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Scottish folk music tune-book and songbook. Tune-book and Songbook with lyrics, chords, sheet music, and midis A Songbook / tune-book collection of 150+ favorite traditional Scottish tunes and songs complete with music scores, lyrics and midis. The song book is broken into two sections. The list of tunes/songs for each part will take you to individual pages with the midi, lyrics and score for each piece. Play Background Music (Scotland The Brave) Other Scottish music resources on this site: The complete songs of Robert Burns with lyrics, sheet music, historical notes Scottish Sheet Music & Guitar Tabs - 4000+ Scottish tunes with Sheet Music Scores, Guitar Tabs and midi files, also with downloadable PDF versions.

Scottish Sheet Music & Mandolin Tabs - 4000+ Scottish tunes with Sheet Music Scores, Mandolin Tabs and midi files, also with downloadable PDF versions. Also many Scottish tunes are included in the following pages: For Scottish Music Songbooks and Sheet Music to buy, check out the Scottish Collection at Sheetmusicplus. Accordion. Fiddling with Disaster – Ashley Macisaac PDF EPUB Free Download Ebook Audiobook. Serendipity Sharmin MSD BJD 1 4 Doll Custom Phantomdolls. Grumiaux's Cosmic Bach | Timothy Judd. NASA included a “Golden Record” on the Voyager interstellar mission. When NASA launched the unmanned Voyager 1 spacecraft in 1977, it included a Golden Record featuring a sampling of music from Earth. One of the recording’s excerpts is J.S. Bach’s Gavotte en rondeaux from Partita No. 3 in E Major, performed by legendary Franco-Belgian violinist Arthur Grumiaux (1921-1986).

Regarding the record, astronomer Carl Sagan said: The spacecraft will be encountered and the record played only if there are advanced space-faring civilizations in interstellar space. But the launching of this ‘bottle’ into the cosmic ‘ocean’ says something very hopeful about life on this planet. Voyager 1 continues to drift into the vast cosmic expanse. Following up on last Friday’s post, The Elegant Artistry of Arthur Grumiaux, let’s listen to a few of Grumiaux’s exquisite Bach recordings. Partita No. 3 in E Major We’ll start off with the Preludio and Gavotte en rondeaux from the E Major Partita. Concerto in A minor. Quatuor Béla on the Early Metamorphosis of György Ligeti. Free Viola sheet music. Musique romantique pour alto | Compositeurs Divers par Anna Barbara Dütxchler  Orchestral imbalance | Classical cartoons from 'don't shoot the pianist' Heinrich Kley, 1920. Maestro Nicacio.

Bach to Nature. Recently we had staying with us Jean-Paul Minali-Bella. He's one of France's most celebrated viola players. He came with two instruments, a regular viola to play in a couple of concerts locally, and something quite new to me called an Arpegina. In the 1720s Bach wrote a set of 6 suites for solo cello, which have become a byword for intimate, private contemplation and meditation.

They didn't become well-known until the 1920s, when the great Catalan cellist Pablo Casals first popularised them. There have been problems over playing them ever since, because there's no absolute certainty about what sort of cello Bach wrote them for. One of the difficulties is that in the course of the 18th century the cello underwent structural changes to enable a much bigger sound. The bigger the sound, the further behind the intimacy of the music is left.

There are technical problems, too. Jean-Paul's Arpegina has 5 strings, the lowest tuned to the E below the C of the conventional viola. Open Well-Tempered Clavier - Ba©h to Bach by Robert Douglass » Daveconservatoire explains: What is a Fugue? The 25 Greatest ‘Opera Films’ Ever Made | Wonders in the Dark. By Sam Juliano The ‘opera film’ as it is referred to in its simplest incarnation is a hybrid of two disparate art forms, that merge to create a vehicle of artistic expression that is like no other.

The incomparable experience of visiting an opera house yields an intimacy that can’t be replicated with simulcasts shown in movie theatres, nor with the in-home viewing of taped performances. Yet, for all it’s fidelity to what is often regarded as the ‘world’s greatest art form’ live opera can be an excruciating grind for some because of excessive length, overhead or back of seat subtitles, and minimalist sets that often don’t physically replicate the setting envisioned by the composer.

