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DIY String Art Tutorial

DIY String Art Tutorial
I’ve been seeing tons of string art popping up all over the web and decided to try my hand at a piece of my own. I really didn’t want to mess with hammers and cutting wood and all that though, so I used cork board instead. Easy to work with, light weight and cheap! Here’s what you’ll need: {Before I started this project, I unrolled the cork boards and placed a bunch of heavy books on them to straighten them out a bit. Each piece of cork board is only about 1/32″ thick – definitely not enough to hold a nail stable. You can download my template for the word “dream” here. Reinforce the spaces between the “e” and “a” and “m” with some additional tape. Center your template out on your cork board. I really wanted the look of a white background for my string art so I decided to paint the cork. When the paint dried, there was a little bit of buckling of the top layer of cork board and I could see where I had missed spots with my hot glue. Center your template and tape it down. Cork: $26.97 Related:  Home Decorating

TUTORIAL: Coffee Stirrer DIY Wall Art - Last week, I posted a preview of the simple, inexpensive wall art my mom and I created. Now I’m excited to show you how you can make a one-of-a-kind coffee stirrer masterpieces too! I’m big on projects that anyone can do. And this is one of those projects. Here’s all you need to get started: 1. Additional Supplies: 5. Okay, first things first. So, once you’ve got your palette, it’s time to paint your frames and your coffee stirrers! My mom and I did our painting as the sun was setting, which is always a questionable decision. I was going for the reclaimed driftwood sort of look. Once your coffee stirrers are painted, it’s time to trim them to fit into the frame(s) you’ve chosen. I found the quickest way to do this is to measure one stick to be the length you need it and then use it as the guide for trimming all the others. This next part is fun because you’ll start to see your piece come together fairly quickly. What’s left?

Inspiration For Moms: I Finished It Friday: Canvas Wall Art I found this art on Pinterest and I thought it was so elegant and yet so simple... Upon further review, I found out that the company resides is in the United Kingdom and charges 295 pounds (which is...gasp.... $486!!) for this lovely artwork. Oh, did I mention that they don't deliver to the United States. I took a few trips to my favorite Hobby Lobby with a few 40% off coupons and gathered my supplies. -3 art canvases (sized 11x14) -13 wood letters (for the words love, laugh, live) -spray glue -spray paint First, I measured out all my letter placement. Then I sprayed the glue on the back and placed each letter on my canvas. Final step...the spray paint. And it really is that easy folks! My version set me back about $25 bucks and I love it! Linking to:Tatertots and Jello Home Stories A to Z

Jambalaya Boxes It's that time of the year when tourists descend upon New Orleans like a bunch of drunk and shirtless locusts. Middle aged conventioneers with names like Stew and Skip take up with sorority girls, frat boys, and Lousianans alike in America’s spring break: Mardi Gras. Yes, it’s that time of year, but it isn't all bad for the good people of NOLA — they get free jewelry. And by jewelry, I mean beads. Lots of beads. Hippy Ti Yo beads! Mardi Gras is the only holiday I know in which people throw shiny things off of floats and hang said shiny things on trees and doors and fences and anyone who will flash a tata or two. It’s been a few years since I have been to New Orleans for the season, but last time I prepared as best I could by grabbing beads enough for ten people plus half of Jackson Square. This year, considering Fat Tuesday is February 12, I thought it would be fun to mash it with its neighboring holiday—Valentines, on February 14. What will I need? Total cost: $2.50 – $6.00

Mardi Gras Beads Redux: Funkytown Ceiling Lamp Check it out y’all! now I’ll have Mardi Gras in my living room all year round. Wahoo! A couple weeks ago I sent out the message I was hunting for ideas on ways to use old mardi gras beads....lo and behold you sure answered. The first idea that hit-me-in-the-face came from Kelly on facebook, and was soon echoed by LeeLu and Ann (clearly, all three of them knew a good thing when they saw it!).... Just one problem. The compromise? Yeah, well, it’s not as formal as Heather’s chandelier but golly-gee it sure is festive! *Note: The project here is not for those seeking perfection. Materials One wire hanging basket 40+ Strands of beadsBolt of 32gage wire I started out by wiring the edges of the basket with green beads –this helped keep it it looking a little more uniform or “on purpose”....then just went to town swagging and twisting wire around each strand where it hit the wire basket. This project was free and easy --can’t beat that!

