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From Christian Cooper to George Floyd: A Letter To White Parents. As a black parent, I find myself enraged and exhausted this week yet again, and also scared for my children.

From Christian Cooper to George Floyd: A Letter To White Parents

In the wake of two viral videos — one shows Amy Cooper, a white woman, calling the police on a black man, Christian Cooper, after he asked her to put her dog on a leash; another captured distressing footage of George Floyd, a black man, being restrained by white police officers in Minneapolis, an incident which ended in his death — it is glaringly obvious that as black parents, we need to continue to teach our kids the realities of racism, that the police are not safe and can be life-threatening. Booklists. 50+ Genius STEM Activities for Kids - The Stem Laboratory. With a name like The STEM Laboratory, it’s no surprise that we’re obsessed about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities for kids.

50+ Genius STEM Activities for Kids - The Stem Laboratory

These 50+ STEM projects are sure to keep little scientists engaged, learning and well-prepared for their STEM-filled future. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Science Projects. Little Bins for Little Hands. Six simple but brilliant science experiments for children. It is not that difficult to make children believe you’re a part-time wizard.

Six simple but brilliant science experiments for children

All you need is some practical knowledge and unlimited imagination. Science will do the rest. We at Bright Side are convinced that these six elementary scientific experiments will definitely make your children believe in magic. Experiment #1 You’ll need a zipped plastic bag, some water, blue food dye, an extra pair of hands and a little bit of imagination. Add some color to the water by dropping 4-5 drops of blue food dye in it. Follow Their Interest: The Best Science Books for Kids.

Parenthood brings a lot of responsibility with it (isn’t that the understatement of the year…) Not only are we responsible for raising our kids, most of us also develop a much deeper appreciation for our planet because we realize that the choices we make will affect the world our children and grandchildren inherit.

Follow Their Interest: The Best Science Books for Kids

And yet how many of you feel powerless to make meaningful changes that will help our environment? I mean we SO BUSY already, what can you really do? Listen up, one thing that is absolutely within your power is to inspire your children. You are raising the the next generation of scientists and engineers who will be stewards of our planet, the generation who will be inventing new ways to harness the wind and sun to power our cities, the generation who will be inventing flying cars and using trash to make viable products. Best Math Websites for the Classroom, As Chosen by Teachers. Learning math online isn’t always easy!

Best Math Websites for the Classroom, As Chosen by Teachers

Luckily there are some great math websites for teaching math virtually. We’ve gathered a list of teacher-approved sites that includes resources, games, freebies, and innovative programs for teaching math. Here are the best math websites, according to teachers. Note: This article has been updated to reflect free and discounted resources for online education during the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak. Find other free online resources here. TUC Talks. Do you enjoy listening to parents passionately sharing their unschooling experiences?

TUC Talks

If so, you’re in for a treat! I hosted the Toronto Unschooling Conference for six years, from 2006-2011. It was an amazing experience and I loved meeting many wonderful unschooling families. Though I no longer host the conference, the unschooling insights shared by the speakers over the years are timeless. I’m thrilled to have these talks available to you for free. Click LISTEN/DOWNLOAD to stream the talk online, or right click and “save as” to download and listen on the device of your choice. Browse talks by speaker or by year. Big History Project. Jungle Memory. Trains Working Memory for 7 to 16 year olds Jungle Memory trains students to use their Working Memory.

Jungle Memory

Working Memory allows us to make mental scribbles of multiple pieces of information or processes we need to remember and think about. We use this skill in all subjects, from Reading, Writing, and Math, to Grammar, History, and Science. Working Memory is the foundation for learning, and by training it students can make dramatic improvements in learning. MORE Targets Key Brain Areas Jungle Memory is designed to target Working Memory skills critical for academic success. Jungle Memory can improve reading, writing, and logical processing. Copyright © 2011 Jungle Memory. Children’s Book Reviews and Recommendations. Buy Kids Books and eBooks, Read free Opening Extracts. TrainMe Offers NCEA Levels In Our Wide Range Of Course. Eclipses visible in Auckland, New Zealand. Search Site / Articles City / Country Social Share this page / Follow us on: Facebook.

Eclipses visible in Auckland, New Zealand

GREEN GRUB RESOURCES. I pride myself on creating fun, down-to-earth nature based ideas & educational resources for Grubby kids!


2017 Around the World Family Dinner Book Club. Annenberg Learner - Teacher Professional Development. Journey North. Free Cursive Alphabet Worksheets - Printable. Recommended Workbooks Browse our bookstore for reading and math workbooks that are ideal for for independent or parent led-study.

Free Cursive Alphabet Worksheets - Printable

ESL Teacher Resources, Job Boards, and Worksheets. BBC Bitesize - Dance Mat Typing. K’nex Education – Homeschool Kits. New Zealand Certificate in Te Reo Māori (Reo Rua) National Dessert Day & 105 Unique Holidays for Kids - The Soccer Mom Blog. Living Books Library. Basic Handwriting for Kids - Cursive - Pictures/Words. Category - Geography - U.S. 5 Ways to Find Living Books — Simply Charlotte Mason. 1. Use the CM Bookfinder. Our very own CM Bookfinder contains more than 1,500 living books that we recommend for those using the Charlotte Mason method.

As far as we know, there is no easier way to search for living books by criteria like geographical location, historical dates, or school subjects and grade levels. Higher Up and Further In. Homeschooling without Training Wheels. This post has been far more difficult to write than I could have imagined! The world is so full of wonderful poetry books – how can I choose? And I can’t just drop a title and author because I want to tell you everything that is so wonderful about them. Actually, I’d love for you to just join us for Poetry Teatime so that I could read them all to you. But, 100+ poetry books? We might be there a while. {This post contains affiliate links. You might even be here a while just reading these summaries!

Anthologies. Epic! - Read Amazing Children's Books - Unlimited Library Including Flat Stanley, Scaredy Squirrel, Batman, and Many Others. 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free. All education is self-education. Period. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a college classroom or a coffee shop. We don’t learn anything we don’t want to learn. Those people who take the time and initiative to pursue knowledge on their own are the only ones who earn a real education in this world. Take a look at any widely acclaimed scholar, entrepreneur or historical figure you can think of. If you’re interested in learning something new, this article is for you. Note that some of the sources overlap between various subjects of education. MIT OpenCourseWare – MIT OpenCourseWare is a free web-based publication of MIT course materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT. Down the Back of the Chair.

A Sample Lesson from The Red Student Book. Bravewriter. FIEBasic FINAL. Interim labelling guide manuka honey. FIEBasic FINAL. FIEStandard Final. NCHENZ - Home Page. Groups. Online maths and English practice. Finland. Home - Uncollege. CurrClick - Curriculum and Classes in a Click! PAYING ATTENTION: 30 SENSORY STRATEGIES. These days, it’s not uncommon to hear about kids who have difficulty with paying attention.

They can’t sit still, they can’t keep their eyes on what they’re doing, or they miss important instructions and details. *This is a sponsored post written on behalf of ARK Therapeutic Services. All opinions are 100% ours. Free Homeschool Curriculum, Links and Websites for Kids.