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kurt's research Squire, K.D. (in press). Game-based learning: An emerging paradigm for learning. To appear in Performance Improvement Quarterly. Squire, K. Playforce A searchable database of games with learning potential, Playforce allows users to explore games related to specific learning content, academic standards or twenty-first century skills, like empathy, systems thinking or collaboration. Playforce provides an indispensable resource to educators and parents looking to use games in service of specific learning goals. Game perspectives on Playforce are player-generated and moderated by a user community.

Games to Learn Spanish - Qué Onda Qué Onda Spanish Log In | Sign Up Games to Learn Spanish Who says learning Spanish can't be all fun and games? Harrisburg University - Learning Technologies Master of Science at Harrisburg University Concentrations The opportunities in learning technologies are vast. Many professionals are generalists in the field and you can choose to select a more general approach to your LTMS degree through an open elective structure. As the profession evolves and new techniques and technologies create new opportunities, there are benefits to developing your skills in a concentrated area. Welcome to Whyville! Dear Parent, Whyville is a safe, friendly, and FREE learning site for your child. Founded in 1999 (15 years!), Whyville has won many awards from educational and parenting organizations.

Phat Loot and Neurotransmitters in World of Warcraft How are loot-based games like World of Warcraft, Torchlight, and Borderlands related to slot machines, chemical bliss, and evolution? Read on for the answer. During my early days with World of Warcraft (WoW) I remember tromping through Westfall killing crowds of Defias bandits when I was shocked by a loot drop: a rare pair of “blue” gloves that perfectly fit my class’s needs at the time. Quest to Learn - Quest to Learn offers a new approach to education based on the principles that make video games enjoyable. It's a radical experiment that may sound flaky, but Q2L is not an oasis for students looking to play video games all day. It's a place where kids learn traditional subjects like history, algebra and chemistry—albeit in an untraditional way. "It's a common misconception about this school that you're going to come here and you're going to play video games to learn," explained one of the school's founders and co-directors, Arana Shapiro. "When we talk about games, we're talking about game-like learning--not about playing games but about looking at what makes games engaging for learning."

Geniverse Research Overview Geniverse research is being led by our research partner, BSCS, with assistance from our evaluator partner, TERC. Our research study is examining how the Geniverse materials affect students’ genetics content knowledge and abilities to engage in scientific argumentation. In addition to pre- and post-tests for content knowledge, we will measure both student motivation and the degree of fidelity of implementation of Geniverse. Gamify Your Life: A Guide to Incentivizing Everything There's few things you enjoy doing for it's own sake, there's eating, having sex, socializing maybe. Everything else is enjoyable because it has been previously or currently reinforced either by positive or negative reinforcement, like playing games, eating spicy food, doing sports, watching tv, doing art, science, studying, competing, etc. The rewards you get for doing stuff you like doesn't have to be something primary like food, can be something associated to something primary, like food, and it still works. Like someone said, this is basic behavioral psychology and learning theory stuff and i wish the article would elaborate it like that.