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Instead Of Throwing Empty Bottles Away, She Transforms Them Into Something I NEED In My Home. It seems that day after day, the price of most things is going up. Sometimes pinching your pennies is wise, especially when it comes to small decorations. With so much knowledge at our fingertips, making our own beautiful creations is extremely easy. Here are a bunch of ideas that not only save money, but also re-use some bottles you may have laying around. 1. Start off by cleaning the bottles with soap and warm water. Next, roll up the photos that you want "framed. " Add some decorations and finishing touches (the sky is the limit with these) and you're done! 3. These are certainly not limited to Halloween, so get creative and decorate them however you would like for any occasion. Tutorial: Yarn Covered Monogram Letter. This monogram letter is very simple to make and will look great in a craft room or family room.

Simply choose the letter that means the most to you to display in your home. I also love projects like these because they use hardly any tools and materials but still look great. Materials: Paper Mache Letter Yarn Tape Tools: Scissors These paper mache letters (I picked mine up at my local Joann, but they are also available online) are available in multiple sizes. To start, we’re going to cover the two ends of the letter. Begin wrapping close to the edge of the letter. Push the yarn to the very edge of the letter and continue wrapping.

Wrap the yarn in an X as shown. When you’re done wrapping this edge, cut and tape the end of the yarn to the back of the letter. Repeat the same process for the other edge of the letter. To begin wrapping the entire letter, start on one edge of the S and tape the end of the yarn. You may want to tape the top section to reinforce that it stays put. You’re done! Macrame Yarn Garland DIY. I love a good garland as much as the next blogger, so when I found myself needing to add some color to my studio, I immediately thought of something involving macrame. I didn't have tons of white rope sitting around, so I grabbed some yarn from my weaving stash, and one hour later had a much more cheerful studio! The best thing about this project is how it adds a lot of color and interest without needing tons of time or materials, which makes it a perfect project for table backdrops at parties or a wedding.

Supplies-chunky yarn in similar thicknesses in a variety of colors-scissors-washi tape or push pins Step One: Cut one length of yarn for your base as long as you'd like. I cut mine to be about 8' long. Step Two: I hung my base strand to the wall with push pins and then added my individual pieces by tying a single knot over the base.

Step Three: Then I started my second row of knots by skipping the first strand of yarn and tying a double knot with the second and third strands. SewforSoul: Halloween Gothic Bell Jar Tutorial. Upcycled Plastic Bottle Display Cloche The children only went back to school last week, but my thoughts have already been turning to Halloween. We're holding George's Birthday Party on 31 October and the theme is 'Victorian Gothic'. I have been busy crafting all manner of props including apothecary bottles, museum-style specimen jars and these 'Gothic Bell Jars'. They came about as a result of this apple gift box, which I crafted from two upcycled plastic pop bottles.

I made quite a few and had the top bottle halves going spare, luckily a friend asked if she could have them to use as cloches on her allotment. I handed them over and she reported back that they were perfect for preventing pesky little bugs from devouring her crops! This got me wondering if they would also make suitable display cloches. He pointed that they had clear glass handles and suggested that I use a large clear marble - Genius! Gothic Bell Jar Tutorial Materials Empty two litre plastic soda pop bottle Black card Step One. DIY Coral. With kids who have returned to school last week, I thought I would have more time....Well NO! Between school meeting, a dozen of books to cover, and waking up (too) early, time flies.

I'm almost back too normal this week, so I finally had the time to finish this DIY...that still has a little taste of beach and vacation! To make those corals you gonna need: Some wire, a glue gun, pliers, acrylic paint, a brush, and a piece of wood. Let start with the red one: Cut several pieces of wire in different size, between 4" and 16" long and fold them in two. Take your glue gun and cover all the wire with glue. Con el regreso a clases la semana pasada, pensé que tendría más tiempo .... Para hacer los corales vas a necesitar: Alambre, una pistola de pegamento, pinzas, pintura acrílica, un pincel, y un trozo de madera. Vamos a empezar con el rojo: Corta varios trozos de cable en diferentes tamaños, entre 4 "y 16" de largo y doblarlas por la mitad. Pour faire ces coraux vous allez en avoir besoin: Do-It-Yourself Paint Chip Wall Art. Have you ever walked by the paint section at the hardware store and wondered if there was something you could do with all those colorful paint chips on the wall?

Well, this is it! With a few basic art supplies and a little imagination, you are three steps away from your very own original artwork. Materials: Paint chipsWhite canvas or foam board(s)Foam mounting tapeScissorsRulerGlue (optional) (not pictured) Notes: Each one of these 24×36 canvases took 200 color squares. Step One: Use your scissors to cut squares from the paint chips, avoiding any text or printing. Step Two: Create a grid on the canvas with each point slightly larger than the average size of the paint chip squares you cut out (for example, for 1.5” squares you would make grid points every 2”).

