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Polenta with Wild Mushrooms, Garlic and Sage. Ina Garten’s Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli Recipe on Food52. Test Kitchen-Approved Author Notes In November 2008, Adam Roberts published a blog post with the headline “The Best Broccoli of Your Life”, about a recipe from Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics. He promised that at least one person liked the broccoli more than steak. This post has since become the most popular in the history of his blog The Amateur Gourmet—one of the first food blogs and, until Roberts quieted the blog in 2015, one of the most beloved. Adapted slightly from Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics (Clarkson Potter, 2008). Watch This Recipe Ina Garten’s Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli Volume 0% Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts Play/PauseSPACE Increase Volume↑ Decrease Volume↓ Seek Forward→ Seek Backward← Captions On/Offc Fullscreen/Exit Fullscreenf Mute/Unmutem Seek %0-9 Next Up The Best Pan-Roasted Potatoes Prep time 5 minutes Cook time 25 minutes Serves 6 In This Recipe Directions Heat the oven to 425° F.

Ingredients. Butternut Squash Noodle Pasta Recipe. Get excited, it’s fall faux noodle time!

Butternut Squash Noodle Pasta Recipe

In the past we’ve done papaya, zucchini, and cucumber, but today’s seasonal “noodle” is butternut squash. I mixed these pretty orange julienned spirals with regular noodles and made this simple leek & sage pasta. Of course, you could make this same dish with cubed squash, but you can’t twirl cubes on your fork, so where’s the fun in that? The butternut noodles make for a fun texture variation – I cooked them for less time than the pasta noodles, so they had nice firm bite. Curry + garlic sweet potato fries w/ miso gravy. Pin it!

curry + garlic sweet potato fries w/ miso gravy

I’ve been kind of re-interested in making/having fun with healthy food again. Oh wait, does that sound weird given the context of what usually goes on here? At the risk of sounding way too privileged/gross, when you have most of the bells and whistles to make the food… it just kinda gets boring/less inspired in an everyday sense after a while. When I first got a julienne peeler, it was all infinite and excited combinations of spaghetti’d vegetables for almost every meal. When I tried vanilla powder for the first time, it seemed to make everything taste way, way better. HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY - healthy food and living. Introduction Traditional risotto rice is refined and starchy which can often leave you feeling bloated and heavy by the time you’ve finished eating.

HEMSLEY + HEMSLEY - healthy food and living

Texturally, quinoa seeds make an ideal substitute as well as adding a nutty flavour. As a bonus they are quicker to cook and add a good helping of protein to this dish - Italians please don’t be too annoyed, we know risotto means rice! Ideally, soak your quinoa the night before for better digestion and maximum nutrients, but if you can’t or don’t, don’t feel bad! Gluten-Free Grill-Roasted Peppers. Nutritional information Serves 8 Roasting a bell pepper on the grill is easy and yields great results.

Gluten-Free Grill-Roasted Peppers

Eggplant recipes. I’ve been cooking eggplant like crazy lately, but you know what?

eggplant recipes

It’s not the easiest vegetable to photograph. So today I’m rounding up some old favorites as well as some recipes from around the web that are on my to-make list before summer is over. Do you have a favorite way to cook eggplant/aubergine? Double Broccoli Quinoa Recipe. This double broccoli quinoa bowl is a favorite of mine.

Double Broccoli Quinoa Recipe

I cook up lots of broccoli, then puree half of it into a pesto. The other half is cut into little florets. Delicata Squash Recipes. Delicata is the lazy cooks winter squash.

Delicata Squash Recipes

Its the sole squash I'm able to square off with in breezy fashion. Unlike working with other squash, I'm typically able to maintain composure throughout its preparation. If you've ever cursed a Hokkaido, or permanently lodged a knife in a hubbard, you know what I'm talking about. The delicata is a dream. Roasted Delicata Squash Rings. If you are in a pre-Thanksgiving panic and looking for an easy, healthy side dish to add to your Thanksgiving table, first check out this checklist from Jezebel of things you should have already done for Thanksgiving, like starting your own cranberry bog and hatching your own turkey eggs.

Roasted Delicata Squash Rings

Then consider adding this simple Roasted Delicata Squash Rings recipe to your menu. Delicata is a sweet fall squash that’s now available at many grocery stores and farmers’ markets. Not only does it have a sweet, starchy flesh, but the peel is beautiful and edible, so you don’t even have to go through the work of peeling it like other squashes. Just slice it and roast it and you’ve got a simple and visually stunning side dish to complement any fall meal. Vegetarian Recipe of the Week. Quinoa with Dried Cherries and Pistachios Recipe. Healthy Side Dish: Shiitake Mushrooms and Pea Pods. Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach with Garbanzo Beans) Recipe. Artichokes with Saffron and Almonds Recipe. Lentil Almond Stir-Fry Recipe. A warm, hearty, fill-you-up stir-fry for a cold night.

Lentil Almond Stir-Fry Recipe

There's nothing too fancy going on here, just tiny potatoes, golden brussels sprout wedges, toasted almonds and lentils tossed together in a olive oil-slicked skillet. I served it with a drizzle of mint and a bit of thinned-out, salted plain yogurt, and a sprinkling of chopped dates. Making the mint drizzle take a bit of extra effort that you could skip if you don't have the inclination to make an extra component.

Quinoa with Toasted Pine Nuts Recipe. Sweet potatoes with pecans and goat cheese. This is the kind of thing you come up with when you have a one year-old who, like many one year-olds, wishes to eat sweet potatoes with every meal.

sweet potatoes with pecans and goat cheese

Sure, the goal is for the kid to eat exactly what the rest of the family is eating for dinner, but there are only so many days in a row we can feign excitement over a side of sweet potatoes and I have only so much heart to deny the kid something he delights in. And so I spent a good part of September and October roasting sweet potatoes, repeating the task enough times that I made two great discoveries. Moroccan-spiced spaghetti squash. I keep promising you all some quick, easy recipes but sharing instead a mousse that requires at least five bowls and an electric mixer that must be washed down no less than three times, a quiche that has at least three different components, cauliflower that demands you cook each ingredient separately and a from-scratch doughnut recipe that entails reducing, rolling, freezing, frying and dipping.

I have no doubt that you’re standing out there in front of your monitor, hands on hips, demanding answers.