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Climate a Changing

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‘I’m open-minded, you’re not’: Tucker Carlson melts down after Bill Nye schools him on climate change. 100-year-old expedition logbooks reveal Antarctic sea ice patterns. In the early years of the 20th century, several teams of explorers were racing to reach a new frontier: the South Pole.

100-year-old expedition logbooks reveal Antarctic sea ice patterns

During what's known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, many explorers perished and the expeditions were fraught with failure, but their efforts were not in vain. Now, over a century later, their logbooks and journals have helped piece together a new discovery: Antarctic sea ice coverage may not be on a steady downward trend, but fluctuating over cycles lasting decades. Donald Trump thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. China begs to differ. And it’s just in the nick of time, since President-elect Trump has promised to repeal all of President Obama’s climate regulations.

Donald Trump thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. China begs to differ.

This rule, which will be gradually phased in, requires drilling operators to halve the natural gas that is flared off from new and existing wells, limit venting from storage tanks, inspect for leaks, and so on. DOI projects that the rule should cut methane emissions up to 35 percent. Methane is an extremely powerful heat-trapping gas. With the the increase in natural gas and oil drilling that is the fracking boom, methane leakage from wells and pipelines has also skyrocketed. A crackdown on these leaks was part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. The new rule doesn’t govern private land, where most drilling takes place.

Dreaded Polar Vortex May Be Shifting. The polar vortex in recent years has brought the kind of miserable cold to northern states that made it hard to breathe outside.

Dreaded Polar Vortex May Be Shifting

We’re probably in for more of the same. That’s the finding of a new study published yesterday in the journal Nature that finds that as the Arctic warms, it is shifting the polar vortex to Europe. That in turn will bring more bursts of frigid cold to North America. Theconversation. Recent changes in the patterns of tropical storms are threatening the future of the Mekong River delta in Vietnam.


This is one of the world’s great deltas. It is home to more than 20m people and the rice that is grown on its fertile land underpins food security across South-East Asia. Working with colleagues from the UK, US and Finland, we’ve just published a paper in Nature, which shows that fewer tropical storms have been hitting the Mekong catchment in recent years.

AP Exclusive: US ignored rising-sea warnings at radar site. WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The U.S.

AP Exclusive: US ignored rising-sea warnings at radar site

Air Force is spending nearly $1 billion to build a radar installation that will help keep astronauts and satellites safe by tracking pieces of space junk as small as a baseball. Climate-exodus expected in the Middle East and North Africa – HeritageDaily. New ice age knowledge – HeritageDaily. 31 Shares Share Tweet Email.

New ice age knowledge – HeritageDaily

Catastrophic Canadian Wildfire Is a Sign of Destruction to Come. Mounting evidence suggests early agriculture staved off global cooling. Diamonds dug up from ancient rock formations in the Johannesburg area, between 1890 and 1930 – before the industrialisation of gold mining – have revealed secrets of how the Earth worked more than 3.5 billion years ago.

Mounting evidence suggests early agriculture staved off global cooling

The three diamonds, which were extracted from the 3 billion-year-old Witwatersrand Supergroup – the rock formation that is host to the famous Johannesburg gold mines – were investigated by Dr. Katie Smart, Prof. Susan Webb and Prof. Lewis Ashwal from Wits University, Prof Sebastian Tappe from the University of Johannesburg, and Dr. Richard Stern from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada), to study when modern-style plate tectonics began to operate on planet Earth.

The Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, and while a rock record exists from about 4 billion years ago, the complex preservational history of the most ancient rocks exposed on Earth’s surface has led to a heated debate amongst Geoscientists on when plate tectonics began operating on Earth. Department of Defense Confronts Climate Change. The Department of Defense is organizing itself to address the effects of climate change on the U.S. military, some of which are already being felt.