Big Easy Mardi Gras Wreath Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, which makes this the Monday before Mardi Gras, aka Lundi Gras. Time to get our bead on. Hot pink wreath from Dollar Store + pipe cleaners + a whole lot of throw beads = instant wreath. Total time: 10 minutes Total Cost: $1 (would have been more if I didn't have a pre-existing bead problem) Looking for an excuse to collect more beads this year? How about some jambalaya boxes or an easy ceiling chandelier based on a wire plant hanger? Bon Mardi Gras! Little Birdie Wall Hangings (plus free template Chloe’s little nursery has been a work in process. I’m not sure why it has taken so long….nothing in there has been very time consuming. It has just been a matter of finishing up a few small details up. And the latest addition came from seeing an image on Pinterest but when I followed the Pin, it was a dead end. And now Chloe has some simple little birdies……perched above her crib. They sit alone on the wall above her crib but I love the simplicity. The birdies are made from fabric and a button eye. Ooooh, they’re cute. I used Mod Podge to attach them to each canvas, so those little suckers are not coming off. ;) Ahhh, looking cuter already. Want to make some little birdies of your own? Supplies Needed: Template found, HERE. **Keep in mind, the template was made for a 6 inch canvas. Cut out 1 bird body and 2 wings per canvas. Then, paint a layer of Mod Podge on the back side of your fabric bird. Then place down onto the canvas and press down firmly. And that’s it. sponsor Related posts:

ABC Alphabet Wall My son Jake has just started learning his letters and I thought that an ABC wall in his playroom (full tour here) would be a perfect addition. To make the wall more playful, I really wanted the alphabet wall to have a variety of fonts, sizes and colors. The wall has been a huge hit so far with all of our toddler friends. Here is where I found some of my letters: B - Painted from Michael's H - Cardboard wrapped in yarn I - Michael's N - Michael's letter in empty frame O - Amazon Toy Steering Wheel W - LAX to YVR X - Two rulers Y - Hobby Lobby & - Edie's Lab Z - Mr. The best part about this alphabet wall project is that anyone could make wall art like this. mon makes things: Storage Ottoman DIY I love crafts. I love DIY. My biggest DIY crush? Furniture redoing/making. I am currently in the process of replacing my hand-me-down couch, and wanted a new coffee table or ottoman to replace my cheap and wobbly IKEA table that I broke in college a few years ago. I loved the storage capacity and the fact that it was on casters, but I really needed something boyfriend could put his feet on... Now, prepare yourself... **I got my crates from Michael's using those wonderful 50%-off coupons, so my crates were less than $7 a piece (gotta love coupons!). Build the Structure:Arrange your crates like so: Place one crate on the floor/work surface so that the opening is facing down. At this point, your table will look like this! Upholster a Top: Now your table has become an ottoman! Finish the Ottoman: Lay down a drop cloth to protect your work surface. Flip the whole thing right-side-up and admire your work! But seriously, look at that!

Just Dowel It | My Chic Life This craft emerged from a classic “me” moment, in which I purchased some bags of square wood sticks at the dollar store just because they seemed like good raw materials, but had no specific project in mind other than “… maybe I can paint them and do … something?” I ended up up painting and staining them to create this piece of wall art that I’m kind of in love with. It looks a bit like a shelf of records or books, and you can customize the colors to fit any decor. Plus, using paints and stains I had on hand mean the whole thing ended up costing me a whopping six bucks. Cheap, cool, homemade art that only takes a couple of hours to make– it’s everything I personally look for in a crafting project! What you need: square hardwood dowels acrylic paint, wood stain, or both in a variety of colors (I used bright aqua green, emerald, cadmium red, yellow oxide, and dark orange paints and ebony, walnut, and cherry stains) paint brushes wood glue scrap wood for backing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Curly Letter We were lucky enough to have a beautiful, sunny weekend for the first time in many! It was glorious. A part of me seemed to wake up from this winter hibernation and realize that I have been slacking in some areas of our life-like calling our families and reminding them we're alive. I need to be better about that. Mom, Bonnie, we are thinking about you and we love you! Sorry we stink at communicating! I was brave enough to wear non-boots today. I have had a few orders lately for the project that helped fuel HH. A year ago when I first posted this tutorial, Inspired by Yulia Brodskaya, I was surprised when a reader asked me to design a custom letter for her. You can make one yourself, but I still sell them on my etsy site because most people find out that these babies take alot of work and time! I've tried a few different glueing methods. I like to work in one general direction - usually from the top left to the bottom right. Visit my shop to see more examples and shipping information.

Make a Knock Off Anthropologie Chain Vase Not too long ago, Anthropologie had a fabulous chained vase available. I loved the fusion of glass and metal, but not the price tag (nearly $300!). While their vase isn’t available for sale anymore, you can still make your own knock off version. With Valentine’s Day and spring on the horizon, this vase is just waiting to be filled with flowers. Here’s a side by side comparison of their vase and my vase: Supplies needed to make your own Knock Off Anthropologie chain vase: Step one: Use the metal glue to attach the clasps to the glass vase. Step two: Once the glue is dry, open a jump ring and attach it to the clasp (as pictured). Step three: Attach the large chain to the first jump ring, and close the ring. Step four: Open a jump ring and attach the flat silver chain to the large loop chain. This project is so simple and quick, but I think the end result is stunning! About Morena Morena Hockley is the crafty mind behind the tutorials at Google+

DIY Pantone chip magnets I try to keep loose Pantone chips in an envelope for future projects, but these nice colors escaped and attached themselves to my file cabinet. If you happen to own a Pantone chip book or can beg a few chips from someone you know, here's how to whip up some little candy-like magnets. Cut small pieces of bookboard or other thick cardboard with an X-acto knife. Attach the chip to the cardboard. Then cover the face of the chip with paper glaze. Finally, attach a magnet to the back.