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Mains and sides

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Chickpea and date tagine. Posted on January 25, 2012 by Jessica in International, main dishes, Recipes.

Chickpea and date tagine

I love Morrocan, Middle Eastern, and Indian food. This recipe falls in the North African category of Morrocan, and the spices are warming, and give an added sense to the words comfort food, that helps to warm the soul. This is one of those dishes, with no heat, unlike some spicier dishes. The recipe comes from Vegetarian Times, but at this time, their site is down. Detox Carrot Slaw. Carrol Tahini Slaw There are two ways I love to “detox” from the holidays as the New Year rolls around.

Detox Carrot Slaw

The first is by fully hydrating my body and drinking plenty of nutrient-dense beverages like fresh juice and coconut water. The second is by filling my plate with plenty of robust salads and slaws – like this Easy Tahini Detox Carrot Slaw. Crunchy, spiced slaws are delicious detox food. They fill you up (rich in fiber) and keep you chewing for a while since they have so much crunchy texture. Easy Tahini Detox Carrot Slawvegan, makes 5 cups 10 ounces julienne cut/matchstick carrots 1 cup organic Raisins 1/4 cup roasted pumpkin seeds 1/3 cup tahini 1-2 Tbsp Muchi Curry powder (use more for more spice) 1/4 cup lemon juice 2 Tbsp maple syrup 1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Tofu topper over carrot slaw Optional topping: tofu cubes! Read more from Kathy on Kathy’s blog, Healthy. Don’t miss the latest from Family Kitchen – Like Us on Facebook! Garlicky Baked Fries. I’m never going to make garlic potato fries any other way.

Garlicky Baked Fries

These garlic fries, win hands down as the best garlic french fries I’ve ever made. Plus they are baked – so I won’t feel too guilty if I make it every time I’m craving for some potato comfort. When I read that there is garlic infused oil involved, my heart skipped a beat (in a good way, not the way oil would otherwise treat your heart). I got down to making them immediately. How to Make Vegan Bechamel Sauce: 7 steps. Maple ♥ Spice: Pan Fried Chive Gnocchi with Sun-Dried Tomato Coulis. Oh my this was good, and it would make a great Valentine's meal, especially with some homemade Garlic Bread ;-) Or any day of the week as it's been kid approved too - my son loved this and he's never liked store bought gnocchi, so yay for homemade!

Maple ♥ Spice: Pan Fried Chive Gnocchi with Sun-Dried Tomato Coulis

I do love gnocchi and you can buy vegan ready made gnocchi in the shops, at least I was able to in London when we lived there and here in Ireland Super-Value's own label gnocchi does just happen to be vegan. But I've always wanted to make my own and was inspired here from watching Catherine Fulvio make this Spinach Gnocchi on her fab cooking show awhile back. Not only did she make it look so easy but I loved the idea of adding chopped spinach to the dough and I really loved the way she just cut them into rustic diagonal shapes as opposed to the traditional forked orbs you usually see. Meatless Monday: Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff. I adapted this recipe from a dish I had at Luna 61, a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in Tivoli, NY.

Meatless Monday: Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

It is a stroganoff that uses mushrooms instead of meat. I took it to the next level by making it vegan and gluten free, while maintaining the awesome taste. The sherry and nutmeg are two key ingredients that give this dish its signature flavor. Sauced: Homemade Ketchup. Sweet potato ravioli with kale pesto + celebrating. So how did you fare over the holidays?

sweet potato ravioli with kale pesto + celebrating

Oh me? Pretty great. There was plenty of food, amazing people, kisses, hugs, cookies and unexpected (but still wonderful) gifts around every corner. Celebrating anything with those you love is definitely the best thing. Like ever. More importantly, I want to put in the effort to make more meals like this. Santa brought me the pasta roller attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer this year (lucky girl, I know) so I tried a spelt and chia seed combo for the dough. Spelt and chia seed ravioli with sweet potato filling and kale pestoserves: makes 25-30 ravioli (like 4 servings-ish)special equipment: a food processornotes: This recipe uses a whole cup of pine nuts. Dough: 2 tbsp ground chia seeds 1/2 cup + 3 tbsp water, divided 1 cup white spelt flour 3/4 cup whole spelt flour 1/2 tsp fine sea salt 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Make the dough: combine the ground chia seeds with 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp water.

Sheet the pasta: cut the dough into 4 pieces. Vegan Pesto Sauce.