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Free Patternsclick below to download each PDF « modafabrics. Giving Your Backyard A Brand New Look - FaithTap. Do you find yourself glancing at your backyard thinking, "I really need to do something to liven up the look, or lack thereof that I currently have going on. " Well, if that's the case, these are great and simple ideas to get you started. Implement a few of these projects and you will have yourself a brand new backyard. 1. By using cinder blocks and long pieces of wood create a beautiful outdoor couch. Lena Sekine 2. Organized Chaos 3. Killer B Designs 4. Killer B Designs 5. Davis Heritage 6.

Lee Valley 7. Killer B Designs 8. Pinterest 9. Style Me Pretty 10. 11. Gorgeous Shiny Things 12. A Beautiful Mess 13. A Beautiful Mess 14. A Beautiful Mess 15. Craftster 16. Book Of Joe 17. Upcycle That 18. Upcycle That 19. Upcycle That 20. Enpundit 21. Almanac 22. 23. Lowes 24. Remodelaholic 25. Dream Garden 101 26. Ata Girl Says 27. There Was A Crooked House 28. The Brambleberry Cottage 29. Garden Drama 30. Ashleys Dandelion Wishes 31. Floradora Gardens 32. Sensibly Sara 33. We Heart It 34. Running With Scissors 35. Town Mouse. Don’t Throw Out Those Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls! Here Are 17 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Them! Deposit Photos We’re big advocates of reusing paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Once you’re done with those paper towels, recycling the roll seems like a waste, especially when there are so many amazing DIY projects that you can make with these rolls!

From adorable crafts for around the home to handy hacks that are guaranteed to make your life easier, there are few things as versatile as the paper towel roll. Don’t believe us? Check out these 17 brilliant ways to reuse these rolls in extremely useful ways. Lace Bracelets Toilet paper rolls are best for this project, especially if your kids have tiny wrists!

These bracelets looks so lovely, you’d never know that they’re actually rolls of toilet paper covered in lace and adorable buttons. Have you used paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls in a useful DIY? 35 Insanely Awesome DIY Projects You Can Make with Items from the Dollar Store. The Art of Doing Stuff via Lighter Side Of Real Estate Sometimes, when we look around online, it seems like crafting and homemade décor requires a huge budget, with special crafts corners, wrapping paper stations and extra rooms. Even when the projects are small enough to do on the kitchen table, they can require specialized materials or tools that cost a bundle. While we love the masters who can make just about anything, our favorite projects are the ones that ANY of us can do and everybody can afford, and a lot of them have the same thing in common: everything you need for them is at the Dollar Store!

What could be more frugal or DIY than THAT?! Read on for our 35 favorite ideas that can all be made with items from the Dollar Store, and add some thrifty, homemade, beautiful fun to your home. Want even MORE ideas were these came from? Atty's: Crochet Stool Cover. Crochet Stool Cover Photo Tutorial First you have to make these strips I made a chainless foundation of 43, using the method in this video Then follow these steps: I made 22 strips in total to fit my stool. Join them together like this: Then braid them Single crochet all the way around till the end and then double crochet through both layers Keep on going with the double crochet, don't stop at the corners Except in the corner where you started, slip stitch to close, chain 2 and double crochet on. For the edge, chain 3, skip 4 double crochet, single crochet in between. Rubber door mats - Monicas Creative Room.

A really nice thing you can cast is larger stepping stones using rubber doormats in a mold. I got hold of two different rubber mats with different sizes. I made one mold for each mat and used a steel mesh to reinforced the concrete because it is so big. When casting, I filled one layer with concrete in the mold, then I put the steel mesh in and one more layer of concrete. I patted down the rubber mat up side down. Then, I left it to harden for two days before I took apart the mold and removed the rubber mat. DIY West Elm Morocco Headboard. Happy Thursday! Today I am going to cover one headboard idea we gave during our segment with our local Fox station last week. It’s one my favorites! You see, I’ve always loved this headboard from West Elm. . . And when I saw this rubber door mat at Target. . . I knew I had found the perfect piece to DIY my own version of the West Elm headboard with ease!

Here are the quick, easy instructions. 1. Not bad, right! Our queen size version was less than $100! ‘Til tomorrow! Ordinary Doormats Become Gorgeous Works Of Art. The front sends you off to work, it greets you when you arrive home, and it keeps your carpets dirt-free. Time to show IT some love! Repurpose that mat...and create something astonishing! Ordinary Out...Chic In! Gone are the days of only hanging paintings and framed pictures to dress up the walls of your home. A Concrete Creation With a handful of simple materials, a touch of creativity, and a bit of time... "Stepway" to Heaven can create these stunning, intricate slabs of stone! A Paperless World Now-a-days, we store more information on computers and less in filing cabinets. Rags to Riches There are times when standing out is a good thing...but not when it's the air vent in the middle of your family picture wall. Sleep in Style Turn a few inexpensive, plain doormats into a breathtaking, beautiful headboard for your bed! A Simple Project... "Privacy Please" Gigantic Peg Board Cross Stitch Wall Art. She Took Pieces Of PVC Pipe And Put Them In Her Bathroom. What She Makes Is Something ANYONE Would Use! :: NX2 - News Twice As Fast. Kids. This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart.

