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Restoring The Landscape With Native Plants Revisr How do the database backups/restores work? Every time you make a commit and check the box for "Backup database?", Revisr will take a mysqldump of the current database and commit it to the repository. Each backup overwrites the previous, since with Git we can revert to any previous version at any time. If you have the "Reset Database when Switching Branches" option checked, a few things will happen. When you click the button to toggle to a different branch or create a new branch, Revisr will backup the database and commit it to the repository. Then, Revisr switches branches and restores the last available database backup for that new branch. Why aren't my commits being pushed to Bitbucket/GitHub? This is either an authentication issue or the remote branch is ahead of yours. Can I damage my site with this plugin? Care should be taken when dealing with upgrades that depend on the database.

Creating a Bird-Friendly Yard New research shows that small habitats can add up to a big difference. By Rene Ebersole Published: July-August 2013 She says that the program is being promoted to Audubon chapters around the country, and the schools, neighborhood groups, and municipalities receiving mini-grants to create "Urban Oases" demonstration habitats will be asked to track their sites with YardMap. The second program, called Hummingbirds at Home [[Make link to:]], joins Audubon's citizen science programs, such as the Christmas Bird Count and the Great Backyard Bird Count, by enlisting people to log observations of hummingbirds on flowers and note blooming patterns. There is plenty of evidence to show that anyone can play a vital role in preserving bird habitats, says Tallamy, who even goes as far as to call it a moral imperative. Shovel Ready: Transforming Your Yard 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Customizing the Divi WordPress Theme - Calcatraz Blog This post contains affiliate links to products which we hope are of value to you, and on which we receive a commission. This post is a collection of tips and tricks for getting the most out of the powerful Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. If you’ve installed the Divi theme and need some help adjusting the appearance to suit your needs, let me know in them comments and I’ll do my best to help you out. About the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes The Divi WordPress Theme is a slick, modern theme from Elegant Themes. Chances are that if you’ve made it to this post theme you are already using the theme and are looking to squeeze every last ounce of awesome out of it. But if you still shopping around for a new WordPress theme you may want to take a look at the Divi Theme (or one of the other 87 themes by Elegant Themes). Removing Image Backgrounds When you add captioned images into your posts, they are given a grey background and border. Adjusting Image Sizes Hiding the Related Posts Widget To:

The Main Goal of Native Restoration A good friend of mine, Lance Bennett, wrote the following for the CSR, Inc. blog. I asked him if I could share a story of my own that plays to the topic and he agreed. Read on… One of the main goals of any restoration project should be a diverse, healthy, and functioning native plant community. Occasionally one will encounter an area experiencing very limited disturbance patterns and an intact native plant community. 1. This photo was taken in southern Idaho and is an excellent example of an undisturbed, intact functioning native plant community: multiple grass, forb, and shrub species; little to no non-native vegetation; and lots of habitat. This reminds me of an experience I once had in the Tall Grass Prairie region. I asked the question “What is different?” It hit me like a ton of bricks. I am grateful that by way of experience, mentorship, and a bit of good luck, I found myself eyes wide open for the first time, standing right there in the heart of America. © 2013, Steven Paulsen.

Fun with Paper: Seven Great Papercraft Projects Over the past week or so my in-box and feed reader has been suddenly peppered with papercraft. From pop-ups to sculptures, wrapping paper to origami, it seems this paper stuff isn’t just a passing fad. I started writing individual posts for several of these and finally decided to group them together into an epic paper roundup. Enjoy. Papercraft Pinhole Camera Although it’s still just a prototype, this folded polaroid camera will eventually be a template for a functional pinhole camera. Paper Parrot I just posted about Diana Beltran Herrera’s paper birds last month, but this new parrot was too great to pass up. Unseen Pleasure Unseen Pleasure is paper sculpture by Paris-based David Benmussa that recreates digital sound waves on Joy Division’s famous album cover. Popupology The Popupology shop has all kinds of crazy cool pop-up-related cards from architectural structures to geometric shapes and folding space invader bookmarks. Inkjet Print Shoe That’s right, paper. Typeforce Catalogue

