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S.I.G.I.S. in PDF Format. Free RPG Tools. Phoenixprojectrpg. E. Chris Garrison. Strands of Fate Bonus SRD. Thetravellersrd. Savagepedia - Gaming Aids. Pelgrane Press Ltd » Blog Archive » The Archmage Engine – 13th Age SRD. This is the home of the 13th Age / Archmage Engine system reference document.

Pelgrane Press Ltd » Blog Archive » The Archmage Engine – 13th Age SRD

For licensing information, go here. It contains all the open content from the 13th Age RPG – the Archmage Engine. Random tables for RPGs. Daily Illuminator: Where Old Games Go To Live. EN World RPG News & Reviews - Morrus' Daily News Blog. True20 Adventure Roleplaying: True fun, true excitement, true adventure, True20! HeroMachine Comics Blog. Ben’s RPG Pile.


Table Top Gaming. Fantasy Name Generator - Online Tools - Phillip Riley's Homepage. Technohol 13: Marvel Super Heroes RPG (Classic & Saga) Source Material. Old School. D&D 3.5/PF. 4e. Sup/tg/ - Maid RPG Character Generator. Rpg. Old School Attitude? Modern Rules. GURPS. From the Dungeon to the Dictionary. From the Dungeon to the Dictionary I recently received an e-mail from a correspondent who noted that my list of forms of government lacked the word magocracy .

From the Dungeon to the Dictionary

I was slightly bewildered that it was not there, for two reasons. Inkwell Ideas. Role playing game tools and articles. AnyDice. Role Play Media Network - a community for rpg bloggers, podcasters, vidcasters, and their audiences. Roleplaying Games & More.