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Growing Spirulina at Home

Growing Spirulina at Home
Process June 16, 2011, by Dr. Aaron he popular image of algae farming is bubbling green columns and white-coated scientists, and seems out of reach for ordinary people. Is the experience of algae farming limited to professionals? These are not mere science projects. Helping these folks is the mission of our lab and website, Spirulina in microscope 1. Just a few grams of Spirulina powder a day have been shown to have definite health benefits. These studies are on powdered Spirulina. 2. As innocent as it may seem, Spirulina is in fact an extremophile, capable of growing in extremely alkaline water inhospitable to almost every other organism. 3. Harvesting Spirulina with a cloth filter Even when an algal culture looks nice and thick, it’s probably still about 99.9% water. So if you or someone you know wants to get involved, what is necessary? Some FAQs about growing algae at home: AlgaeLab DIY Spirulina Growth Kit Can I harvest multiple times? Related:  Research and studies

How to Make Magnesium Oil to Improve Sleep and Reduce Stress I’ve written before about how I use magnesium daily and why I feel it is such a vital part of overall wellness. Many people are deficient in this vital mineral that the body uses for hundreds of reactions. Every cell in the body needs magnesium in some way, and it is vital for bone, tooth, muscle, and joint health as well as for optimal sleep and stress reduction. Deficiency of magnesium is widespread because many of us have lifestyle factors that actively deplete magnesium such as lack of sleep, excess stress, or alcohol/caffeine/sugar consumption. The ocean is still a wonderful source of magnesium and trace minerals, but for those of us who don’t have daily access to a beach, transdermal magnesium oil can be the easiest and most effective way to increase magnesium levels. I take magnesium internally and use it on my skin daily in the form of magnesium oil. How To Make Your Own Magnesium Oil Author: Wellness Mama Recipe type: Remedy Ingredients Instructions Boil the distilled water. To Use:

Health and healing | Living Now Here is a simple way to first of all find out if you are astigmatic and, if so, exercises for you to alleviate the condition. All the charts mentioned may be downloaded free from By Leo Angart Astigmatism occurs when your cornea is not perfectly round and the image is focused both on the retina as well as behind the retina. In most cases astigmatism is due to cornea distortion due to an uneven stress pattern among the four muscles located around and in front of the eyes. Where is the tension in your eyes? This exercise is designed to gently lessen the stress in your eye-muscles before attempting more strenuous exercises. 1. 2. 3. 4. Did you notice that moving in some angles is more difficult than in others? How do you know if you have astigmatism? The simplest way to check for astigmatism is to look at the astigmatic mirror. Since your astigmatism can be different in each eye, test one eye at a time. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

20 Edible Plants That Could Save Your Life | Self-Sufficiency (Before It's News) Sometimes, you have to think outside of the freeze-dried food paradigm. You may find yourself in the woods forced to run from your home or camp because of marauders with nothing to eat. Fortunately, there are many edible plants that can save your life if you know what they are, how to identify them and are comfortable with preparing them. I don’t personally think that I will love eating a bunch of weeds to survive, but I will if needed. In a long-term disaster, I would certainly consider them vital to preserving life and the right edible plants could augment your gardens and food stores. There are a lot of very recognizable plants you can eat like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and so on, but I didn’t want to add those to the list. Before you grab a good book on edible plants and run out into the woods with a bowl and a fork, you should practice some caution with this process. Do not eat any plants that have the following traits List of Edible Plants

How To Detox From Fluoride In today’s world, fluoride is hard to avoid completely. Here’s how to detox your body. Adding fluoride to the water supplies has been called murder on a grand scale. But whether or not your town adds it to your drinking water, you’re probably ingesting this toxin every day. You’re exposed to fluoride if you take prescription drugs like Prozac, swim in pools, or sit in hot tubs. In addition to increasing the risk of death, fluoride alsocalcifies the pineal gland and hardens the arteries. Minimizing your exposure to fluoride is important. Cleansing your system of fluoride is not the same as getting rid of mercury or arsenic. Perchlorate is a man-made molecule combining oxygen and chlorine. According to Dr. Loading the body with iodine displaces fluoride from cell receptors and flushes the fluoride out of the body in urine. Your body can’t make iodine. The best dietary source of iodine is seaweed. Other good iodine sources include seafood (salmon, lobster, scallops, cod and shrimp).

Weeds & Wild Edible Plants You Can Eat in a Survival Scenario - Patriot Net Daily Sometimes a trip to the wild runs longer than you have planned and you might run out of food. But you don’t have to worry because you can still find food in the wild. In a survival situation it is said that the last thing that you have to worry about is food. Bushes, weeds, roots, and trees are some of the food sources that you can find in the wild. Identifying wild edible plants properly It is very important to properly identify the wild plants you see along the way. Consider the location of the wild plant; plants that are near the highways or roadways are covered with pollution; plants near farms are sometimes contaminated with chemicals; plants near the waterways might be contaminated with parasites. Before eating wild plants you should rinse it with clean water, boil it to kill bacteria and if the plant smells like almonds, do NOT eat it – a lot of wild plants that smell like almonds are poisonous. Test the plant A Universal Edibility Test is used to see if a wild plant is safe to eat.

