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Inception Explained - An interactive animated infographic

Inception Explained - An interactive animated infographic
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DIY 3D Camera Rig – How to Make a 3D Camera I may not have access to the custom-designed 3D camera rigs or $300-plus-million budget that James Cameron had for Avatar, but that shouldn't mean I can't produce my own movie with breathtaking—well, okay, at least passable—3D effects. True, the task may seem daunting and expensive at first. After all, the cheapest 3D camcorder on the market right now is Panasonic's $21,000 AG-3DA1, and even that requires a constellation of specialized equipment and software to deliver usable 3D footage. What's more, the gear that electronics manufacturers are just now introducing to the market to edit and play 3D content requires an almost total replacement of your existing computer and AV equipment. Fortunately for me, a hobbyist subculture has sprung up to address the unmet need for low-production-value at-home 3D moviemaking—a movement dedicated to the art of building stereoscopic camera rigs using two off-the-shelf inexpensive camcorders mounted on a rail. Balancing Act

Interstellar Timeline 666 DIY Horror Filmmaking Tutorials It’s that time of year again, so we thought it was time to update last years killer feature “Horror Filmmaking: From Script to Scream.” That’s right a sequel! This time we are narrowing the focus a bit and concentrating on the DIY (Do It Yourself) elements. Hopefully this will help you slash the budget without murdering your production values. DIY: Blood, Bullets & Stunts DIY: Stage Effects/Green Screen DIY: Digital Effects After Effects Sony Vegas DIY: Make-Up/Costumes DIY: Static Props DIY: Motion Props DIY: Horror Sets DIY: Packaging Prop Shops & FX Supplies "Fitzcarraldo", le tournage apocalyptique | Fitzcarraldo | Tracks Les tournages pépère dans le marais poitevin, c'est pas pour lui. Werner Herzog envisage chacun de ses tournages comme une expédition. Son dada : le danger. En vrai mercenaire, Werner a fait son Vietnam : le tournage apocalyptique du film "Fitzcarraldo". Son sauveur s'apelle alors Klaus Kinski. Alors que personne n'y croit, Herzog réussit l'impensable. VidéoLa bande annonce du film Klaus Kinski en colère sur le plateau de "Fitzcarraldo"

About | IFP The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) champions the future of storytelling by connecting artists with essential resources at all stages of development and distribution. IFP fosters a vibrant and sustainable independent storytelling community, represents a growing network of 10,000 storytellers around the world, and plays a key role in developing 350 new feature and documentary works each year. During its 35-year history, IFP has supported over 8,000 projects and offered resources to more than 20,000 filmmakers, including Debra Granik, Miranda July, Michael Moore, Dee Rees, and Benh Zeitlin. IFP guides storytellers through the process of making and distributing their work. Founded in 1979, IFP is the larges and oldest not-for-profit dedicated to independent film. David Lynch PBS Video Collection 0-A Titles 0-A | Titles B-C | Titles D-F | Titles G-I | Titles J-M | Titles N-R | Titles S-T | Titles U-Z 21st century medicine [electronic resource] / Chedd-Angier presented by Connecticut Public Television produced in association with Scientific American magazine written, produced, and directed by Graham Chedd, Andrew Liebman, Jill Singer, Bonnie Waltch, John Angier, Sherry Lassiter. Explores some of the remarkable frontiers of medicine, including how the computer is revolutionizing medicine, from brain surgery to phobias and gene therapy. Online video system requirements: QuickTime 7 player (or equivalent). More information on this video: Low resolution video. High resolution video. Medicine. The 50 years war, Israel and the Arabs. Arab-Israeli conflict. The 50 years war: Israel and the Arabs. The 50 years war: Israel and the Arabs. Science.

Cinematic Irony: The Strange Case of Nicholas Ray’s Johnny Guitar - Feature - Issue #13 Cinematic Irony: The Strange Case of Nicholas Ray’s Johnny Guitar Westerns and “Westerns” There is little question that Nicholas Ray’s Johnny Guitar (1954) is immediately recognizable as an instance of a genre that had become quite important to Hollywood well into the 1950s. The future, it would seem. The present and past, perhaps, but again rather self-consciously displayed, as if primarily decorative. Moreover, if we start with this last element and work through these familiar elements, virtually every aspect of this traditional framework is present, but “off” in some way, so much so that the excess emotion, elaborate, self-conscious emphasis on costumes, posed and theatrical sets and staging, have seemed to some to cross the line over into camp, or at least near self-parody. So Vienna is only a “saloon owner” strategically; in essence, she is an investor and speculator, and clearly a very good one. Near to parody, but it never crosses the line.

'Compliance,' A Low Budget Indie, Might Be The Most Disturbing Movie Ever Made NEW YORK -- Halfway through a special screening of "Compliance," the deeply unsettling new film from writer/director Craig Zobel, a woman stood up, yelled out, "Give me a f*cking break," and walked out of the theater. As the film progressed, other women joined her. At least eight by one count, although in the question-and-answer session following the film, someone suggested that actually 10 had left during the screening. "Compliance," shown on Tuesday night at a special screening and panel put together by Psychology Today, is not a Holocaust drama or a gory war film or a Lars Von Trier genital mutilation-fest. It was also, without a doubt, the most uncomfortable film experience of my life. Further compounding the psychologically disturbing nature of "Compliance" is the fact that it is based almost entirely on true events. The film is based on one such event, which occurred at a McDonald's in Mount Washington, Ky., in 2004. "Nobody in this room would have fallen for it? Loading Slideshow

Nel labirinto della Mente – “Inception”: l’ingannevole realtà del sogno Con Nel labirinto della Mente, vi propone una serie di film caratterizzati da trame in cui la psiche umana è protagonista, generando sub-realtà capaci di trarre in inganno sia i protagonisti della vicenda che il pubblico: il nuovo appuntamento è con un dramma camuffato da thriller diretto da un acclamato cineasta contemporaneo. Le rivelazioni sono dietro l’angolo, per cui, occhio allo spoiler! Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) e uno dei suoi collaboratori, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), in azione Vincitore di 4 Oscar e di un numero notevole di premi ricevuti in occasione delle manifestazioni cinematografiche a cui ha partecipato in tutto il mondo, il film INCEPTION (2010) ha per protagonista Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio, SHUTTER ISLAND), conoscitore di una tecnica capace di valicare le barriere delle Menti altrui, entrando in esse ed agendo al loro interno mentre il soggetto ospite giace assopito nella realtà. Il totem usato dall’Architetto Ariadne (Ellen Page) L’anziano Mr.