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Bliss Ranch: Wood Spool Clock (s) Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers. I wanted to have a unique water fountain on our deck.

Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers

There were many beautiful ones that struck my fancy but being a Frugalista, I wasn't willing to pay the price. I could have waited until mid-August when they typically go on sale but that would require PATIENCE. So I decided why not DIY one using flower pots we already had! Here is a tutorial on how you too can build one for your deck, patio, or apartment balcony.If you decide to build one please share your pictures. Cost: $40.00 Difficulty: Easy These are the materials we used for this project. 1. 2. 3. How to Make a No-Sew DIY Window Valance From Canvas Dropcloths. This is one of those tutorials that I almost didn’t think needed to be explained because it’s so easy (that’s a good thing, right?!)

How to Make a No-Sew DIY Window Valance From Canvas Dropcloths

, but I have gotten dozens and dozens of requests for it, so here goes! When we redid our Nashville kitchen, I used canvas painters’ dropcloths to make the window treatments. I made long curtain panels for either side of our sliding glass door, and a valance for above the sink. This window valance is a great way to inexpensively dress a window, and best of all, it’s no-sew (my favorite)! For this window treatment, I used a dropcloth and jute twine, but for the “how to” photos, I used a curtain panel and some red ribbon so that the steps would be easy for you to see in the photos. Step 3: Fold the bottom of the cloth up and over the top of the curtain rod (the longer you leave this section, the lower your valance will hang and the more “poofy” you can make it: Step 4: Fold the top of the cloth over the curtain rod:

DIY Vintage Equestrian Feed Sack. I never seem to be quick enough with the auctions on Ebay.

DIY Vintage Equestrian Feed Sack

I always lose. And it's so frustrating, right? Not so long ago, I missed out on a couple of amazing feed sacks that I really really wanted. Thought I had them, but lost in the last few seconds, literally. Maple and Magnolia. I’ve said it before but I think art ought to mean something or speak to you in some way.

Maple and Magnolia

When I was working on my dressing room makeover, I needed some small artwork…something vintage and out of the ordinary. Something personal and sentimental to me. I started with a couple of vintage frames. I popped out the artwork and glass and painted them with chalk paint. Then I covered the cardboard backing with a few paper towels. Then I covered both cardboard pieces with tan osnaburg fabric (looks like linen) that I found at JoAnn’s for $5.99/yd. less 40%! Once the chalk paint dried, I sanded the edges and detailing with a fine grit sanding sponge. Next came the “artwork.” I pinned them onto the center the paper towel/osnaburg covered cardboard piece.

Then I popped them back into the frames and hung them on my dressing room wall. This one is my grandmother’s brooch. How To: Hang Curtains Across Any Space. Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers. I found these two milk strainers at a yard sale for $1 each!

Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers

I knew they would make perfect light fixtures in our kitchen. The first thing we had to do was make these pieces over to work as light fixtures. With a few supplies from the home improvement store, that was an easy task. Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers. 30 Inventive DIY Hacks to Better Your Home. Style Home Design NEXT PAGE 30 Inventive DIY Hacks to Better Your Home by rozin.abbas from Different Solutions 14k Page 1 of 6 I remember the first time I had my own home (well, it was actually an apartment, but that still counts, okay?)

30 Inventive DIY Hacks to Better Your Home

Here are 30 inventive DIY hacks to better your home. 1. Via Sublime Decor 2. Via The Third Boob 3. Via BRIT + Co. 4. Via How Do It 5. Via The Lil' House That Could. Make Mason Jar Oil Candles. *COPIED FROM… How to Make Your Own Mason Jar Oil Candle Hello my Crafty Witches One of my Favorite things in the world is Candles I love making them and Love giving them as GiftsToday I am going to show you how to make a Beautiful Decorative oil Candle you can make you can make these ahead of time for emergencies for blackouts or power failures good for emergency kits This is what you will need for each jar you will want to make: 1- 1/8 Nipple- Yes, they are called that and you can find them in the lighting section at places like Home Depot or Lowe’s with all the spare lighting parts. 2- 1/8 Couplings- Should be right next to the Nipples. 2- 3/8 in Washers- You can buy these in a pack or individually.

Make Mason Jar Oil Candles

You need Lamp Wicks 100% Cotton you find these in craft stores or make your own out of RecycledT-shirt 100% cotton. Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Citronella oil, Peanut oil, Liquid Parafin oil, Odorless Mineral Oil , Lamp Oil Really any oil that burns. Glass Jar of some sort. DIY Framed Window Mirrors. I found these two large frames at a garage sale for a steal at $2.50 each and immediately decided they could easily be turned into some fun mirrored windows for our new living room.

DIY Framed Window Mirrors

Measuring at 20"x24", they were perfect for filling our large empty wall space above the couch. First I cleaned them off and dry brushed on some white eggshell paint to give it a shabby chic look. I wanted the metallic character to still shine through, but because the frames had some dings and dents (and were made of plastic, not old antique wood) the thin coat of paint helped disguise all of the imperfections by creating more! I had a mirror cut to size at Lowes and added a simple piece of trim from Home Depot to resemble window panes using super glue. The mirror was attached using L brackets and some cardboard to hold it snug to the frame. We used drywall screws and a level to hang them evenly and called this project done!

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