Predicting post-vaccination autoimmunity: who might be at risk? McDonald’s Uses Worm Meat Fillers But Can Legally Call It 100% Beef - NY Meta McDonald’s Uses Worm Meat Fillers But Can Legally Call It 100% Beef. Large companies have been the subject of rumors that they substitute unusual or unethical substances in their products, usually to decrease costs. McDonald’s is not immune to such claims. McDonald’s has been accused of using everything from worms to cow eyeballs in its burgers. Dating far back to at least 1978, there have been rumors that McDonald’s restaurants use earthworms in their hamburgers. The fact that McDonald’s uses cow eyeballs and worm fillers does not stop them from legally using the claim that they served 100% beef. McDonald’s then ships the beef to their grinding facility in Oak Brook, Illinois where they then take the ground worm filler and add it to their “100% beef patties”. McDonald’s has also been accused of using mutant laboratory meat, and pig fat their milkshakes and ice cream.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment and Diet Several clinical trials are beginning that will look at the effects healthy eating has on multiple sclerosis symptoms. Can diet help people with multiple sclerosis (MS) manage their disease and their symptoms? The National Multiple Sclerosis Society thinks so. In fact, it is funding two new studies that look at the effects of diet on MS. One study, out of the University of Iowa, looks specifically at the effects of diet on MS-related fatigue. A second, out of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, is a pilot study looking at the feasibility of studying the effects of diet on people with MS. Both studies are a result of a wellness task force put together in 2014 by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Studies requested Bruce Bebo, executive vice president of research at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, told Healthline that the task force was a result of both patient and donor requests for research on more than just pharmaceuticals and mice. How diet can help

Calorie and Protein Chart | Rebel Dietitian, Dana McDonald, RD. Calorie and Protein Chart The calories and protein content of common eat clean foods. I may make a larger version of this chart available for purchase (without the watermark) for personal use soon (resale not permitted). Nutritional data was obtained via the USDA’s National Nutrient Database. Download Instructions: To view, download, and/or share the image(s) below, click on the thumbnail below and a lightbox will open. Big hugs!! Copyright: Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science | Life and style Matthew Walker has learned to dread the question “What do you do?” At parties, it signals the end of his evening; thereafter, his new acquaintance will inevitably cling to him like ivy. On an aeroplane, it usually means that while everyone else watches movies or reads a thriller, he will find himself running an hours-long salon for the benefit of passengers and crew alike. “I’ve begun to lie,” he says. “Seriously. Walker is a sleep scientist. Walker has spent the last four and a half years writing Why We Sleep, a complex but urgent book that examines the effects of this epidemic close up, the idea being that once people know of the powerful links between sleep loss and, among other things, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and poor mental health, they will try harder to get the recommended eight hours a night (sleep deprivation, amazing as this may sound to Donald Trump types, constitutes anything less than seven hours). Why, exactly, are we so sleep-deprived?

10 Easy Ways To Preserve Herbs Enjoying a big bounty of herbs from the garden this year? Fresh is best when it comes to cooking with them, but here are ten easy ways you can preserve them for year-round use (along with a nifty tip at the bottom of the page for crushing them fast). Air/Hang Dry Method: If you have the space and the time, you can tie small bunches together (about 4 or 5 cleaned stems) and hang them upside down in a dark, warm, well ventilated area. *First published December 19, 2006 Here’s a quick method to try if you need them fast…but watch to make sure they don’t smoke or start on fire. Wash them well, pat dry and lay aside for an hour. Important: If you notice any moisture in the airtight containers or sealed plastic bags after storing the dried herbs–this is a sign that moisture was still present when packed. One teaspoon of dried herbs is equivalent to 1 tablespoon of fresh.If you prefer fresh over the long winter months, consider growing them indoors. Thanks for sharing Josee!

How to feed your gut | Life and style Kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, miso and kefir – all fermented foods and drinks – have been around for centuries, but suddenly they are all the rage. The reason? They are supposedly packed full of gut-healthy microorganisms, and we are finally waking up to just how much the trillions of microorganisms that live in our guts (AKA the gut microbiome) contribute to our mental and physical health. True, probiotic products such as Yakult – sweetened skimmed milk fermented with a single strain of friendly bacteria – have been shifting hefty units for some time: the global probiotic market, dominated by yoghurt drinks, was worth $45.6bn (£33bn) last year. Because of how they are prepared, they all contain microorganisms that boost the diversity of good bacteria, yeasts and fungi living in our guts. Some very big companies are beginning to take this on board. Take sauerkraut, the pickled cabbage beloved of central Europeans. Junk food is the gut microbes’ nemesis. Since you’re here …

Preservation Guide: How to Freeze Herbs Cut Off Long Stems The little stems between the leaves are fine to chop up. Chop With A Mezzaluna If you have one of these handy chopping devices, chopping fresh herbs is all that much easier, but a regular chopping knife will work just as well. Spoon Into An Ice Cube Tray Once everything is chopped up, spoon the herbs into an ice cube tray, making sure to distribute evenly. Pack them in pretty tightly. Top Off The Tray With Water Pour the water in slowly. Too much water pressure has the tendency to send your chopped herbs all over the place. Put The Cubes In A Freezer Bag After the cubes are frozen, pop them out of the tray and stash them in a freezer bag to keep them tasting their freshest.