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Protospiel Madison 2017. Frontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction Information Page. Frontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction introduces players to the Frontline General 'Land, Air, & Sea Tabletop Simulation', an Operational and Tactical Scale WWII Strategy System.

Frontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction Information Page

The system covers Land, Air, and Sea wargaming mostly at the Operational level as a board game, but also allows detailed Combat Resolution at the Tactical Level using 3rd Party Miniatures (15mm Recommended) or the included Unit Markers. The same basic combat system is used at each game scale. In this way, the Campaign may be used to 'drive' more detailed tabletop miniatures battles for decisive engagements. Draco Ideas editorial. Dentro de la caja del juego encontraremos un total de 220 cartas distribuidas en tres tipos de mazos.

Draco Ideas editorial

Ejército Americano, Ejército Alemán, y un tercer mazo de cartas de Terreno; además de distintas cartas de Generales, cartas para Escenarios y cartas de ayuda y resumen. Devil Pig : Home Heroes of Normandie. Worthington Publishing - Great Action Games and More!

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Flying Pig Games. Tiny Battle Publishing. Misc Items. Cards. Supplies. Miniatures. Paper Minis. Table Top. Commands & Colors: Napoleonics. Phantom Leader: Deluxe Edition (Vietnam Air War Solitaire Strategy Game) Gato Leader. Solo Memoir '44. As much as I love the two Command and Colours games I own - Memoir '44 and Battle Cry - they are not easy to play solo, as they rely on each player having a hand of cards.

Solo Memoir '44

Note that when I say solo here I do not mean the 'I take one side and let a system run the other'. I mean just playing the game through, taking both sides and making sensible decisions for them. Now I could just try and 'forget' which cards each side has, but that's quite hard to do, even honestly. It is much better to have a way of playing the game in some form where there is no hidden information to forget in the first place. I came across an idea the other day where neither side has a hand of cards, but rolls a dice at the start of their turn,testing against the hand size for the particular scenario and getting to draw either one, two or three cards from the deck.

I set up the Saverne Gap scenario, and away I went. It rattled along very nicely. Each turn a side draws one card. I switched to this method. Memoir '44 Fanatic. We play with several house rules.

Memoir '44 Fanatic

Many house rules that I have seen add extra detail in one way or another. In my opinion, the game does not need any extra detail. I’m not playing Advanced Squad Leader. These tweak the game just a bit, to discourage tactics that seem incredibly silly and to reduce player frustration. Each rule is accompanied by an explanation of motive. 1 – More Vulnerable Artillery – Infantry attacking an Artillery unit in Close Combat hit on Stars and Grenades. Why? 2 – Flexible Close Assault – Remove the Ambush card/s from the deck, and replace them with Close Assault. Military Wargaming Forum - Index page. 44 Topics 4503 Posts Last post Re: WWII in ASLSK Format #1 by Frank View the latest post Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:34 pm 23 Topics 216 Posts Last post Re: Tank on Tank Digital:" De… by t341 View the latest post Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:20 pm AAR Challenges & AAR Sub-ForumsAfter Action Report Challenge Contests and AAR Logistics Moderators:Frizzenspark, MAGNASubforums:Ancients, Medieval, Pike & Shot, Age of Rifles, World War Era, Cold War Era, Modern Era, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and What-if Topics: 65 65 Topics 533 Posts Last post Re: "Mop-up", Lock 'N Load Ta… by Whiterook View the latest post Fri Dec 30, 2016 5:38 pm 28 Topics 593 Posts Last post Re: "The Chateau" Logistics T… by Whiterook View the latest post Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:47 pm 53 Topics 726 Posts Last post Turn based play by server.

Military Wargaming Forum - Index page

By Duncan View the latest post Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:06 pm Who is online Registered users: Baidu [Spider] Legend: Administrators, Global moderators, Moderators Birthdays No birthdays today. Home / Cigar Box Battle Store. Roleplaying Games & More - RPGnet. The Gaming Blog. M44 FAQ v2 Lowres. M44 FAQ v2. Memoir '44 Projects of rasmussen81. World War II Boardgaming fan site. '65 Squad Level Combat. Catalyst Game Labs. BattleShop While Catalyst Game Labs specializes in epic, dynamic universes, we also simply love games of every stripe.

