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#13 Make a Global Connection

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Goal 7: Make A Global Connection. Make a global connection - Lesson plan by Hana Tichá. A few weeks ago I had posted my answer to the #30GoalsEDU blogging challenge together with this wonderful picture I found googling.

Make a global connection - Lesson plan by Hana Tichá

The picture showed the globe and happy children of all races holding hands around the Earth. When I posted it, my colleague and partner in the 30 Goals challenge and "we're on the air" project Hana Tichá from the Czech Republic came up with so many wonderful ideas how we could use this picture in the classroom, so I suggested she write about it as a guest in my blog!!! Make a (Global) Connection Level: Pre-intermediate – intermediate, age: teensLanguage focus: vocabulary: countries, languagesSpeaking: What generally makes people happy, cultural differencesOther skills: brainstorming ideas, making mind maps, strategy planning, using meditationLength: 45 min Ask Ss to stand up in a circle and hold hands (at first, depending on their age, you will hear some giggling and the kids may be a bit reluctant to touch each other. Here are some things about Hana:

My Life in the USA as a Cultural Exchange Educator(part 1) In 2001, I applied to V.I.F., Visiting International Faculty Program, based in Chapel Hill, NC, one of the most important Cultural Exchange Programs in the United States that hires teachers from all over the globe.

My Life in the USA as a Cultural Exchange Educator(part 1)

Fortunately, I was selected and placed in a High School to teach Spanish and, for a second time, to teach ESL/ESOL in another other High School and a Middle School between 2005 and 2008. Outcome: my family and I lived in the USA for six years. My status as Cultural Exchange Ambassador and International Teacher, has opened my mind very significantly and gave me unforgettable opportunities to be in contact with multinational professionals, educators and students: Cuban, Hmong, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Bosnian, Mexican, Guatemalan, Serbian, Salvadorian, Chilean, Uruguyan, Ecuadorian, Honduran, Venezuelan, Colombian, Australian, Southafrican, Spanish, Brazilian among others. 30 Goals Challenge: Goal 13: Make a Global connection. ALL4EFL: My Life in the USA as a Cultural Exchange Educator (part 1) Maria's blog: Around the world with just a click. Make a Global Connection. Posted by Shelly Terrell on Thursday, September 5th 2013 Goal 13: Make a Global Connection of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” – Socrates This year with the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators, our 30 Goals Facebook community is voting on what some of the goals will be accomplishing.

Make a Global Connection

We are grabbing this from the list of goals from the previous 3 cycles. This year’s theme is, “This is MY Moment.” My Take on the Goal I strongly believe in global communication and make this apart of my curriculum, because I believe students need to develop important skills in collaborating and problem solving with peers worldwide. When you begin a new project online and invite teachers worldwide to participate, you begin to gain perspective.

Short-term- Provide an opportunity for your students to connect with students or a subject matter expert in another country.