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Barr will be no bar to Trump

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MSNBC’s Morning Joe shreds Bill Barr after new ‘perjury’ exposed: ‘He lied through his teeth’ - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. MSNBC's Joe Scarborough bashed former attorney general William Barr for "lying through his teeth" about foreign election interference last year, and said he should have been charged with perjuring himself during congressional testimony.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe shreds Bill Barr after new ‘perjury’ exposed: ‘He lied through his teeth’ - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

A newly declassified intelligence report found Russia tried to undermine President Joe Biden's campaign ahead of the 2020 election, Iran tried to "undercut" Donald Trump's re-election bid and China did not engage in efforts to interfere -- but that's not what the previous administration told Americans.

"The lying and politicization of intel was just breathtakingly dangerous," Scarborough said. "You have Bill Barr, [national security adviser Robert] O'Brien and [director of national intelligence John] Ratcliffe who all lied and said -- this is Ratcliffe pre-election, quote, 'China is using a massive and sophisticated influence campaign.' He knew that was a lie, O'Brien knew that was a lie. 03 18 2021 07 04 24 Boeing Settled 737 MAX Case for Almost Nothing. Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images In the dwindling weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, the Justice Department announced that it had reached a settlement with Boeing to resolve a years-long criminal investigation after two 737 Max jetliners crashed and killed 346 people.

Boeing Settled 737 MAX Case for Almost Nothing

The headlines predictably focused on the top-line figure that the government had advertised — a $2.5 billion payment from the company — but this was about as accurate as a Trump University marketing flyer. In fact, this may have been one of the most unusual and ill-conceived corporate criminal settlements in American history. Until last year, I worked in the Justice Department office that conducted the investigation, the Market Integrity and Major Frauds Unit, and I know several people on the team (though I had no involvement in the investigation). The government probably appreciated that the public would not take this well, which may have been the impetus behind the $2.5 billion settlement. News That Will Drive You To Drink. Happy Hour News Bill Barr Blows Time for the ol’ cheese sandwich and roadmap as Bill Barr is now officially You’re Fired’ed:

News That Will Drive You To Drink

Bill Barr's Years-long Charade Falls Apart in an Accidentally Revealing Interview. — from Alternet Speaking on the phone for 90 minutes with Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel as his tenure at the Justice Department comes to a close, Attorney General Bill Barr let down his guard.

Bill Barr's Years-long Charade Falls Apart in an Accidentally Revealing Interview

He must have been far too relaxed while talking to a devoted ally who once gratuitously referred to him as "real attorney general," because his comments were much more revealing and inculpatory than he seemed to realize. Strassel has been a consistent propagandist for the Trump administration, so it's little surprise that Barr went to her to deliver a sprawling interview on his controversial time in office. Nor is it surprising that he got a fawning reception. Bye-Bye, Bill Barr. Some heads snapped when Attorney General William Barr told the truth on December 1.

Bye-Bye, Bill Barr

“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” This was not the Bill Barr we had come to expect. We were surprised again when we learned that Hunter Biden has been under federal investigation for some months, that this was known to Barr, and that he didn’t disclose it to President Trump for use in the campaign. Bill Barr might resign, reports NYT. Plot twist.

Bill Barr might resign, reports NYT

According to the New York Times, sources close to Attorney General Bill Barr say he is exploring how to resign from the flaming dumpster fire that is the decomposing Trump administration, before it all ends next month. One source close to Barr who spoke to the Times said he could announce his departure before the end of the year. Excerpt: By leaving early, Mr. Barr could avoid a confrontation with the president over his refusal to advance Mr. [New York Times, By Peter Baker, Katie Benner, Michael S. Bill Barr Just Set a Time Bomb for President Biden With Special Counsel John Durham. Trump ‘erupted’ at Bill Barr during ‘angry’ meeting earlier this week: CNN. Speaking to "The View" on Thursday, Donald Trump's niece Mary explained that the president is "a very desperate man" working to appear as if he's not a loser after losing after the 2020 election.

Trump ‘erupted’ at Bill Barr during ‘angry’ meeting earlier this week: CNN

"We're seeing a very desperate man," Dr. Trump explained. Feds Stopped Criminal Case Against Bill Barr's Client After His Nomination. Remember, some Very Important Media People told us Bill Barr was an honorable man and we could trust him!

