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David Wolfe. Mollusc is a tent that opens and closes like the hood of a stroller. Some technologies rarely change over the years.

Mollusc is a tent that opens and closes like the hood of a stroller

The classical tent might just be one of those time-tested contraptions that—let's face it—probably doesn't need much of technological a makeover. However, if you're thinking outside the box, perhaps it is time to witness something truly unique and utilitarian in nature. Bamboo built Froute Pod is made for stylish camping. Designed by Melbourne-based company Giant Grass, the Froute Pod is intended as a semi-permanent structure, to be raised off the ground on a platform, to protect inhabitants from ground moisture (recycled pallets were used in this demo).

Bamboo built Froute Pod is made for stylish camping

Giant Grass founders are architects and Munir and Mittul Vahanvati, both of whom have extensive experience with bamboo building. They explain: "Our design approach is based on using bamboo in its most natural form and exploring various possibilities whilst retaining the overall integrity of the material. We create our designs by carving, cutting and splitting the hollow cylindrical bamboo culm. " As the spring season is finally making its appearance, some of us may be planning camping trips or looking forward to doing things in the garden. Orange Solar Tent: A Tent That Helps Charge Your Devices (Video) Kaleidoscope leveraged knowledge from the consumer goods and emerging technology markets to create an innovative Orange Solar Tent product design concept.

Orange Solar Tent: A Tent That Helps Charge Your Devices (Video)

The annual Glastonbury music festival draws crowds from around the world to celebrate performing arts, the great outdoors and worthy causes. To address the on-site power needs of Glastonbury’s eco-conscious campers, Kaleidoscope teamed up with Orange—one of the world’s leading telecommunication providers. By combining solar power and camping systems, we designed earth-friendly solutions that allowed festival goers to power their mobile phones, camping gadgets and other electronic devices.

To develop and enhance the solar tent concept, we conducted thorough research into emerging energy and communications technologies. This research allowed us to showcase Orange Mobile’s enormous potential as a future innovator in the burgeoning field of creative energy solutions. This product is NOT available for sale. Via Youtube Recent articles. Cool Tents for Your Fall Camping Trip. Bell Tents – Lotus Belle UK. Sand Colored Vintage Style Bell Tent 16.5 feet by StoutTent. Lotus Belle Luxury Camping Tents.

Lotus Belle Luxury Camping Tents.

Lotus Belle Luxury Camping Tents

Perfect for festivals, “glamping”, weddings, events and more! Lotus Belle USA & Canada - Glamping Lotus Belle Luxury Camping Tents. LYHTY Lighted Indoor/Outdoor Tent by Erkko Aarti. Helsinki-based designer Erkko Aarti came up with a way to beat the long, dark months that last throughout the winter in Finland.

LYHTY Lighted Indoor/Outdoor Tent by Erkko Aarti

It’s called LYHTY and I spotted it at this year’s Habitare. It’s a tent-like space that can be placed in public spaces or even somewhere in your house. The structure has light built into the frame to make the inside (and the outside) glow. The cozy interior is bright and the perfect spot to beat that wintertime blues people tend to get. It’s kind of like a fabric-covered igloo – you know, one that lights up and all. “Lyhty”, which means lantern, has a frame made from steel pipes welded together. This looks like another addition for places to achieve maximum relaxation, yes? Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Nomadic Resorts just unveiled The Looper - a new prefab pod dwelling that can pop up virtually anywhere!

Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

The low-impact shelter incorporates a wastewater treatment system and it's powered by renewable energy. The nomadic dwelling is perfect for jungles, mountains, or beaches, and it can move from one exotic location to the next without disturbing the land it settles upon. Nomadic Resorts’ mobile Looper pod is made from a lightweight tensile fabric stretched over a sustainably sourced wooden frame. The structure’s shape was inspired by the form of caterpillars – it’s made up of segments that fold out to create a curvilinear structure. Each pod includes a bathroom, a large changing room, an air-conditioned sleeping area, a small office with Wifi, and an indoor/outdoor lounge complete with entertainment system. Tent Tenements: Modular System Connects Multi-Unit Tents. If ‘tent cities’ are defined by population density and small living spaces, one might characterize this creation as a kind of ‘tent suburb’ prototype by comparison – or a sprawling tent estate or Tent McMansion for large plots of camp-worthly land.

Tent Tenements: Modular System Connects Multi-Unit Tents

Then again, the interconnectivity makes it almost like a set of tent townhouses, too, or a sideways residential tent tower. But analogies and comparisons aside, the idea and its realization are superb: a complex of connected tents that each serves one or more functions within the larger whole. At its heart is the decagon tent, a communal hub and origin point from which links to five other nodes can be extended. These nodes, in turn, include a two-side-accessible link screen that can host up to sixteen people for dinner, a smaller terminal link dome that sleeps four and a car joint tarp that turns your SUV into an extra room. The Urasa, a summer house of the Yakuts of South Siberia, Russia. Cocoon Tent Tree House. Beautiful Woven Refugee Tents Get Their Power from the Sun. Drawing inspiration from traditional basket weaving techniques and the flexibility of snake skin, the designer uses weatherproof fabric drawn between durable, curved plastic tubing.

Beautiful Woven Refugee Tents Get Their Power from the Sun

This creates a structurally sound tent that can handle both compression and tension loads. The double-layered fabric tent skins are also hollow, allowing for weatherproof entrances and for water piping and electrical cables to run between the layers. While the design is scalable, the models shown are five meters in diameter and 2.4 meters high. Related: Prefab Intershelter Dome Homes Pop Up Anywhere for Immediate Shelter Each tent has its own water collection system, utilizing the natural channels formed by the skin to direct water to the storage point. . + Abeer Seikaly Via Materia. HISTORICAL TENTS - World Tents. We produce a broad range of historical tents dating from the 15th to 17th century.


These tents and pavilions provided a picturesque backdrop to the many battles and tournaments of the age. Today they are regularly used for battle re-enactments, TV and film sets, theatre, exhibitions and promotions. Our 300g (10.5oz) and 360g (13oz) historical tents are made entirely from 100% cotton. The 420g(15oz) is a 50% cotton 50% polyester mixed weave for extra durability.