Catalyst Game Labs

And in that vein we’re starting to publish card game, board game, tile games…if we think it’s fun, then we’ll publish it regardless of the style. Check out our growing catalog of such games…more coming in the future! Boards and Barley. I read an article online a while back that the “upcoming” fifth Indiana Jones movie still has no MacGuffin.

Boards and Barley

At first I thought, “What in the world is a MacGuffin?” Then I realized that I knew what it was but hadn’t heard that term before. From Wikipedia: In fiction, a MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or maguffin) is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation. This got me thinking about an analog in board games. In my article, “How to (Speed) Pitch Your Game,” I characterized the hook in a few different ways.

DIY Playing Cards Cards Magic ebooks & videos. Game Invention and Self-Publishing Resources - Spotlight on Games. Welcome to The Game Crafter, the world leader in print on demand board games and card games. Photo Cards, Custom Cards. Custom Cards. CELEBRATE LOVE 40% OFFapply to pillow, clock, photo heart and photo cubeUse Code:SWEETHEART More Deals Holiday Notice Of New Year.

Custom Cards

Print & Play Admagic – Custom Prototypes, Game Parts, Print and Play Games. Sourcing Board Game Components: Cards. This is the first in a series of articles that are meant to help aspiring designers and published designers alike.

Sourcing Board Game Components: Cards

The goal of these articles is to simply list some of the sources for different components that we designers like to use in our game prototypes. While I have not used all of these different sources, I’ve done my research and feel confident that you’ll receive a decent quality production from any of these sources. Today’s post is about sourcing cards for your prototypes.

Flying Pig Games - War And Strategy Games, Board Games, Adult Board Games. Siege Warfare - War Strategy Card Game, Union & Confederate flag. Siege Warfare - War Strategy Card Game, Union & Confederate flag. Home. WWII Assault - Tactical Skirmish Combat by Mitch Mitchell. ONUS! Rome vs Carthage and Expansions by Draco Ideas. Victory and Glory: Napoleon by Glenn Drover. Fleet Battles, Card Game by Robert "Stacey" Freeland. Boardgames. Field Commander Napoleon. Solitaire Game!

Field Commander Napoleon

Battlefield SheetNapoleon RulebookNapoleon Player LogNapoleon Rules in SpanishNapoleon Rules in French Field Commander Napoleon is our biggest game to date, as befits the Empire, the Emperor, and his Grande Armée! The game is so massive it requires a 4" high box! Wan Chiu created the artwork for this mega game. He got off to a fantastic start with a classic box cover design. The game design focuses on the battlefield tactics and Napoleon’s powerful personality. The game spans all of Napoleon’s campaigns from Italy in 1796 to Waterloo in 1815.

Success depends on the vital balance between strategic and tactical focus. You can play each campaign as a stand-alone game, or as part of a linked series of games. The 11 Campaigns include: First Coalition 1796 Egypt 1798 Second Coalition 1800 Third Coalition 1805 Fourth Coalition 1806 Spain 1807 Fifth Coalition 1809 Russia 1812 Confederation of the Rhine 1813 France Invaded 1814 100 Days 1815. Warfighter. Warfighter is a card game for 1 to 6 players. Command the world's best Special Forces operators and complete vital assault missions around the world! This video explains everything you need to know to play Warfighter! Warfighter How to Play Video Warfighter Rulebook 2nd Edition You play cooperatively with your friends against the system to complete present day squad-level combat missions. Field Commander Rommel - Deluxe. Deluxe Edition: Solitaire Game! - This edition of Rommel has the same content as our original game.

The Deluxe version features mounted maps, extra thick counters, and a new taller box. Welcome to The Game Crafter, the world leader in print on demand board games and card games. Blogging about board games and beer! Stop Reading This and Go Build Your Own Board Game. How did you and Mandy come up with Collapse, and what convinced you that you could design and build your own game? It just seemed like something that would be a lot of fun. We play a lot of games with our friends, and I'm really interested in art and mathematics, both of which are big components of game design.

But what convinced us we could do it ourselves was that not only is it tremendously easy to make games nowadays, but there's just not a high barrier to entry. You can grab free design software online, and where you used to have to pay somebody $10,000 to make a mold for a custom gamepiece, you can now get one printed for $5 online. It's ridiculously cheap. Welcome to The Game Crafter, the world leader in print on demand board games and card games.

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