Feds Stopped Criminal Case Against Bill Barr's Client After His Nomination

Maybe we shouldn't trust their judgment when it comes to the beloved Villagers? Via Reuters: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Before William Barr became President Donald Trump’s choice to lead the U.S. Department of Justice, he represented Caterpillar Inc, a Fortune 100 company, in a federal criminal investigation by the department.Much was at stake for Caterpillar: Since 2018, the Internal Revenue Service has been demanding $2.3 billion in payments from the company in connection with the tax matters under criminal investigation. DOJ Prosecutors Tell Barr No Evidence Of Election Fraud. Durham Investigation: How Trump’s October Surprise Went Bust. U.S.

Durham Investigation: How Trump’s October Surprise Went Bust

Attorney General William Barr. Photo: Ting Shen Xinhua/eyevine/Redux On September 10, Nora Dannehy resigned as the deputy to John Durham, the federal prosecutor investigating the government’s probe into the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Bill Barr accused of perjury by Michigan AG for saying he had no knowledge of right-wing threats.

Appearing on CNN on Friday morning, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel lashed out at Attorney General Bill Barr for testifying in July that he was unaware of threats against the state’s governor — saying he was either ignorant of what is going on in his department or he committed perjury.

Bill Barr accused of perjury by Michigan AG for saying he had no knowledge of right-wing threats

On Thursday, the Detroit News reported on a plan by right-wing militia members to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) and place her on trial, while noting that Barr had pleaded ignorance when asked about people with threatening signs at anti-Whitmer rallies. Speaking with CNN host John Berman, Nessel said too little attention is being paid to Barr’s words before a House committee. “Can I bring up a point that no one seems to be talking about?” Nessel asked the host. Watch below: Enjoy good journalism? Experts alarmed as DOJ issues unusual memo allowing prosecutors to take steps that could interfere with elections. The Department of Justice has weakened its long-standing prohibition against interfering in elections, according to two department officials.

Avoiding election interference is the overarching principle of DOJ policy on voting-related crimes. In place since at least 1980, the policy generally bars prosecutors not only from making any announcement about ongoing investigations close to an election but also from taking public steps — such as an arrest or a raid — before a vote is finalized because the publicity could tip the balance of a race. But according to an email sent Friday by an official in the Public Integrity Section in Washington, now if a U.S. attorney’s office suspects election fraud that involves postal workers or military employees, federal investigators will be allowed to take public investigative steps before the polls close, even if those actions risk affecting the outcome of the election.

The DOJ and the White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Bill Barr goes full-on right-wing nutjob. This article was paid for by Raw Story subscribers. Not a subscriber? Try us and go ad-free for $1. Prefer to give a one-time tip? Click here. Terry H. Are you kidding me? Just in case someone is not persuaded that this Trump Administration is falling off its rocker, the advice from Atty.

For openers, protesting disproportionate police brutality against Black citizens is not calling for the overthrow of the government. Legal expert details the many ways ‘Trump’s handmaiden’ Bill Barr has twisted ‘the law to protect the president’ None of the founders of the country conceivably imagined that if the Attorney General is indeed the creature of the President, he would be ill-equipped to investigate, much less prosecute the President or his associates for wrongdoing, either before or during his presidency. It obviously didn’t occur to Hamilton, Madison or Jay that we might one day have a rogue President like Donald Trump with a life history of being one step ahead of the law, and little or no regard for presidential or constitutional norms.

Barr enjoys the dubious decision of being the most controversial Attorney General in history. He testified in his confirmation hearings that he would make law enforcement decisions based on the facts and the law “not on politics.” Barr made the outlandish suggestion that Congress cannot entrust anyone but the President himself to execute the law.

AG Barr’s legal justification for aerial surveillance of George Floyd protestors was ‘mistaken’: Air Force IG report. William Barr told Murdoch to 'muzzle' Fox News Trump critic, new book says. The attorney general, William Barr, told Rupert Murdoch to “muzzle” Andrew Napolitano, a prominent Fox News personality who became a critic of Donald Trump, according to a new book about the rightwing TV network. Barr’s meeting with Murdoch, at the media mogul’s New York home in October 2019, was widely reported at the time, with speculation surrounding its subject. According to Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth, by CNN media reporter Brian Stelter, subjects covered included media consolidation and criminal justice reform.

“But it was also about Judge Andrew Napolitano.” Barr makes first charge against someone involved in the Russia investigation. The five-page document describing the charge against Clinesmith shows that he did in fact speak with officials at the unnamed agency and learned that Page had been a source up until 2013. Clinesmith was told that Page was not currently a source—a fact that no one disputes—and provided an email that included information about Page’s past activities. When later told that the agency had to provide something in writing showing that Page was not a current source, Clinesmith inserted “and is not a source” into a portion of the email that came from the representative he spoke with at the other agency.

