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Working through Living in the Office

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Why email kills creativity. As a marketer most of my career, I’ve been involved in countless creative projects.

Why email kills creativity

From web sites and logo designs to TV commercials and 3D animation, I’ve done it. Every day I have ad creative to review or a demo video to approve, a conversation about a website design that I want to weigh in on or the new version of those booth graphics to check out. Like most marketers, these tasks usually came via my email inbox, where they vied for my attention with spam, lead gen solicitations, newsletters and all those threads I’m cc’d on because I want complete oversight of every project and task.

Even when I could find an email that required a response, my feedback came via a reply that lacked the context of the visual work being discussed. I spent more time describing what I was talking about in the design or video than on what I actually thought of it. With such an ineffective feedback loop, it became increasingly hard to meet deadlines and keep projects within budget. Lifehack. Entrepreneurs lead a busy and overwhelming life, whether you’re just starting out or already leading a company – you know how much your time is worth to you.


But do you know where your time goes? Turns out, most people don’t, we all end up staring at our phones way too often and wondering just how we spent all day working without really achieving much. With life getting out of hand daily, everyone wants more control over their time. This is where time management comes in, a topic much raved about but still rarely practiced. Here are ten tips to get you started: 1. The more you know about where your time goes, the more you’ll be able to hold yourself accountable. 2. Now that you’re tracking time, you have a lot more insight into what tasks take the most of your time and how long certain tasks take. 3. Apparently, every minute you spend on planning saves you at least ten minutes in execution. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Featured photo credit: Stokpic – Business Woman via How to Be Productive With Your Time. Life is hardly fair.

How to Be Productive With Your Time

We’re all dealt different hands, and everything from the country you’re born in to the school district you’re assigned can greatly alter one’s trajectory in life. The great unifier is time — the world’s richest and poorest, coolest and squarest, funniest and clumsiest — all get 24 hours in a day. How to Deal with a Job You Don’t Like. Archie Comics CEO accused of discriminating against male employees. The CEO of Archie Comics is being sued by a group of male employees for alleged sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Archie Comics CEO accused of discriminating against male employees

According to court documents obtained by the New York Daily News, the employees — including the company’s president and editor-in-chief — say that Nancy Silberkleit acted in a hostile and “unstable” manner as co-CEO of the company, including regularly using the word “penis” in place of the names of her male employees. “[T]he word ‘penis’ became somewhat of a campaign slogan and her preferred method of referring to employees in lieu of their names,” according to the filing against Silberkleit.

The lawsuit also alleges that Silberkleit brought members of the Hell’s Angels to the company’s New York office to intimidate employees, and frequently inquired about the location of a handgun she says her late husband kept at the office. My First Mistake by Simon Winchester - Roundtable. The victim of the first big mistake I ever made was a gentleman to whom I had never been properly introduced (and whose name I still do not know) but who was possessed of three singular qualities: he was alone in a room with me, he was without his trousers, and he was very, very dead.

My First Mistake by Simon Winchester - Roundtable

Some context might be useful. It was the winter of 1962. How to fold a thong: A straight man working at Victoria’s Secret. “You are the first man I have ever seen working at Victoria’s Secret,” said a customer walking up to the cash register.

How to fold a thong: A straight man working at Victoria’s Secret

I’d hear this a lot over the next year. For a while, I’d tell customers that I was, in fact, the first man to work at Victoria’s Secret, adding that GQ had recently named me “The Ponce de Leon of Panties.” But seeing as this was my first day on the job, I didn’t have that kind of confidence yet. That would come later. As a college senior with plans to attend dental school, I never imagined my life would end up this way. I'd Say My Least Favorite Part About Being A Restroom Attendant Is Spending 8 Hours A Day In A Room Where People Defecate. You know, for the most part, being a restroom attendant is a pretty sweet gig.