Notes: Step Three: After each piece of foam is adhered to the canvas, remove the backing and attach a color square directly on top. That’s it! Fall Mini-Wall Hanging Embroidery Article. Repurpose Old T-Shirts and Wear them on Your Wall Instead: Super-Fast T-Shirt Wall Art Tutorial. Confess – do you, or someone you know, have an overflowing T-shirt drawer? You know, those favorite T’s that you never wear but can’t stand to part with? Well, in about 20 minutes, you can get them out of your drawer and display them on your wall. Create a T-shirt gallery of favorite vacations, concerts, sports teams, or what have you. T-Shirt Wall Art – it will fit you to a “T”. Make a T-Shirt Gallery — it’s super fast & super cheap.

To make the T-Shirt Wall Art you’ll need: STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: One, 12″ x 36″ x 1″ sheet OR three 12″ x 12″ x 1″ squaresDisc: 12″ x 1″Four junior T-shirts, size large (this is the smallest size that easily fits the foam sheet; larger sizes will work great)Thick, white craft glue OR low-temp glue gun & glue sticksTools: Straight pins; scissors; sawtooth picture hangers OR poster puttyOptional: If using 12″ x 36″ x 1″ sheets, additional supplies include ruler; pencil; serrated knife & old candle OR dental floss Add a round disc to change it up a bit. 1. 2. 3. DIY Paper Mache Letter:Better than any you could buy at the store. I LOVE how this letter turned out. I absolutely love monograms, but there wasn’t a letter anywhere that I liked. So I decided I could make my own! In this tutorial I will show you how to make your own custom letter using a cereal box and paper mache. First, find a font that you like. You can visit and look through hundreds of custom fonts.

When you have the letter you want trace and cut it out on a cereal box. Now it’s time to construct your letter. Make note, you will use A LOT of tape… Well, I did anyway. Once the construction part is done, it’s time to paper mache. To make the paste, you will mix one cup water, one cup flour and 1/2 tbs of salt.

Dip the newspaper into the paste and wipe off excess paste and adhere it to your letter. Let dry completely. Do a second layer of paper mache the same exact way. Let dry completely. Once it’s dry you will want to take a fine sandpaper and sand down some of the rough spots. I then painted it with a marigold color. That’s it! Crystal. Fast, Easy, and Cheap DIY Floating Shelf. During my recent living room makeover, I knew that I wanted a wood floating shelf above the couch, and I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg, so my mission was to find a DIY floating shelf project that was quick and easy.

I hopped online and found a variety of different tutorials, but nothing was really as easy as I had hoped for. I didn't want to have to cut a ton of wood or strip pieces in half, so I decided to come up with my own plan using standard wood sizes that can easily be found in your home improvement store. I'm super happy with how it turned out so I wanted to share my plans so you can create one too! The best part... This shelf cost me under $20 to make! Like I said, I made this as easy as possible. Supplies: Stain of your choice 1 ½" wood screws Drill with drill bit Wood (see cut list below) Cut List: You can cut the wood yourself, or just have your hardware store do it for you!

1. 2. 3. 4. I told you it was easy. DIY Foam Frames of Awesomeness. Diy constellation coasters. If you read this blog, you’ll notice it’s been a while since i’ve done any DIY crafts. well SORRY i’ve been super busy and i moved and gimme a break! Now that i’m a lot more settled in the apartment, i’ll be doing more DIYs again I PROMISE. i feel like no matter how many coasters are in the room, there will still be one too many drinks. is this a problem for everyone? So i decided we needed a set JUST for our office. this is a really easy DIY that just requires some patience and a steady hand. and if you have a decent printer at home, all you need to do is find a cute image you want to use and print it out!

I added the gold edges so the coasters would look less like tiles and more store-bought. i think it did the trick! Print outs of your choice of design (i found this vintage celestial print and just used it all four times in different areas) white ceramic tiles felt stickers for the bottom mod podge spray shellac an xacto blade pencil foam brush gold leaf pen or paint pen (optional) Masonite Panel Hanging Tutorial. I spent a good part of the last few days getting some work matted, framed, and packed for a show that I'm a part of next month (more on that later). I figured I would share with you the way that I hang my masonite panel paintings. I wanted them to float off the wall while also being stable, and easy to hang. I've used this method for both small and large panels, and it seems to work wonderfully.

So here is my panel: It is about 1/8" thick, so most traditional ways of hanging panels are ruled out. Here are the supplies you'll need (plus glue!) *please note, the phrase 'baby saw' is referring to the size of the saw, not the intended use. You should be able to screw the screw eyes in with your hands, no special tools needed.

