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100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys

100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys

Knitting Videos If you're a beginning knitter, you can start with our 45 minute "How to Knit" series. This 3 part introduction to knitting walks the new knitter step-by-step through the knitting basics: Long Tail cast-on and the knit and purl stitches and basic knit bind-off and finishing your knitting. Along the way you'll pick up many knitting tips and guidance on how to identify and fix common knitting mistakes. What to knit first? A scarf is the most common first project. For more ideas, take a look at our free pattern directory. Warning: If you make a scarf in the lovely stockinette stitch (alternating a knit row with a purl row), the side edges will curl in. Yarn and Needles: A smooth, ordinary wool yarn is great for a first project. If you look at the yarn label, it will have a recommended needle size (look for an icon of two crossed knitting needles, with a number under it). *If you're going to felt it: Choose 100% wool that is NOT labeled "machine washable," or "superwash," as those won't felt.

Crafts | Handmade Gift Ideas | DIY Projects - Disaster Dioramas!] All your favorite disasters.... now in smaller paper form! Welcome to Disaster Dioramas (brought to you by Office Warrior - the first in your cubicle fun needs). Spitefuls is proud to soon present the first of hopefully many dioramas to spiffy up your cubicle and help alleviate work boredom through a fun activity using common office supplies! Perfect for your cubicle, office, or desk... it's sure to bring lots of hours of conversation and quizzical looks from fellow coworkers. And who doesn't want quizzical looks from their coworkers. Available now: Download all six pages | .zip (2.8MB) Download all eight pages | .zip (3.6MB) Download all six pages | .zip (3MB) Download all three pages | .zip (2MB) Download all five pages | .zip (3MB) Download all four pages | .zip (2.3MB) Download all five pages | .zip (3.53MB) Stay tuned for: The Alamo! Now the fun almost legally fine print sorta part.

9 Ways to Turn Old Musty Books Into Something Cool Bibliophiles and bookworms, English majors and lovers of literature: is it possible to have too many books? They accumulate so quickly! Every member of your family getting you the same three books you requested for Christmas. Seeing Don DeLillo marked half-off, knowing you dumped a half-caff latte on your copy of Underworld, and – even though only the first three pages are illegible – justifying its purchase. 15+ years of required reading lists stored in boxes in your basement, even though you can bet your bippy you will never willingly read the poetry of Robert Burns again. We are up to our waists in books, some of which we hate (really Master Burns? Scottish dialect? Update: Do to the overwhelming support (HA!) 1. It brings a whole new meaning to “audio book.” Use your old books to showcase your artistic side. Good for hiding passwords and codes, the key to your safe, and family jewels. 2. Your choice of ribbon can transform this wreath so it is suitable for every holiday – or every day!

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