In the early 60′s film directors began to explore new avenues to present opera in sensory terms, showcasing lush settings, ravishing costumes and expressionist filmmaking that allowed the opera basics to shine forth in a completely new light. 13 Salome (Strauss) 1992; directed by Gotz Friedrich. Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition. 'Japan's Beethoven' admits paying ghost composer - Beethoven News. Famous for his classical compositions soundtracking video games including Resident Evil, as well as his Symphony No. 1 (Hiroshima), a tribute to those killed in the 1945 bombing of the city, Samuragochi became completely deaf at the age of 35.

Like Beethoven, who also went deaf, he continued to work, and was dubbed 'a digital-age Beethoven' in Time magazine in 2001. He also starred in a documentary following the tsunami in Japan in 2011, meeting survivors and apparently composing a requiem for a small girl whose mother was killed in the disaster. A statement issued through the composer's lawyer said: "Samuragochi is deeply sorry as he has betrayed fans and disappointed others.

He knows he could not possibly make any excuse for what he has done. " "I had to ask the person to help me for more than half the work because the ear condition got worse. " Beethoven started to go deaf around 1796, aged just 25. (Photo: Google+) LA BATALLA DE GALLIPOLI. Cuando buscaba documentación para hablar, hace unos días de la película "Gallipoli", de Peter Weir, me propuse hacer una entrada sobre lo allí ocurrido y aquí va. Durante la I Guerra Mundial, como es sabido, el frente occidental europeo se estabilizó en Francia en la famosa guerra de trincheras, por lo que Francia solicitó la apertura de un segundo frente que aliviara tal situación y permitiera a las tropas de la llamada Entente, salir de aquel atolladero. Los ingleses planificaron una serie de acciones contra turquía: Ataque a algunas posiciones y fortines, decomiso de barcos, etc. ¿Qué prentendía?

Lo que consiguieron, que a los turcos se les hincharan las pelotas y atacaran a su vez a Rusia, y lo hicieron y ya tenía Inglaterra la disculpa para declararlos amigos de los teutones y por tanto enemigo a batir. En la tradición británica, Gallípoli figura como una gran derrota. Para los turcos, fue una gran victoria. 1985, A Fairy Tale. 1985, A Fairy Tale Illustrations from Märchen, edited by Karlhans Frank (Literarische Texte im Unterricht / Literary Texts in the Classroom series), published by the Goethe-Institute in 1985 Ursula Kirchner Doris Lerche Axel Hertenstein Janosch I will investigate this guy (and a lot of the others, of course). Benno Geisler Malgorzata Konwerska, "Zwei Aschenbrödel" (Two Cinderellas?) Malgorzata Konwerska Jerzy Joachimiak Peter Kaczmarek Manfred Feith-Umbehr, "Dornröschen oder Hundert Jahre Einsamkeit" (Sleeping Beauty and the Hundred Years of Solitude) Theodor Hosemann Gunther Stiller Paulus Böhmer, "Fundevogel"

Fundamentals of Rehearsing Music Ensembles. Recommended Piano Trios. 1985, A Fairy Tale. From the Repertoire: Western Music History through Performance. About the Course A survey of music history begins with those works of music that convey the artistic trends, innovations, and compositional techniques representative of their time. Rather than offer a discussion of Western music focusing on a succession of composers, this course will look at key works throughout history: from early music composed more than one thousand years ago to music of our time. Through videos covering historical context and recorded performances, students will learn how Western music has developed throughout the ages into the rich and diverse repertoire that we have today. What makes this music truly special and important? Distinguished members of the Curtis faculty will provide their unique insights. By the end of the course, students should be able: to understand a general survey of the development of Western classical music through the agesto better understand each piece covered and to develop the skills to do more research about these and other pieces Week 2: J.