When you nail the nails into the wall, you can angle them up to make sure the panels stay flush to the wall. I've used this method to hang both paintings on, and photographs mounted to masonite panels. Home Decor | Girl's Bedroom. Here it is, my daughter’s bedroom design, as promised in my New Home design blogpost. The main highlight of my daughter’s room design includes the big tree wall decal with shelves, the flying butterflies on the wall, the picture frames above the bed’s headboard and the empty space that connect her bed to the study table etc…. oh, not forgetting the “Secret Garden” quilt blanket I designed and sewed for her few months ago. I hope to cover all this in this post. Early this year, during the hunt on the design inspirations for my new home, I stumbled upon one of the Pinterest’s pins of this adorable tree wall decal that allows some shelves to be installed on the tree branches.

I fell in love at first sight and decided to search the source of buying one for my daughter’s room. I did a quick image search on Google and that’s how I have found Simple Shapes. Weeks later, the shelving tree wall decal arrived, I was so enthusiastic and wanting it to be up at no time. Get all updates via email: Loved It, Made It: Abstract Art Painting DIY - Love From Ginger. I saw an amazing abstract art DIY on Style Me Pretty Living a while back and have been so dying to try Jacqueline’s idea. I’ve added a combination of gold leaf and copper and silver paint to mine which I really love. Up close you can see the wonderful texture the gold leaf added. I went a bit wild with the paint brush flicking too. Possibly too wild. The steps I followed are all below if you’re keen to give this a go too. Supplies: Wrapped canvas Different size paint brushes Assorted paints (don’t forget the neon!) You can buy gold foil in sheets from your local art supplies store.

Step 01: I painted my canvas roughly with a big brush with an undercoat of silver. You can see how I have added some layers to give some parts a deeper silver look. Step 02: Glue on your gold foil. This stuff is really sticky be warned! The texture is really pretty don’t you think? Step 03: Start to build up your layers. The trick is to just be brave and get in there. Constellation Art DIY. I moved into my house about seven months ago, and have been very (and I mean very) slowly trying to decorate all of the rooms. Making our home actually feel like "home" has been one huge ongoing process. Mostly because we went from a tiny two bedroom apartment, to a a rather large four bedroom house. The living area has been the most challenging for me to decorate, but I have finally decided I want to cover all the walls with art prints and paintings.

Seeing as I only have a measly three pieces of art hanging in that room now, I thought it was about time for me to start making my own to hang on the walls. Supplies: Canvas, Black paint, Gold paint, Paint brushes, Gold card stock, Glue, Pencil, Star Template, Scissors 1. 2. 4. 5. 7. I now have a little less empty wall space in my living room, which makes me oh-so-happy! Xxoo Jené. Denim Covered Pencil Can. This denim covered can is perfect for holding markers, pens, pencils, scissors or paintbrushes. Use scrap fabric and recycled blue jeans to make this fun pencil holder for your office, craft room, school art room or even a homework desk.

A fun recycling project for any age! I use this can in my craft room to hold my older paintbrushes, the ones that I let kids use when they want to. I really like the look that the denim provides, so I will probably be making several more of these as well! It’s really simple. Just cover a can with denim, I used a cashew can. Cut out letters from fabric and attach them to denim. It’s a new year, so why not start your “get organized” resolution with a fun project!

What you need: Large recycled can Recycled denim blue jeans with seam Patterned fabric scraps Colored denim scraps* Scissors Hot glue gun What you do: Cut enough denim to go around the can, positioning the seam at the top of the can. Notes from Amanda. Fabric covered bullentin boards – Craft Days « madisonzanecreations. Glitter Galaxy Ornament DIY. Gathering Beauty: Painting with Melted Crayons. DIY Halloween Nevermore Tree decor. Halloween Tree and Ornament Tutorial. Make Halloween Ruffle Trees. DIY Wall Art - Paper Mache Alphabet Craft. How to make a Driftwood Seahorse. Ode to the humble paint chip | sketchy styles. DIY Instagram Wall Collage with 12x12 Photographic Prints |Persnickety Prints. Mon makes things: Storage Ottoman DIY. Garden Collage Wall Art. Inspiration For Moms: I Finished It Friday: Canvas Wall Art. TUTORIAL: Coffee Stirrer DIY Wall Art -

DIY String Art Tutorial. Jambalaya Boxes. Mardi Gras Beads Redux: Funkytown Ceiling Lamp. Big Easy Mardi Gras Wreath. Little Birdie Wall Hangings (plus free template. ABC Alphabet Wall. Just Dowel It | My Chic Life. Curly Letter. Make a Knock Off Anthropologie Chain Vase. DIY Pantone chip magnets. Washer Monogram Canvas Art. Steampunk Home Decor - Light Switch Plates. DIY Ribbon Bookmarks. DIY Pegboard Wall | Lovely Wren.