Canadian Pacific Railway. Lake O'Hara, #Canada. Pink winter sky.

Montana landscape. Perfect teal Moraine Lake in #Canada. Muskoka, Ontario. Jasper National Park in #Canada. Mountain reflections at a wonderful lake in Canada. Human-powered vehicle speed record broken by Canada's Aerovelo. A Canadian team has broken the record for the fastest human-powered vehicle in the world.

Human-powered vehicle speed record broken by Canada's Aerovelo

Todd Reichert of the Toronto-based team Aerovelo managed to crank Eta – a recumbent bicycle enclosed in an aerodynamic shell — to a speed of 139.45 kilometres per hour (86.65 miles per hour), winning the World Human-Powered Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nev., this past weekend. In fact, Reichert first broke the previous world record of 133.8 kilometres per hour (83.13 miles per hour) last Thursday, then broke his own record twice in subsequent days of the week-long competition. "This year, we were just blasting down that course," Reichert recalled. "It just happened so quickly. Within a minute, you're over 100 kilometres an hour. It takes eight kilometres (five miles) to get up to full speed. Reichert said he realized he had broken the first record while looking at the data display inside his vehicle with 2.5 kilometres left to go in the course. "I just knew we had it.

Tiny and windowless. Chilly winter aurora over #Canada. Photo by Chris Ratziaff. The beautiful Mount Assiniboine in British Columbia - Callum Snape.