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Friendly and Sustainable Houses

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15 Eco Friendly and Sustainable Houses. Biodegradable home built by hand with cork LEGOs, no glue. Living With The Land Part 2 - Natural Building. Kevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4's 'Grand Designs', introduces us to a world of beautiful, practical and natural buildings.

Living With The Land Part 2 - Natural Building

From clay and cob, to straw bale and timber framing, learn how using natural and local materials is not only economical, but creates a unique home that is strong and durable. Natural buildings are an ancient tradition with a modern appeal. Creating healthy, beautiful homes from natural materials such as earth, straw and timber, building naturally is the ultimate expression of ecological design. Building isn’t ‘done' to us – it can be done by us. The skills and techniques used in natural building are hands-on and accessible, enabling us all to design our own healthy living spaces bring people and the elements together. Jo Forsyth, Rowland Keable and straw bale expert Barbara Jones explains how these traditional methods have been used for centuries whilst the drawbacks of modern materials are becoming more evident. Thanks to: Jo Forsyth, Natural Builder Shift Bristol.

Architect Designs a Sunflower House Where ‘Form Follows Nature’ The hallmark of modernism in the 20th century was the idea that “form follows function.”

Architect Designs a Sunflower House Where ‘Form Follows Nature’

Now, architect Koichi Takada is challenging designers to create a new architectural movement focused on environmental responsibility. He believes that in this new style, “form follows nature.” His Sunflower House responds to this call as a single-family home designed to create its own energy. AUTONOMOUS HOUSING: AUTONOMOUS Houses. Une législation qu'il est grand temps de faire évoluer ... afin que les générations avenir n'aient plus a commencer dans la vie avec 200 000 euros de dette a rembourser sur 30 ans d'esclavitude !!!


Beaucoup d'info sur le site de HALEM HALEM : Association d'Habitants de Logements Éphémères ou Mobiles trop d'info pour les reprendre ici ... visitez leur site : SITE Plus spécifique sur la législation des yourtes ... un trés bon dossier sur Yourte et code l’urbanisme en France Comment installer une yourte en conformité avec le droit français. Janvier 2017 I. Source Code de l’urbanisme Article L421-5 et suivant II. Un permis précaire peut être accordé à titre exceptionnel à une construction normalement soumise à formalité au titre du code de l’urbanisme, qui ne satisferait pas aux dispositions règlementaires. MAJAMAJA. Exploring Alternatives. Subscribe to the Exploring Alternatives YouTube Channel here: Hi!

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We're Mat and Danielle, and welcome to the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel. 10 Unique Small Homes and Shelters for Living, Relaxing, and Work. Eco Nest Plan. This 1434 sf home was designed specifically for an off grid building site.

Eco Nest Plan

It's floorplan allows all spaces to be easily heated by the solar gain or by the woodstove at night. The main bedroom has its own bathroom and there is a cozy sleeping loft above the dining area for guests. The screened porch expands the living area to encompass the outdoors and the storage room will hold the bikes and garden tools.

A 'living roof' completes the greening of this unique eco-nest! Great plan for a remote vacation getaway or full-time rural home. Floor Plan All of Integral Design Studio's strawbale plans incorporate an internal modified post and beam structure, with bales on edge as infill. These plans include all four elevations, scaled floorplans, cross section details, other significant construction details. *In some cases the prints may be on 24"x36" sheets. 15 Eco Friendly and Sustainable Houses.