This information appears to represent what Clinesmith was told, but it does show that he actively altered the email, and did so in a way that made it appear as if the information had come from his contact. There’s no doubt that what Clinesmith did was wrong—and in a document used in support of a warrant, illegal—but it also doesn’t seem to have materially altered anything. Here’s how Bill Barr is trying to dodge accountability for his role in the assault on Lafayette Square. One moment in Bill Barr’s testimony clearly exposed his compete fealty to Trump’s delusion and lies. Bill Barr Blows, Part Infinity. Five takeaways from Bill Barr’s strident and fraudulent opening salvo to Congress. National Guard commander suggests Attorney General Bill Barr lied about gassing protesters for Trump photo op. A National Guard commander who was present when authorities cleared Lafayette Square of protesters last month is expected to contradict Attorney General William Barr’s account of events.

In a statement posted to the House Natural Resources Committee website on Monday, Major Adam DeMarco said that “demonstrators were behaving peacefully” before authorities deployed “excessive use of force” against the protesters. Barr continues his retaliation against Trump critics, this time outing a Russia-linked FBI source. Also in keeping with this administration's fascist tendencies, whether this campaign of Trump-friendly declassifications results in people getting killed seems immaterial to Barr. Igor Danchenko was, until last week, a source who used his Russian and Ukrainian contacts to pass information back to former British spy Christopher Steele, information that would be included in what is now known as the "Steele dossier" on Trump-Russia rumors. He spoke to the FBI, says the Post, on condition of secrecy to protect his foreign sources and his family from harm—a reasonable demand given the Putin government's ongoing assassinations of Putin critics, journalists, and suspected spies.

While the FBI did redact Danchenko's name from the material given to Graham, the surrounding text gave enough information to swiftly expose both Danchenko and at least one of his own alleged sources. Bill Barr could face Bar Association probe after complaint details his abuse of office. On Wednesday, Politico reported that 27 prominent D.C. attorneys, including four former presidents of the D.C.

Watch: Bill Barr’s face falls when a reporter asks him about the Roger Stone commutation. AG Barr bribed, threatened, and lied his way to ousting New York's top prosecutor, testimony reveals. During a 45-minute in-person meeting on June 19, Berman said Barr urged him to take a job heading up the Justice Department's Civil Division, but Berman told Barr he "loved" his job at SDNY and wasn't interested in overseeing the department's Civil Division.

"The Attorney General pressed me to take the Civil Division position, saying that the role would be a good resume builder," writes Berman. The Epic Fails of Trump Attorney General William Barr. Letter sent in ‘utmost confidentiality’ to Bill Barr set in motion intervention for Michael Flynn: report. The DOJ is hiding a key memo explaining why Trump wasn’t prosecuted for obstructing justice.

Judiciary Hearing Ends With Powerful Call For Barr's Resignation. Democrats threaten to ‘eliminate’ Bill Barr’s office budget if he doesn’t comply with subpoena. Bill Barr’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) It was a wild weekend at the Justice Department, so let’s see if we have this straight, shall we? Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, was such a great guy that the Bill Barr offered him multiple jobs at Main Justice, including head of the Civil Division now that Jody Hunt is leaving.

Specific Questions for Congress (and News Media) to Ask Attorney General Barr. Judiciary Chair Nadler Needs to Do His Job, He Needs to Impeach Barr. AG William Barr: Mueller Investigation Is 'Closest We Have Come' To The Assassination Of Lincoln. How Barr’s ‘enormous blind spot’ led to Trump’s ‘botched’ firing of SDNY prosecutor — and backed the president into a corner: NYT reporter.

Barr says US attorney who refused to resign is now fired — but this is all far from over. Manhattan prosecutor relents after tense showdown with Barr. Bill Barr just fumbled his way into a spectacular showdown with a key federal prosecutor. Former DOJ officials demand probe of Bill Barr after the vicious assault on White House protesters. A federal judge who accused Barr of ‘distorting’ the Mueller report has read an unredacted version — and now he’s demanding some answers.

