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Changing Places - Images (mainly urban)

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Rochester, Kent (Changing Places)

The Astonishing Metamorphosis of World Wonders Over Time – Page 33. Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. Seattle (Changing Places) Crowdsource Changing Places. Detroit. JR James Archive. Mystery images. France (changing places) London (Changing Places) UK Other (Changing Places) Germany (Changing Places) Russia (Changing Places) Europe Other (Changing Places) NYC (Changing Places) Chicago (Changing Places) San Francisco (Changing Places) USA Other (Changing Places) N America - Not USA (Changing Places) Asia (Changing Places) Africa (Changing Places)

S America (Changing Places) Australia (Changing Places) Alastair Humphreys on Instagram: “How strange that this feels normal. To be flying in the sky inside a machine with hundreds of other people, and to look down on a landscape…” Café Royal Books — Café Royal Books — British Documentary Photography. Ten incredible cities which have changed beyond recognition. These Pictures Made Photographic History. 20 Before & After Pics Showing How The World Has Changed Over Time By Re.Photos.