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Royal Icing Decorating

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LilaLoa: Spring. There is a bit of a pencil mutiny at my house this week.

LilaLoa: Spring

It started with one of the brightly patterned school pencils. My 5 year old told me that something was wrong with it and he didn't want to tell me what it was. I automatically assumed that he had A) jammed it into some unknown crevice in our house just to see if it would fit and now couldn't get it out or B) it had magically written itself all over our newly painted white walls. Neither option was desirable. After chasing him around the house and under the kitchen table, I discovered that a short piece of the graphite core had broken and come out.

Coloring and Preparing Royal Icing. Super Soft Sugar Cookies with Ombre Egg Tutorial. Cookie decorating tutorial - Color flow butterfly. LilaLoa: The Madeline Collection. How To Decorate Henna Cookies, Piping on Cookies. How To Make Pretty Henna Cookies, Repetitive Patterns. Haniela's: Cameo Cookies. What is Cameo?

Haniela's: Cameo Cookies

Haniela's: ~Lily of the Valley Cookies~ Did you know Lily of the Valley is considered to be a flower of fairies?

Haniela's: ~Lily of the Valley Cookies~

Apparently they use tiny bell shaped flowers as cups to drink from. Who knew right? Lily of the Valley is a flower of May, weddings, symbol of purity, modesty and happiness and I adore it for its tiny clustered flowers. I decided to take a more modern approach for this cookie design, using a simple round cookie cutter.

Haniela's: ~Sea Shell Cookies with Victorian Flare~ My mom often tells me I should be designing jewelry, and even though I'm not I find most of my cookie inspiration from it.

Haniela's: ~Sea Shell Cookies with Victorian Flare~

I have an obsession with small details, and believe me sometime it drives me mad. I hope you will enjoy viewing these, I had a great deal of fun designing and decorating these Victorian Sea Shells...never say never, everything is possible even Sea Shells with Victorian Flare. Customer is giving these cookies to her sister for her birthday, same lady I made a cake for few years ago. She still collect shells, adores diamonds and apparently loves all things Victorian...really? Victorian you say, mind spinning...Victorian Dresses, China Patterns, Lace, Jewelry, Decor, Fabric.... few sketches later I have new cookie designs. For this particular shape below I decided to use brushed embroidery technique to achieve "wave like" effect.

Haniela's: ~ Mehndi Inspired Tea Cookies ~ For those of you who are not familiar with Mehndi Designs you can read about them more here , and to see what Henna looks like before it's used as a dye check out this site.

Haniela's: ~ Mehndi Inspired Tea Cookies ~

Haniela's: ~Hydrangea Cookies Tutorial~ I fell in love with these cookies and so I decided to show them off one more time.:-) In case you missed my post at FROSTING FOR THE CAUSE you can check it out here If you haven't join in yet, consider it.

Haniela's: ~Hydrangea Cookies Tutorial~

It will provide you with a wonderful way to share your story and perhaps it will bring some sunshine into a rainy day of someone you know. Espresso Cookies 3 c. all-purpose flour 1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 2tbl espresso powder 2 sticks butter, unsalted, softened 1 cup granulated sugar. Haniela's: ~ Wedding Cookies ~ Haniela's: Red Heart Cookies. I've never told you this, coloring icing is my least favorite thing to do.

Haniela's: Red Heart Cookies

So for obvious reasons I was pretty excited about this design, I only used 2 Americolor Food Colorings : Super Red and Mint Green. Yay. I mixed 2 shades of red, one being darker than the other and one green. Using darker and lighter red makes for a really nice effect. Haniela's: Elegant Christmas Ornaments. I'm loving this color scheme this year.

Haniela's: Elegant Christmas Ornaments

Beige, red and white. It is simple and elegant. I was color inspired by the cover picture of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Haniela's: ~Sleeping Santa Cookies~ Did you know that Santa likes to sleep before the Big Day of rushing from house to house, going down the chimney and all.

Haniela's: ~Sleeping Santa Cookies~

He says(I talked to him the other day, he stopped by for coffee and my Gingerbread Sandwich Cookie) he needs his rest, don't we all I laughed and he frowned. Haniela's: Winter Doll Cookies. Christmas is time to sit back, eat cookies and watch your favorite movies.

Haniela's: Winter Doll Cookies

I prefer childhood favorites at this time of the year, fairy tales, happy endings and lots of laughter. One of my old time favorites is a Russian Folk Tale turned Fairy Tale Movie- Jack Frost(Morozko). This story and one his center characters, humble Nastenka has inspired me to make this cookie. Making of a Cookie Using a small heart shaped cookie cutter build a shape like you see below. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Haniela's: Royal Icing Butterflies. Royal Icing Butterflies these "royal" butterflies won't fly away they'll get eaten in less than a day piped to make them look real and three D delicate work required so obvious to me © Iris Zuares Creative works of Iris can be also Butterflies are little magic of nature...I love them, few years back we visited White River Gardens at Indianapolis Zoo. Each year from March to September the Hilbert Conservatory is filled with hundreds of free flying butterflies. How To Make Picnic CookiesSweetAmbs. How To Make Picnic CookiesSweetAmbs.

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Click here to instantly stream this video to your computer, iPhone or iPad for $1.99. This video will teach you how to create a spring hat cookie using the basket weave technique in royal icing. It is recommended that you watch Basket Weave Technique before attempting the spring hat. This video is now available in the Decorating Techniques Video Bundle. Please also watch Cookie Decorating Basics, which is available in the video basics bundle, before attempting this technique.

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