All opinions are 100% mine. One of the biggest challenges that I face on a daily basis is keeping up with my water intake. Before I had children I pretty much lived off of soda and coffee. Once our children were old enough to make choices for themselves, my husband and I knew that we needed to help our girls make healthier choices by providing a better example. About 3 years ago we stopped keeping soda in the house. Sure, we may splurge a little at a family barbeque, or when we go out to a restaurant. At home, however, those high sugar, caffeine induced drinks have been replaced with refreshing bottled water. Even with the changes we have made in our healthy drinking habits over the past couple years, I still have trouble getting my recommended amount of daily water.

View & Print - Water Log After finishing a bottle of water, it gets crossed off. Need more inspiration to help you and your family drink more water? Diy home sweet home: crafty. Winter is fast approaching and for many the cold weather is already upon us. I love winter... Fuzzy slippers, hot coco, reading books in front of the fireplace, a hug mound of coats being piled up at the front door... Wait! What? I know I can't be the only one with this problem. Save Wooden Dowel Coat Rack Rustic Entryway Coat Rack Modern Concrete and Broomstick Coat Rack If you enjoyed this post, don't forget to pin it for later.

How To Build A Hay Bale Swimming Pool. 25 Totally Clever Storage Tips and Tricks. Here is a great list of 25 totally clever storage tips and tricks that you can use in your home. I have already creating quite a few sections of shelving in my home based on a couple of these tricks I have read. Head on over to Babble to see all 25 ideas… Bable – 25 Storage Tips and Tricks. 16 Genius Home Hacks That Have Changed Our Lives. Make Your Vacuum work hard with toilet paper tube The plastic head that comes with your vacuum cannot reach some dead corner of the house, but if you want a flexible attachment, try holding a toilet paper tube over the nozzle and squishing the cardboard to fit your space. Check out more via Lifehacker. Try a Flower Grid for Perfect Flower Arrangement It’s super annoying when flowers droop to the side in the vases that are of wide openings. Try to create a grid across the opening using scotch tapes.

Don’t want to wash your duvet because it’s difficult to put it off and on? Prevent Cake Batter from Splattering Use a paper plate as a shield to prevent the batter splattering around before your cake is even ready to be baked. Cut Round Cakes the Right Way To keep your circular cake fresh for longer, you actually shouldn’t cut it into triangles. Peel a Potato Faster Remove Annoying Deodorant Stains Make Taking Out the Trash Easier Secret to Cleaning Toilet with Hard Water Stains.

20+ Creative DIY Pallet Storage Ideas and Projects. Pallet into Shelves by using directly or after painting. More Project Ideas and Credit – 101 Pallets Spice up your kitchen for more space with this pallet spice rack. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – yayapartmenting Pallet Sports Equipment Storage and Organizer. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – clean and scentsible. Pallet into Bookshelf.

Pallet into Office Desk. Pallet Horizontally Cut and Mounted as Floating Wall Shelves. 20+ Fabulous DIY Patio and Garden Swings. 1. Giant Porch Swing Tutorial: Nest Egg Typepad 2. Repurposed Galore Porch Swing Source: Huckleberry Lane Furniture 3. Tutorial: Junk Market Style 4. Source: 5. Tutorial: 6. Tutorial: 34 DIY Projects You Need To Make in Spring. 10+ Fabulous DIY Ways to Recycle Old T-Shirts.

Are you looking for ways to use those t-shirts that you’ve been holding on to but can’t wear anymore? You may think of refashion them into some new styles as the tutorials we have shared before. But if you just don’t need these tees for clothing any more, here are 10 more fabulous DIY Ways to Repurpose your old t-shirts into something new for your home decoration or as accessories! This beautiful rainbow rug is made from t-shirt yarn.

Braided rug tutorial Via: Sew Liberated. Recycled t-shirt bracelet. Turn t-shirts into girl’s skirt. Cut and braid T-shirt to Scarf. Cut T-shirt into T-shirt yarn necklace. T-shirt Knotted Lampshade. Repurposed t-shirt rag rug. DIY colorful t-shirt wreath! Make a t-shirt flower dress, nice way to recycle old tees. DIY Beautiful Crochet Rag Rug from Old T-shirt DIY Weave Hula hoop Rug Tutorial with Video Houndstooth Roll Clutch Via 2nd Funniest Thing Upcycled T-shirt Produce Bag. You may also love these ways to restyle your plain T-shirts: 20+ Upcycled Egg Carton Decorating Ideas. 1. Egg carton flower lights Tutorial: Egg carton flower lights Via Norskeinterior 2. Egg Carton Flower Pendant Light Tutorial: Egg Carton Flower Pendant Light Via Addicted 2 Decorating 3.

Tutorial: Egg Carton Decorative Mirror Via Better Homes and Garden Tutorial: Egg Carton Decorative Mirror Via I Creative Ideas 4. Tutorial: Egg carton roses Via Fab Art DIY 5. Tutorial: Easter Egg Serving Centerpiece Via Fab Art DIY 6. Tutorial: Egg Carton Easter Wreath Via I Creative Ideas 7. Tutorial: Egg-citing Wreath for Spring Via Brave New Home. 25 Must Do DIY Projects. 10 Fun Paint Chip DIY Projects - DIY Craft Projects.


Pallets diy projects. 31 Cheap Tricks For Making Your Bathroom The Best Room In The House. Maker Space from IKEA PS 2014 Wardrobe - IKEA Hackers. 33 Clever And Unexpected Uses For Ikea Products.