Recommended Piano Trios. How Music Works. Philippe Meirieu : accueil et actualité de la pédagogie. Recommended Piano Quintets. Diálogos de otoño en La Casa del Lector. Casa del Lector continúa el ciclo con sus Diálogos de Otoño, cursos de formación destinados a profesionales y mediadores de lectura. Impartidos por los mejores especialistas en su materia, estos cursos nos permitirán profundizar en cuestiones de indudable interés y utilidad y, a su vez, seguir consolidando esa comunidad lectora que Casa del Lector quisiera siempre albergar y potenciar. – See more at: Casa del Lector continúa el ciclo con sus Diálogos de Otoño, cursos de formación destinados a profesionales y mediadores de lectura impartidos por los mejores especialistas en su materia.

Estos cursos permitirán profundizar en cuestiones de indudable interés y utilidad y a su vez, seguir consolidando esa comunidad lectora que Casa del Lector quisiera siempre albergar y potenciar. No me perdería ni uno de estos cursos: De la cuna a la nube. Álbumes ilustrados. La biblioteca escolar de calidad, ¿utopía o ilusión? Me gusta: De Postales y Buzones XIX. Janosch, o lo que es lo mismo Horst Eckert es un escritor e ilustrador polaco de literatura infantil. Viajó por Polonia, Alemania, Francia y finalmente, en los 60, se fue a Munich a cursar estudios de arte. Pronto abandonó la tarea, pues no era excesivamente brillante con su estilo en medio de la tendencia abstracta que imperaba en la época. Su primer editor de libros infantiles le sugirió usar el mote de Janosch y le publicó su primer libro. Desde el principio sus escritos y dibujos se han caracterizado por la ironía, por el antiautoritarismo y la mirada tierna hacia la cruda realidad.

Entre sus personajes destacamos a Tigre, Oso y Pato-tigre en Qué bonito es Panamá, o Historia de Valek, el caballo. La postal de hoy es una felicitación navideña alemana, que traducida viene a ser el I wish a merry christmas time, cuyo protagonista es Pato-tigre. Fuentes: Les TIC (Technologies d'information et de communication) en pédagogie. Les 6 étapes de l’intégration des TIC à son enseignement et à sa pédagogie [La compétence professionnelle se situe au-delà du prescrit.] Philippe Perrenoud En intégrant les TIC à ma pédagogie, je me suis vite rendu compte que la compétence dans le domaine ne se limite pas à la connaissance des outils technologiques.

Que de savoir faire fonctionner un ordinateur, utiliser un projecteur et un PowerPoint en classe, envoyer un courriel, utiliser des progiciels comme Office ; est loin d’être suffisant. De savoir que nous avons une clientèle nommé par certains experts « la génération TIC » est aussi très approximatif. Ce n’est pas parce qu’on leur demande d’effectuer des tâches et des travaux à l’ordinateur qu’ils apprendront plus et mieux ou qu’ils seront plus motivés et mobilisés à leur métier d’étudiant. Avant de pouvoir intégrer entièrement les TIC à sa pédagogie, l’enseignant doit savoir qu’il devra passer inévitablement par 6 étapes fondamentales et indispensables : Étape 1. Étape 2. 1. 2. Johann Sebastian Bach: Composer's life and music. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was music's most sublime creative genius. Bach was a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist of the Baroque Era.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21st 1685 in Eisenach, Germany.The young Bach was offered a choral scholarship to the prestigious St Michael's School in 1699.1703 saw Bach become the organist at St Boniface's Church in Arnstadt - a role that saw him on a regular salary and expanding his skills at the keyboard.Bach composed the cantata Gott ist mein König in 1708 - he was paid handsomely, and it helped him cement his early career.The Brandenburg Concertos were composed in 1721 as a sort-of musical job application for the Margrave Ludwig of Brandenburg - it was unsuccessful.In his later years Bach faced harsh criticism.