Department of Defense Confronts Climate Change

“The DoD must be able to adapt current and future operations to address the impacts of climate change in order to maintain an effective and efficient U.S. military,” according to a Pentagon directive that was issued last week. See Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience, DoD Directive 4715.21, January 14, 2016. Among other things, the new directive requires the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and the Director of National Intelligence to coordinate on “risks, potential impacts, considerations, vulnerabilities, and effects [on defense intelligence programs] of altered operating environments related to climate change and environmental monitoring.”

“The Department of Defense sees climate change as a present security threat, not strictly a long-term risk,” DoD said last year in a report to Congress. Miami is Flooding. The city of Miami Beach floods on such a predictable basis that if, out of curiosity or sheer perversity, a person wants to she can plan a visit to coincide with an inundation.

Miami is Flooding

Knowing the tides would be high around the time of the “super blood moon,” in late September, I arranged to meet up with Hal Wanless, the chairman of the University of Miami’s geological-sciences department. Wanless, who is seventy-three, has spent nearly half a century studying how South Florida came into being. Climate Change Review. At the United Nations’ Conference of the Parties in Paris, 195 countries approved an agreement that commits nearly every country to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to slow global warming.

Climate Change Review

The nations pledged to take action designed “to hold global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius,” as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced on Dec. 12. The agreement had been six years in the making, since the collapse of climate change talks in Copenhagen in 2009. Prior to reaching a final accord, 186 countries already had submitted mitigation contribution plans to the U.N. Explainer: how scientists know climate change is happening.

The Paris climate conference will set nations against each other, and kick off huge arguments over economic policies, green regulations and even personal lifestyle choices. But one thing isn’t up for debate: the evidence for climate change is unequivocal. We still control the future, however, as the magnitude of shifting weather patterns and the frequency of extreme climate events depends on how much more greenhouse gas we emit. We aren’t facing the end of the world as envisaged by many environmentalists in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but if we do nothing to mitigate climate change then billions of people will suffer. Causes of climate change Greenhouse gases absorb and re-emit some of the heat radiation given off by the Earth’s surface and warm the lower atmosphere. Evidence for climate change The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presents six main lines of evidence for climate change. The Marshall Islands Are Disappearing. EBEYE, Marshall Islands — Linber Anej waded out in low tide to haul concrete chunks and metal scraps to shore and rebuild the makeshift sea wall in front of his home.

The temporary barrier is no match for the rising seas that regularly flood the shacks and muddy streets with saltwater and raw sewage, but every day except Sunday, Mr. Anej joins a group of men and boys to haul the flotsam back into place. “It’s insane, I know,” said Mr. Anej, 30, who lives with his family of 13, including his parents, siblings and children, in a four-room house. Page 7 of The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here.

Historians may look to 2015 as the year when shit really started hitting the fan. Some snapshots: In just the past few months, record-setting heat waves in Pakistan and India each killed more than 1,000 people. In Washington state's Olympic National Park, the rainforest caught fire for the first time in living memory. London reached 98 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest July day ever recorded in the U.K.; The Guardian briefly had to pause its live blog of the heat wave because its computer servers overheated. Why the Arctic's Big Mosquito Problem Is Getting a Lot Worse. When the wind drops and the endless summer sun bakes the ponds that dot the frozen tundra, some of the Arctic’s most ferocious predators emerge and form menacing blizzards that darken the horizon – and everyone’s mood.

“It is the talk of the town when the Arctic mosquitoes are out,” says Lauren Culler, a postdoctoral researcher who studies insects in Greenland for Dartmouth College’s Institute of Arctic Studies. “There aren’t a lot of animals for them to eat in the Arctic, so when they finally find one, they are ferocious. They are relentless. They do not stop. Climate Change vs Wine: A Snapshot of Year 2050. I want to show you a snapshot of what the world will be like in 2050 through the lens of wine. Some of you might know about this, and for the rest of you, you might want to sit down. In 2012, a study came out about climate change and its affect on the world’s vineyards. The study used predictive climate information for the year 2050. Then, they cross referenced this data with wine grape physiology info to expose what regions would become less ideal as drought and rising temperatures continue around the globe.