Bill Barr sued in a personal capacity as protesters who were gassed seek damages for injuries. MSNBC’s Morning Joe busts Bill Barr’s latest lie to justify his ‘extreme act of force’ against protesters. Law School Faculty Wants To Strip Bill Barr Of Degree. William Barr On Gassing Protesters: 'Pepper Spray Is Not A Chemical Irritant'

Barr denies systemic problem with law enforcement, claims the problem is with African Americans. Episcopal bishop blocked from vigil at church Trump commandeered ... then a good thing happened. AG Barr tries to strong-arm federal judge into dismissing case against Mike Flynn. ‘He should resign’: Attorney General Barr reportedly ordered police assault on peaceful DC protesters. DOJ drops insider-trading probe of senators as another Republican comes under scrutiny. Bill Barr parroted the cliché that ‘history is written by the winners.’ A professor of history explains why he’s wrong. Apple still refuses to unlock iPhones, so Bill Barr is mad. Welcome to William Barr's America, where the truth makes way for the president.

‘William Barr is not done’: experts raise concerns about attorney general’s legal reach. Ex-prosecutor accuses Bill Barr of a ‘big cover-up’ in Flynn case. Nearly 2000 former DOJ officials sign letter calling on Barr to resign over his ‘assaults on the rule of law’ Asked about dropping Mike Flynn criminal charges, A.G. Barr gives the worst answer yet. Bill Barr is about to take the fall for Trump’s coronavirus policy: report. Federal Judge Says AG Barr Can't Be Trusted, Orders DOJ To Turn Over Unredacted Mueller Report. Bill Barr’s DOJ intervenes to support lawsuit filed by Christian photographer refusing to photograph same-sex weddings. Dis-Barr the Justice Department. Rattled law professor says Bill Barr is ‘far worse’ than he predicted after testifying at his Senate confirmation hearing. Bill Barr Is Wrecking the Justice Department, And It May Never Recover. Bill Barr Is Not Quitting—He’s Doing Some Weapons-Grade Gaslighting of America.

Reports Credulously Detail William Barr's Threat to Resign Over Trump Justice Department Interference. Federal Judges Call Emergency Meeting Over Bill Barr. Maddow reports on ‘doomsday scenario’ that impacted America like a ‘domestic nuclear bomb’ Legal analysts skeptical of Barr’s “carefully staged” rebuke of Trump: "Don't buy it for one moment" ‘Barr staged it’: Former Nixon lawyer says attorney general’s rebuke of Trump was a setup. Ex-US Attorney under Bill Barr chokes up as he calls out the ‘conspiracy in plain view’ between DOJ and Trump. Bill Barr is attempting to smother a Justice Dept ‘mutiny’ by pushing back on Trump’s tweets: CNN. Bill Barr Takes 'Control Of Legal Matters Of Personal Interest' To Trump.

A Conservative Judge Draws a Line in the Sand With the Trump Administration. The Rat is Well and Truly Eff’ed. DOJ releases ‘almost entirely redacted’ FBI memo on Kushner: Is it hiding something? Trump administration reveals it's blocking dozens of emails about Ukraine aid freeze, including President's role. ‘Inexplicable devotion to a con man’: DOJ veterans slam Bill Barr’s latest ‘tone deaf’ praise of Trump.

William Barr is Going After Trump’s Enemies One by One. Two Times Reporters on Robert Mueller’s Clash with the Attorney General, William Barr. William Barr, Trump’s Sword and Shield. ‘There is a real danger’ Bill Barr could get the courts to make Trump totally immune from oversight: Ex-DOJ official. Trump’s DOJ quietly ends two-year fishing expedition on the Clintons — and admits it found nothing. NYC Bar Association gives Bill Barr a stunning rebuke — and asks Congress to investigate him for bias. Is Bill Barr’s unusual fondness for an all-powerful president based on a religious fable? Attorney General William Barr’s Department of Justice Tells the Courts and Congress to Get Lost in New Filings.

Bill Barr Finally Revealed the Real Reason He’s Such an Aggressive Trump Defender. DOJ argues Congress can’t stop Trump Org from taking foreign payments — despite Constitution’s emoluments clause. New revelations about Barr and Giuliani strengthen case against Trump. Bill Barr Remains a Menace to Society Even if the Horowitz Report Falls Flat. Barr: Horowitz report shows FBI launched Trump campaign investigation on 'thinnest of suspicions' Barr disputes key inspector general finding about FBI’s Russia investigation. Barr rejects key finding in report on Russia probe: report. Fox News pundit lets loose on Bill Barr: He is ‘blinded by his partisanship’ and ‘should frighten all of us’

Bill Barr's Fascist Manifesto: Is This Man the Real Threat to American Democracy? I Know Why The Caged Republican Sings. Barr Suggests Impeachment Inquiry Undermines Voters’ Intent. Bill Barr’s screw-up on the whistleblower complaint set the stage for Trump’s impeachment – here’s how. William Barr is racing to deliver a report that blows up the impeachment inquiry—and everything else.