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Kinetic mecaniks 1. NAIA MUSEUM/ YENİ SANAT | Covermagazine. Çoğunluğu Fransız olmak üzere, kırk sanatçıyı buluşturan bir müze Naia. Bir çok kültürden dijital ve vizyoner sanatçıları, heykeltraşları, ressamları, birleştiren müzede; Luminokaya, Android Jones, Peter Gric, A. Andrew Gonzalez, Samuel Gomez, Martina Hoffman ve birçok sanatçının eserleri sergilenecek. 11 Nisan ‘ da açılacak olan, müzenin yeri Fransa’ da Rochefort şatosunun parkı.

Ziyaretçilerinde fazlaca merak uyandıracak müzede sergilenen eserler, yükek estetik ve artistik kalitelerini sunan sanatçıların seçkilerinden oluşuyor. Müzenin kendisi ve eserlerin mekana yerleşimi ise kozmik bir boyut kazandırmak amacıyla düzenlenmiş. Naia, vizyoner Sanat, pop- surrealizm, lowbrow, cinetique sanat, heykel sanatı, numerik sanat, resim.. gibi pek çok alana yayılan zengin ve yüksek bir sanat sunuyor. müzenin web sitesi: Naia Museum. m5m5c5's deviantART gallery. Shiflett Brothers Originals. The Popovy Sisters – fantastic doll creations by Elena and Ekaterina | Strychnin Gallery. Only one more day until our upcoming exhibition “VALLEY OF DOLLS” opens its door this friday at 7pm! Elena and Ekaterina Popovy will show their great dolls at Strychnin Gallery: We are twin sisters Ekaterina and Elena Popovy, professional artists and fashion designers.

We were born and grew up in Perm, Russia. We graduated Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts in Yekaterinburg. At the beginning we were interested in realistic human gesture. Thanks to this interest we deepened our knowledge of human anatomy and facial gesture. However portrait doll didn’t let us express ourselves as designers and we started experimenting with materials. Huge amount of preparative work is behind every collection. The first conceptual project called fashionMOON was presented at the 3rd International Salon in Moscow. Like this: Like Loading... Kaduflyer's deviantART Gallery. SCULPTURE. Welcome to the Sculpture pages! Click on the icons to enlarge the image and read a little about it. Click on the little 'boxes' icon just to the right of the little 'camera' icon above the image to enlarge it.

These Art galleries are a constant work in progress. I will be adding more images, as well as writing more about them in the future. Please feel free to check back from time to time. There may be a little redundancy across the galleries as some images belong in more than one category. Sculpture is a far more physically demanding process. The majority of the work in my career as a sculptor has been the creation of appliances for various old age and character makeups of which, unfortunately I have taken no photographs.

Date: 08/02/2008 Owner: Miles Teves Size: 195 items. Work From "Pacific Rim" In the second half of 2011 I had the incredible opportunity to work on Guillermo Del Toro's "Pacific Rim". I spent several months doing nothing but sculpting giant monsters all day, and was able to design/sculpt one of the guys that reached the screen, the one called Leatherback. I also co-designed the baby Kaiju along with Francisco Ruiz Velasco and Guy Davis. And I sculpted maquettes for two Guy Davis-designed creatures, Slattern and Otachi. Later on I got to paint the models, along with my friend Simon Lee. Here they are, hope you will enjoy seeing these. Molding and casting of the Kaiju maquettes were done by Steve Newburn, Sean Sansom and Jason Detheridge, who were part of the team that built the incredible looking, on-set Kaiju organs for the movie.

Simon Lee Spiderzero Sculptor - - Creature Designer SpiderZero Big Blue Tree Spider Zero Garage Kit Simon Spiderzero Lee. Figures | Richard MacDonald Studio. Artist Information for Martin Eichinger. Contact info for Martin Eichinger:Website: www.eichingersculpture.comPhone: 503.223.0626E-mail: Martin Eichinger's narrative, romantic sculptures grace numerous private and corporate collections around the world. For more than twenty years, this dynamic, visionary artist has produced limited-edition sculptures that engage the minds and hearts of collectors and resonate within our larger social and political culture.

Grouped into themed series—Dream, Circus, Exotic Woman, Goddess, Duet, Passage, Dance, and Mythic Man—the sculptures chronicle the eternal human pursuit of meaning, happiness, and growth. Working in his 6,000-square-foot studio, with its 16-foot-high-ceilings and specialized enlarging equipment, Eichinger creates dramatic bronzes that range in scale from intimate to monumental. For inquiry and availability of Martin Eichinger's sculptures, please contact Eichinger Sculpture Studio at 503.223.0626, or email at: Sayaka Ganz; Reclaimed Creations | Vibrant sculptures of the natural world and animals made from discarded materials. Gallery Home - Gallery.