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Why Turkey's currency crash does not worry Erdogan. Global markets fall after Moderna Omicron warning. Biden: Fact-checking claims about US economic progress. Image source, AFP President Joe Biden says the US has made "historic progress" on the economy in the last 10 months.

Biden: Fact-checking claims about US economic progress

In a speech before Thursday's Thanksgiving holiday in the US, he also talked about price rises and supply chain problems. The boom in buying a car without ever leaving your sofa. The Deloitte Global 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey. What investors need to know about Gen Z - Wealth management - Schroders. Ever heard the term “OK Boomer” or “Quaking” before?

What investors need to know about Gen Z - Wealth management - Schroders

What about “Yeet” or “Fam” or “Let's Get This Bread!” 1 You will soon be hearing these phrases from those entering today's workforce. We are in the early days of the rise of Generation Z (“Gen Z”) – those born after 1995. Their impact will be swift and profound and its effects will ripple through the workplace, consumption and technology alike. Firms step up graduate job pay amid fierce competition. Bank of England hints at future interest rate rise. Australia jobs: 'The staffing issue is impossible' Staff shortages see UK meat carcasses sent to EU for butchering. Impact of Brexit on economy 'worse than Covid' No college degree? No problem, say growing number of major employers.

But your chances may be better than you think, thanks to a growing network of white-collar apprenticeship programs that lead to jobs at blue chip employers, including big tech players like Google, Amazon and Salesforce.

No college degree? No problem, say growing number of major employers

Such programs result in paid, on-the-job training, benefits, coaching and access to employee and alumni networks. Over the past five years, employers have been trying to solve for two things: Kraft Heinz says people must get used to higher food prices. Why are energy prices soaring? Nations agree to 15% minimum corporate tax rate. Spain rent: Monthly €250 bonus plan for under-35s. Why 26 Korean words have been added to Oxford English Dictionary. Changing China: How Beijing's crackdowns are impacting business. How to control a consumer panic. Gas crisis: No chance lights will go out, says government. Gas price rise: US boss holds crisis gas talks with UK. Canada election: Why it takes 30 years to buy a house in Canada.

Food shortages could be permanent, warns industry body. UK on course to drop from Germany's top 10 trading partners. Australia house prices soar at 'unsustainable' rate. Biden to sign new order cracking down on Big Tech. Food-delivery apps up to 44% more expensive, survey finds. The link between Money Supply and Inflation - Economics Help.

Readers Question: When would an increase in the money supply not result in an increase in inflation?

The link between Money Supply and Inflation - Economics Help

In a simplified form. Increasing the money supply faster than the growth in real output will cause inflation. The reason is that there is more money chasing the same number of goods. Therefore, the increase in monetary demand causes firms to put up prices.If the money supply increases at the same rate as real output, then prices will stay the same. Simple example of money supply and inflation. G7 tax deal: What is it and are Amazon and Facebook included? Covid: What do we know about global youth unemployment?

US super-rich 'pay almost no income tax' Bitcoin: El Salvador makes cryptocurrency legal tender. Bitcoin: El Salvador plans to make cryptocurrency legal tender. UN: Cost of food rises at fastest pace in over a decade. The uncertain future of Britain's offices. Covid economy: What economists got right (and wrong) US inflation sees biggest jump since 2008. EU unveils plans for overseas tourists to return. Biden tax changes could be 'significant' for Ireland. Bank of England to consider digital money plan. What happens if we give everyone 'free money'? - BBC Reel. France moves to ban short-haul domestic flights.

Joe Biden: Could his tax plan affect US investment in Ireland? US spies peer into the future - and it doesn't look good. Are pay-by-the-minute booths the future of work? Five animals to spot in a post-Covid financial jungle.