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Shopping Cart Olympus ME-52 Noise Cancellation Microphone: Electronics Restoring The Landscape With Native Plants Revisr How do the database backups/restores work? Every time you make a commit and check the box for "Backup database?", Revisr will take a mysqldump of the current database and commit it to the repository. If you have the "Reset Database when Switching Branches" option checked, a few things will happen. Then, Revisr switches branches and restores the last available database backup for that new branch. Why aren't my commits being pushed to Bitbucket/GitHub? This is either an authentication issue or the remote branch is ahead of yours. Can I damage my site with this plugin? Care should be taken when dealing with upgrades that depend on the database.

MCC Theater :: New York City Unlocking an iPhone If you’re one of the million people who’ve purchased an iPhone since the end of June, you probably signed up with Apple’s exclusive carrier in the U.S., AT&T, when you activated your phone. That means your iPhone identifies itself to AT&T’s network using an AT&T SIM card, a smart card that’s located in a small tray between your iPhone’s sleep/wake button and its recessed headphone jack. But what if you’re planning a trip to Europe and rather than paying AT&T to use the networks of its European partners, you want to take advantage of the favorable rates and local phone numbers offered by replacing your AT&T SIM card with a pre-paid European card? Or what if you’d prefer to use T-Mobile as your cellular provider, rather than AT&T? In the past month several groups have announced that they’ve found a way to “unlock” the iPhone, allowing it to use a SIM card from any provider. Install AppTapp Download and install AppTapp. Perform the GSM Unlock root , with the password of

Cyber Acoustics Lapel Microphone with Clip and Monitor Holster C Creating a Bird-Friendly Yard New research shows that small habitats can add up to a big difference. By Rene Ebersole Published: July-August 2013 She says that the program is being promoted to Audubon chapters around the country, and the schools, neighborhood groups, and municipalities receiving mini-grants to create "Urban Oases" demonstration habitats will be asked to track their sites with YardMap. The second program, called Hummingbirds at Home [[Make link to:]], joins Audubon's citizen science programs, such as the Christmas Bird Count and the Great Backyard Bird Count, by enlisting people to log observations of hummingbirds on flowers and note blooming patterns. There is plenty of evidence to show that anyone can play a vital role in preserving bird habitats, says Tallamy, who even goes as far as to call it a moral imperative. Shovel Ready: Transforming Your Yard 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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Rick DeVos unveiling $500,000 ArtPrize contest to turn Grand Rapids into a gallery - Grand Rapids News - The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos – Rex Larsen | The Grand Rapids PressRick DeVos talks about his plans for ArtPrize, an International arts competition he is bringing to Grand Rapids. GRAND RAPIDS -- Artists from around the world are expected to descend on Grand Rapids this fall to compete for votes and the world's largest prize for art during a two-week event announced by Amway heir Rick DeVos this morning. The nearly $500,000 ArtPrize competition is designed to draw worldwide attention to Grand Rapids through its integration of technology, a diverse group of venues and the creations of hundreds of competitors working in virtually any medium. Lori Niedenfuer Cool | The Grand Rapids PressRick DeVos, standing at right in Lyon Square, unveils details of the $500,000 ArtPrize contest that he says will turn Grand Rapids into a gallery. DeVos said he sees the democratic and technological aspects of the event as a way to "reboot the conversation between artists and the public." The competition begins Sept. 23. Explaining ArtPrize