It revealed a frightening reality: the world’s best wine regions won’t be able to maintain as they do today. Want to see where global warming will take its toll? Maps show areas in red will have extreme heat and drought stress in 2015. The world’s most important wine regions, like Napa, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Walla Walla, Rioja, Douro, Barossa and Stellenbosch, are on an irreversible course towards excessive summer heat and drought. Soil & Carbon: Soil Solutions to Climate Problems. Nature’s Global Warming Fix. Mother Earth has experienced five extinction events, but she’s still standing. Greenland Vikings outlived climate change for centuries. What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change. Google cofounder Larry Page is fond of saying that if you choose a harder problem to tackle, you’ll have less competition. This business philosophy has clearly worked out well for the company and led to some remarkably successful “moon shot” projects: a translation engine that knows 80 languages, self-driving cars, and the wearable computer system Google Glass, to name just a few.

Starting in 2007, Google committed significant resources to tackle the world’s climate and energy problems. A few of these efforts proved very successful: Google deployed some of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world, purchased large amounts of renewable energy, and offset what remained of its carbon footprint. Google’s boldest energy move was an effort known as RE<C, which aimed to develop renewable energy sources that would generate electricity more cheaply than coal-fired power plants do. Unfortunately, not every Google moon shot leaves Earth orbit. Refreeze the Arctic? Changing Climates of History. December 1, 2014 — Neither Thucydides, Gibbon, von Ranke, nor Braudel ever cited a paper appearing in Geophysical Research Letters. Global warming’s winter warfare: Why climate deniers are reigniting their bogus cold-weather crusade. How Climate Change Will End Wine As We Know It. Does Our Military Know Something We Don't About Global Warming?

Geoengineering Climate Change. Oceans Getting Hotter Than Anybody Realized. These actions have done the most to mitigate climate change. Rebecca Solnit: The politics of pretending are killing us. TD usually runs Sunday evenings, Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings; Tom will email you when a piece goes up. Watch California Dry Up Right Before Your Eyes In 6 Jaw-Dropping GIFs. Meet the scientists who sat Rick Scott down and explained climate change to him. Mysterious Craters Are Just the Beginning of Arctic Surprises. It's not just craters purportedly dug by aliens in Russia, it's also megaslumps, ice that burns and drunken trees. How Western civilization ended, circa 2014. Stopping harmful climate change is surprisingly cheap - environment - 04 July 2014. The Mathematically Correct Way to Debate Climate Change.

We have a problem: The science behind rising seas. Study links stronger Pacific trade winds to pause in global warming. Washington and the Oil Industry Know the Truth About Climate Change. Pink marine sediments reveal rapid ice melt during the Ice Age. Less ice in Greenland 3,000 years ago than today. Obama signs executive order to prepare the U.S. for climate change.

Naomi Klein: How science is telling us all to revolt. Warmer in Southern Europe, wetter in the North. Abandoned Russian farmland soaks up 50 million tons of carbon every year. A Reprieve From Warming, Thanks to the Pacific. CIA Backs $630,000 Scientific Study on Controlling Global Climate. Why the City of Miami Is Doomed to Drown. Taking X-rays of CO2. Arctic waters growing alarmingly acidic. Oceans drive climate change. Greening the Planet – Dr. Matt Ridley. Graph of the Day - Why solving climate change is simple.

New map pinpoints cities to avoid as sea levels rise - environment - 07 February 2013. Sun-kissed sulphur reveals volcanic effects on climate. Seeking Clues About Sea Level From Fossil Beaches. DNA drilled up from the bottom of Greenland’s ice sheet. Humanity’s march towards self-destruction. Did Climate Change Cause Hurricane Sandy? Ask Randall: Climate Change.