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New Rural Light and Book Installations by Rune Guneriussen. A grid of physical entities, 2012 A capacity to breed and recover, 2011 Circle of reception, 2011 An upward displacement, 2010 Resound with an echo, 2011 Revisit the revolution, 2012 Second system of ethics, 2012 Science of planting forest, 2010 Norwegian conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen ( previously ) explores a fascinating balance of human culture and nature with his outdoor installations of electric lamps, stacked books, chairs, and phones that appear to have gathered in small herds and swarms as if suddenly sentient.

Your kitchen needs a retro diner booth! Listen to me Homies… one day… ONE DAY I shall have a retro diner booth in my kitchen. Right now, I have a small galley kitchen that barely fits two butts, let alone a diner booth. But if you have room, you have to do me a favor and take advantage of Retro Planet 's free shipping deal on their retro diner booths .

Wanna take a few measurements of your breakfast nook, or maybe your game room, and then check out some of these awesome booths? If you promise to get one of these and let me live vicariously through you, I'll show you my dream booth. Lookie… Chevie diner booth and table set Maybe the Chevie was too big, how about the Designer Serenade booth for two? Maybe you have a large corner to fill. And now here's my DREAM BOOTH OF DREAMINESS: 70's Mod kitchen booth set with hot orange trim and atomic orange formica pedestal table. Retro Planet has more booth styles and choices on their website and they're offering free shipping to the continental US. Creating a creepy year-round house that doesn't feel "Halloweeny" Okay, FINE. I'm sure these skeletal flamingos are meant to be a halloween thing, but do we really have to limit creepy/kitschy to the month of October?

Can't we gently spook the neighbors year-round? Source: via Ariel on Pinterest We actually got TWO questions concerning this home decorating conundrum… So hubs and I love nothing more than monsters, Halloween, and fall in general. How do I tie that all in to a general year round house theme without just putting up Halloween decorations all year? Fallout video game-inspired home decor. Items from the board: Radio, ammo box, banker's lamp, space-age poster, bobblehead, Persian rug, coffee table, Coca-Cola poster, armchair, couch. There's one thing in the decoration department that I love to do more than decorating on my own place: decorating my video game character housing. Spend hours playing to get that rare (and virtual!) Piece of furniture to complement my decor? Check. Gather piles of in-game money to purchase this particular house in the next village?

So what happens when two obsessions collides? Instagram Magnets by StickyGram - Free International Shipping. Get your Instagrams off your phone and onto your fridge with StickyGrams. StickyGram is a personalised printing service that turns your Instagram images into lovely 2×2 inch magnets.

Get your Instagrams off your phone and onto your fridge with StickyGrams

I'mma be talking more about this sponsor on Offbeat Bride later, but I had to gush about it now for you Homies because THIS IS AWESOME! StickyGrams are super easy to create… Connect your Instagram account on StickyGram.comPick your photos Enjoy your magnets! There are also so many great uses for StickyGrams — from simply brightening up your kitchen and office, to some really exciting personalised gifts.

Here are three ways StickyGram can improve your home life: Pimp your fridge …Or any other magnetic surfaces! Teaching moments! Use StickyGrams as an easy and artsy way to teach your kids. Give personalized gifts to loved ones You know how much your grandma loves magnets and family photos? Final happy news of the day: offers free shipping EVERYWHERE! Great idea of the day: spread out one bouquet of flowers in five thrifted vases. Three-panel, dandelion wall art that lights up!

I love this idea from Jessie Frazier, who uploaded her three-panal light-up DIY dandelion art project to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool.

Three-panel, dandelion wall art that lights up!

Check out how she created this luminous artwork in just four steps! -Megan Phase one of my dandelion project, re-purposing three previously painted canvases with navy blue acrylic paint. (Note the trash bags taped to the walls and floor of my "studio" aka dining room.) Phase two: my dandelion design gets a fun green stem! Phase three: white fuzz and seeds! The grand finale! FLOR modular carpet tiles - Create unique, eco-friendly area rugs, runners & wall-to-wall designs.

Enjoy the change of seasons with pretty ideas for simple fall decor. Yo, Southern Hemisphere!

Enjoy the change of seasons with pretty ideas for simple fall decor

I know you're springing into summer now. I'd love to hear your stories of what's happening on the flip side as spring drifts in, so if you have something to share from the south side, send it my way! I know, I heard it from y'all that fall isn't exactly blustering in to the US. We're still in the 70s in Iowa, but the trees are changing and nights are getting longer, anyway. And it's a sure sign that the seasons are changing when the internet is splattered with lusty decorating images of fall vignettes like the one up there. In a time of year when the natural world is the focus of so much admiration, there are ways to bring autumn home by taking advantage of simple beauty. Like SMELLS. In fall the air is crisp and less humid and smells don't stick around like they do in the wet peak of summer, so it's a little nicer to create them.

Now Foods Sandalwood Oil Adding a few drops of oil to a pot of hot water — or a tea kettle — will do the trick here, too.