Native Plant of Steel It is a joy to find butterflies such as this gray hairstreak enjoying the Giant Ironweed Giant Ironweed (Vernonia gigantea), a member of Aster family (Asteraceae) is a perennial native plant which can reach heights of 4-6 ft. With its showy purple flowers, it is a great addition as a backdrop in the pollinator garden. In Spring I wrote a piece on The Biodiversity of a Single Native Plant over at our sister blog After much observation the same holds true for Ironweed. Brightly Colored Diptera in the form of this Longlegged Fly (Condylostylus mundus) contrast with the rich dark leaves: Thorn Flatid Planthopper (Cyarda spp.) disguise themselves giving the illusion that the Ironweed has thorns on the stems: It serves as one of the larval hosts for Emerald Moth Caterpillar (Synchlora spp.) who makes its own attempt at disguise by covering itself with plant material: Leaffooted Bugs and Grasshoppers alike hang out in the bright green leaves: © 2013, Loret T.

The Getting Things Done (GTD) FAQ Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. I get a lot of email about Getting Things Done (GTD), mostly from people just starting out who have various questions about implementation, starting out, or sticking to the system. Now, let me first say that this is not a complete FAQ, but I’ve taken some of the most common questions. Let me also say that I am not the absolute authority on GTD — I am but one blogger, one practitioner, and I am just sharing what I’ve learned from experience and reading other sites. Overview What is GTD? GTD embodies an easy, step-by-step and highly efficient method for achieving this relaxed , productive state. Also see the Wikipedia entry on GTD. How do I start? How long will it take to start? Now, although this sounds like a big commitment (and it is), I have to say that it is worth it. Is there an easier way to start? Just start with capture. I’m overwhelmed by my inbox and all the stuff I need to sort through! Is GTD a cult? Tools What tools do I need?

Must-Have Native Berry Shrubs for Habitat Gardens – Spicebush Happy New Year all! For those of us in the frigid northeast US, we still have the benefit of TIME before our gardening season begins. So why exactly is that a benefit? Instead of impulse buying from nurseries in the spring (everybody guilty of this raise your hands), you can spend some time planning, researching and shopping for the best plants to add to your backyard habitat this year. As I promised last month, here’s Idea #2 for a northeast native fruiting shrub with plenty of resources for birds, butterflies and early-season pollinators. If you have fairly moist or even wet soil, consider the lovely Spicebush (Lindera benzoin): Spicebush blooms in soft yellow in early April here in central MA The lightly fragrant early spring flowers of spicebush make them incredibly valuable to early pollinating insects, and the blooms are SO welcome when the rest of the landscape is still mostly brown and muddy. Spicebush lights up the woodland understory in both spring and fall. Tom Pawlesh photo

GTD NINJA: 50+ Websites For the Kickass Control Freak We admit it: we're control freaks. We wanna control every single aspect of our lives...and with the latest Web 2.0 tools, we already can. Here are my picks for the 50 or so best new tools to Get Things Done: also check out James Mowery's recent guide to personal productivity. Backpack - Make to-do lists, notes, files, calendars and reminders that can be sent to your email or phone at scheduled times. Blue Smiley - Organizes bookmarks, reminder, notes, to-do lists, calendars and much more. Calgoo - Synchronize your Google, Outlook and iCal calendars online and off-line. coComment - Keep track of all your online conversations in one place. Destiny Goals - Set goals for yourself, figure out ways to achieve them and keep track. HipCal - Online calendar, to-do list, alerts, address book. Hiveminder - Enter tasks, tag them, set due dates, attach notes, set reminders. Jotlet - Shareable to-do lists and calendar. Kiko - Online calendar with drag & drop features, email/IM/SMS reminders.