Did you know? Bach once walked two hundred and thirteen miles to hear a performance by an organist whom he admired. Recommended Piano Quartets. Pianists interested in playing chamber music should buy the music to all of these works and LEARN the piano part. Then, get together with your string player friends and have a great time! Mozart Beethoven Mendelssohn Schumann Brahms Dvorak Faure Turina by William T. Horne There are probably many different criteria for listing standard chamber music works, so it may be difficult to agree on what works should be included in a standard list. However, a chamber musician, particularly a pianist, who would like to start acquainting himself or herself with the literature, might appreciate any help in the daunting task.

And so I shall essay to attempt such a list. Mozart. Beethoven. Mendelssohn. Brahms. Dvorak. Turina. Statistics for LordByron08. Les 10 Commandements TIC. Vika's Home - Metal Music Covered On Piano - Sheet Music, MP3. Groupement des Luthiers et Archetiers d'Art de France - SABATIER Bernard - Luthier. Música coral - Officium. Hilliard ensemble y Jan Garbarek - 12/01/12 en mp3 (13/01 a las 14:37:30) 01:01:08 989087. Homemade Cronuts | Shine Food. 10 FALSOS DOCUMENTALES. Uno de los géneros más explorados por el cine de terror es el falso documental, una expresión cinematográfica que presenta como verídicas historias que en realidad son producto de la ficción.

En Colombia, el falso documental no es un género muy conocido por el público, ni suficientemente abordado por los guionistas. En el país solo se conocen dos producciones de este tipo: el mediometraje Agarrando Pueblo, codirigida por Luis Ospina y Carlos Mayolo, y Tigre De Papel, de Luis Ospina. Esta lista de falsos documentales que vale la pena ver incluye desde el pionero del género, pasando por la comedia, la sátira política, hasta el adiestramiento de dos hermanos siameses que son convertidos en estrellas de rock. 1. The Truth About the North Pole El primer falso documental de la historia del cine se realizó en 1912 y relata la travesía por el Polo Norte de Frederik Cook, quien alardeaba de haber conquistado el Ártico. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 .Alternativa 3 Un filme muy al estilo de Orson Wells.

Four Points of Relaxation for Violin Playing | Timothy Judd. Relaxation is the key to all technique. Often when we’re on the spot trying to perform our best, the natural tendency is to tense up. The “fight or flight” instinct is activated. In violin playing, tension blocks the natural springy weight of the bow arm, leading to smaller tone and reduced control. Tension in the left hand causes fingers to push into the fingerboard and then lift too high, leading to loss of speed, accuracy and efficiency. There is also the danger of playing-related injury. Often tension develops needlessly because we don’t take the time to establish the correct physical feeling and posture. Right shoulderright elbowright hand and wristknuckles of the left hand Focus on each area individually for a few seconds and then play. -Ivan Galamian. Rameau: Gavotte avec 6 doubles. ¿Existe respuesta al drama de la vida del hombre? | La vida se oye.

Apuntes y actividades. Four Points of Relaxation for Violin Playing | Timothy Judd. Películas sobre fotografía. Netbook acer netbook aod270 espaÑol, INFOBEST SRL. Es una empresa dedicada a la venta de notebooks, portatiles, laptops apple, mac ,computadoras. Jazz Piano Transcription - Jazz Piano Transcriptions. COMPOSER -                  Eudoxia Ypsilanti          Composer, Arranger,Music Engraver. Encruzilhadas do cinema - a list by matheussiq8. VISTAS - a list by sinequanon9. Exploring Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas.

Los colores de la noche online. Naïs - Cahusac. Naïs - Cahusac. RAMEAU 250 PROJECT - INTERNATIONAL RAMEAU ENSEMBLE by International Rameau Ensemble. Rameau: Je ne sais quel ennui me presse (from Naïs) on CD - Buy online from Presto Classical. Rameau: Je ne sais quel ennui me presse (from Naïs) on CD - Buy online from Presto Classical. Andrea Rosin Vienna Viola Rosin Vienna (Viola Symphony): Musical Instruments. Scores for The Four Seasons - Autumn. Carte de voeux nouvel an 2014 au son du piano. Aaron Jay dibuja graciosos mini cómics con lindas criaturas. Literatura infantil y juvenil | Biblioabrazo | Página 12. De Postales y Buzones XIX.