I'd Say My Least Favorite Part About Being A Restroom Attendant Is Spending 8 Hours A Day In A Room Where People Defecate

The hours are reasonable, the pay is decent, and I don’t have some boss standing over my shoulder telling me what to do all the time. But if I had to think of one drawback, I’d probably say my least favorite part about this job is the fact that I spend eight hours out of the day in a room where people shit in a toilet. How to Quit a Job (Without Burning Bridges)

Quitting a job can make a man surprisingly anxious.

How to Quit a Job (Without Burning Bridges)

The roots of the anxiety are myriad: Maybe you’ve never really quit a job before. You always had a built-in out. “Well, school starts again and I’m heading back to college.”Maybe the company just hired you a few months ago and you feel kind of bad about making them go through the hiring and training process all over again.Maybe it’s a small company, you’ve been there a long time, are close to your boss and co-workers, and feel like you’re leaving them in the lurch.Maybe your boss is a tyrannical hothead (that’s why you’re quitting!) , and you wonder how he’s going to react when you tell him. The New Tao of Leadership (with John Maeda) What's the Big Idea?

The New Tao of Leadership (with John Maeda)

The Tao de Ching, that 2400 year old leadership bestseller, paints a picture of effective leadership that contrasts strongly with the Western idea of the Alpha boss. In place of decisive action, it recommends listening. Action on Addiction - Action on Addiction. Obama, Explained - James Fallows. As Barack Obama contends for a second term in office, two conflicting narratives of his presidency have emerged.

Obama, Explained - James Fallows

Is he a skillful political player and policy visionary—a chess master who always sees several moves ahead of his opponents (and of the punditocracy)? Or is he politically clumsy and out of his depth—a pawn overwhelmed by events, at the mercy of a second-rate staff and of the Republicans? Here, a longtime analyst of the presidency takes the measure of our 44th president, with a view to history. Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press/Corbis Images In the late 1990s, when his fellow University of Chicago professor Barack Obama had just run for the Illinois State Senate and long before a newly inaugurated President Obama named him to his Council of Economic Advisers, the economist Austan Goolsbee was on the most terrifying airplane trip of his life.

How to measure for a president: Temperament is a president’s most important attribute and the hardest to examine. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza/AFP/Getty Images. Barack Obama makes big decisions the same way George W. Bush did. He gathers his top advisers around the table, quizzes them, and then leaves to make the final call in solitude. This is how Bush invaded Iraq and how Obama killed Osama Bin Laden. “The Loneliest Job” is the name of the iconic picture of John F. Apple Genius Bar training manual: a brilliant, manipulative guide to customer service. Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images A number of articles lately have attempted to convey the full measure of Apple’s unprecedented streak of business success. Perhaps the most mind-blowing factoid about the company’s value came yesterday from Kontra, via Twitter: At the time of his tweet, Apple’s market capitalization had exceeded that of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon—combined.

One reason for that phenomenal success is, of course, Apple’s products. Another is its customer service, namely the Genius Bar, where bright-faced young geeks win customers’ hearts and build brand loyalty that Apple’s competitors can’t match. School Janitor's Summer As Human Already A Distant Memory. NORTH PLATTE, NE—Two weeks into the new school year, North Platte High School janitor Stan McCurdy's fond memories of his summer as a human being looked upon with dignity and respect have all but slipped away, sources reported Friday. "Now it almost seems like a dream, back in June when I was treated like a real person with the same feelings, worries, and aspirations as anyone else," the man, who for the next nine months will be addressed as "McDirty," said as he bent over to scrub a hardened chunk of feces off the wall of the boys restroom and tried to ignore the group of 14-year-olds who openly pointed at him and laughed.

"Sometimes it's hard to believe that for three solid months I was surrounded by people who would make eye contact with me, say hello, and smile. Bunch Of Numbers From Where Daddy Works Means No Trip To Disney World. In Mario Batali’s Kitchen, Please Refrain From Shouting. Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times Mario Batali, the chef, cookbook author and television personality, has restaurants in the New York and Los Angeles areas, as well as in Las Vegas and Singapore, with his business partner Joe Bastianich.