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David Kracov is an American sculptor, painter and animator.

After receiving a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, he moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in animation. He was commissioned by the Holocaust Museum of St Petersburg, Florida to create now the world-famous sculpture which depicts the Tazmanian Devil tearing the roof off of a boxcar to release hundreds of hand-painted butterflies – which represent the souls of the 1 million children who lost their lives in the Holocaust. David now adds one single butterfly to every piece that he creates, sometimes visible, sometimes hidden. Sculpture “Reflections” was created as a tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11, it depicts the New York skyline, with butterflies soaring towards the sky, where the Towers once stood. In the reflections below, the Towers can be seen.

Digital Handshake – 51”x 33” x 12” Critical Mass – 14” x 20” x 5” Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the line, the way 31” x 14”x 11” Tethered – 11” x 11” x 5” Digital Shadows Installation.

I Create Highly Realistic Miniature Worlds. When a budding artist has a burning desire to create a vignette, they don’t let the lack of building materials stop them.

I Create Highly Realistic Miniature Worlds

This was exactly what happened to me when I started to make miniatures. I used any resources I could scrounge: aluminum foil, paper clips, plastic rods, foam board, coffee for weathering; anything that held possibilities. Main2. Ellen Jewett - Front Page. EXHIBITIONS - SCULPTURES. A 3D Printed Chess Set That's Also a Micro Planter. How adorable is this chess set by XYZ Workshop?

A 3D Printed Chess Set That's Also a Micro Planter

Loosely based on Bauhaus-style chess pieces, this 3D printed set cleverly incorporates nature into an otherwise serious game. Each piece can hold a different herb or succulent, giving each its own unique personality. The strong geometric shapes of the planters are softened by the natural elements. Mister Finch. Artist Uses Aluminum Wires To Create Incredible Sculptures. EDOUARD MARTINET - Sculpture. Insect Lab Studio. Chase Studio. Lisa Black. Jessica Joslin. A Real Dress Made Of 50,000 Gummy Bears. I like gummy bears as much as the next girl, but I never once have considered making my clothes out of the little guys.

A Real Dress Made Of 50,000 Gummy Bears

Designers Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi have different ideas and they looked at a dress by famed designer Alexander McQueen and decided they were going to do their own version entirely of gummy bears. The dress weighs 220lbs (twice as much as the model I bet) and was made by hand gluing the gummies to a vinyl sheet. It took three people to get the dress to the shoot which appeared in the debut issue of Twelv magazine. See more images, including the dress that inspired it all, after the jump…

MICHIHIRO MATSUOKA. Livio De Marchi Virtual Museum. Sculptures Made From Shattered Glass. This is a series of sculptures made from shards of glass.

Sculptures Made From Shattered Glass

Each piece was crafted by Artist Marta Klonowska, who I assume does NOT share the same fear of broken glass as I do. How does she manage to put the pieces together without slicing her hands open and bleeding out, I’ll never know! Marta’s work is inspired by artists like Peter Paul Rubens and Francisco de Goya. The Skewed, Anamorphic Sculptures and Engineered Illusions of Jonty Hurwitz.

Some figurative sculptors carve their artworks from unforgiving stone, while others carefully morph the human form from soft blocks of clay.

The Skewed, Anamorphic Sculptures and Engineered Illusions of Jonty Hurwitz

Artist Jonty Hurwitz begins with over a billion computer calculations before spending months considering how to materialize his warped ideas using perspex, steel, resin, or copper. Born in Johannesburg in 1969, Hurwitz now lives and works in London where he’s somewhat of a renaissance man, focusing both on his artwork and micro-loan website Wonga which he co-founded in 2007. His anamorphic sculptures rely on scans of objects (hands, faces, frogs) that are then distorted digitally and fabricated, but when placed in front of a cylindrical mirror the projected reflection reveals the original object. Still, other works deal with pixelated or sliced human forms that are only viewable from a single perspective. For the anamorphic pieces its an algorithmic thing, distorting the original sculptures in 3D space using 2πr or πr3 (cubed).

Miniature Masterpieces: Microscopic Sculptures. They say that patience is a virtue, but the amount of patience that it would take Nikolai Aldunin to sculpt these microscopic masterpieces should qualify him for sainthood.

Miniature Masterpieces: Microscopic Sculptures

The Russian creative uses his 1985 microscope to sculpt accurate replicas of guns, tanks, bicycles and even a saddle with stirrups for a flea. According to TIME Aldunin works between the beats of his heart to keep his hands still using superglue, syringes, and toothpicks to create his miniatures. Wild Creatures on the Wall: Dr. Seuss Like Taxidermy. Taxidermy is one of those art forms which can be quite controversial, both as a question of taste and for ethical reasons ranging from animal rights to conservation.

Wild Creatures on the Wall: Dr. Seuss Like Taxidermy

However, it’s hard to dislike these charmingly imaginative characters by sculptor Carl Turner. Channeling the spirit of the late, great Dr. Seuss, he’s created an animal menagerie of mostly cute animals – which look much more filled with life than stuffed for preservation. It’s well known that Dr. Seuss created his own taxidermy-like busts, many of which were characters springing right from the pages of his books; and Turner continues in that vein. The artwork of Yosiell Lorenzo - Sculptures. Sawdust Bear Makes Things. Danwebb - Sculpture - Sculpture. Amazing Chess Sets Created by Famous Artists. Sculptures by by J★RYU.

Friday, September 7, 2012 Sculptures by by J★RYU The Ghost of You Haunted MeNew Works by J★RYUOpening tonight at Rotofugi.

Sculptures by by J★RYU

Posted by John at 5:16 PM No comments: Post a Comment Links to this post Create a Link. Rik Allen, Shelley Muzylowski Allen: Blown Glass Horses, Blown Glass Rockets & Mixed Media Sculpture. Ugo rondinone: primitive at art basel. Ugo rondinone: primitive at art basel 'primitive' by ugo rondinone at art basel 2012 image via galerie eva presenhuber presented swiss-born, new york based artist ugo rondinone's 'primitive' during art basel 2012 within art unlimited . the installation consists of a group of 59 different bronze cast bird figures and an illuminated clock mounted onto a wall made from stained glass with no hands, referring to our consciousness of time. the bird sculptures are installed sporadically across the whole of the exhibition space, positioned so they all face different directions. the bronze surfaces are covered with fingerprints, forming stylized reliefs by the artist's hand. detail of fingerprint reliefs image © designboom the birds represent an attempt to document the working process and preserve the unpreservable: duration. image © designboom image via.

Jeff koons at the beyeler foundation. Balloon dog (red), 1994-2000 high chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating 307,3 x 363,2 x 114,3 cm image © designboom jeff koons fondation beyeler, basel, switzerland on now through september 2nd, 2012 opening in coincidence with art week basel with support from hugo boss and mercedes benz, the fondation beyeler presents an extensive exhibition of the american artist jeff koons , documenting his artistic development over the past thirty years of practice through the lenses of three milestone series. 'the new' showcases koons's earliest work, as he began in the early 1980's with a series of readymade-like appliances and sculptures.

Flavorwire » Takanori Aiba’s Intricate, Fantastical Sculptures of Bonsai Buildings. Remember Lidice. On 2 July 1942, most of the children of Lidice, a small village in what was then Czechoslovakia, were handed over to the Łódź Gestapo office. Those 82 children were then transported to the extermination camp at Chełmno 70 kilometers away. There they were gassed to death. This remarkable sculpture by by Marie Uchytilová commemorates them. Yet what had they (and their families) done to warrant such an end? Motherland, A Solo Art Exhibition at CoproGallery by Annie Owens. Dalton Ghetti. Dalton M. Ghetti. Remember Lidice. This Sundial Spells Solstice. TAKANORI AIBA. Drawing for Bonsai Series AIBA loved to play bonsai making and HO railway model since his elementary age.

He was not only making, but also playing with his imaginary trip using his lilliput eyes. AIBA’s creativity comes from the question ” If I were lylliput…” A small branch grows up a giant tree. A rock becomes a huge rock island. Takanori Aiba’s Intricate, Fantastical Sculptures of Bonsai Buildings. Killer Viruses and Other Cutting-Edge Glass Art. "QUANTUM SHOT" #777 Link - article by Avi Abrams Visual Caffeine: Exploring Art and Architecture with Avi Abrams, Issue 4. 10 Brilliant Paper-Bird Creations. 10 Brilliant Paper-Bird Creations Birds aren’t the most useful of animals to us humans, but they are beautiful. In fact, they might be even more beautiful in the form of paper crafts, like these.

Silver Dragon Made Out Of Shattered CD's. Kinetic Sculptures. Tube, A Giant Tunnel of Magnetic Tape from VHS Cassettes.