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McDonald's to introduce plant-based burgers and fast food. Amazon charged with abusing EU competition rules. China's Singles Day: 3m people, 4,000 planes and cargo ships. Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Bank's Software Ecosystem. Running a bank is no small task.

Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Bank's Software Ecosystem

You need to have impressive interpersonal communication skills, good time management, great abilities with financial knowledge, and now, the ability to operate a wide range of advanced digital software. Banks are complex, and the functions that go into making them work well have grown and grown over the years, but surprisingly, much of this innovation has helped make banking easier.

Still, the number of tasks that go into the proper operation of a bank and ensuring its success is still numerous, which means the tools you need have changed, too. Among them, as mentioned, are software tools for managing things like cash flow and cash optimization, security software, and many more. With all of these options, it can feel overwhelming, especially for bank branches planning on updating or overhauling their existing systems to more modern technologies. 1) Cash optimization The first thing that banks deal with is money. 2) Security functionality 3) Mobile support. All Your Questions About Mobile Banking Answered. You can do nearly anything on your phone nowadays.

All Your Questions About Mobile Banking Answered

You can get dinner, track your health, stay in-touch with faraway friends and family, all with just a few clicks. But did you know you can also deposit money, manage your credit cards, and perform other financial to-do tasks on your smartphone? And you can do it all from the convenience of your own home. Mobile banking is gaining popularity across the globe. And for good reason: It’s convenient, fast and safe. If you’re a little intimidated or confused by mobile banking, though, you’re not alone. Coronavirus: Hauliers included in Denmark restrictions.

Jack Ma's terrible week. After four years of Trump, 'Sleepy Joe' sounds just fine to Wall Street. The chaotic nature of the Trump era has left investors constantly on the edge of their seats.

After four years of Trump, 'Sleepy Joe' sounds just fine to Wall Street

Whether a verbal assault on the Federal Reserve chairman or a sudden decision to lob tariffs on China or an attack on a major American company like General Motors, there hasn't been a dull moment. If the presidency goes to Biden, a conventional politician with 40 years of experience in Washington, he is expected to govern with the kind of steadiness that investors crave. That could reduce uncertainty for markets, especially in key areas such as trade policy, foreign relations and negotiations with Congress on ways to revive the economy. "Investors spent the last four years one tweet away from major market moves," said Ed Mills, Washington policy analyst at Raymond James. Stocks week ahead: Markets have had their election party. Is there a hangover coming? The scene: Most of Wall Street had been expecting Democrats to win the White House and pick up seats in the Senate, paving the way for generous stimulus to help the US economy recover from the pandemic.

Stocks week ahead: Markets have had their election party. Is there a hangover coming?

Votes are still being counted, but the odds of Democrats taking control of the Senate have dropped. Even so, markets have found a new narrative. Why Online Transparency is Key to Business Success. Trust is at the foundation of any good business-customer relationship.

Why Online Transparency is Key to Business Success

In fact, trust is so elemental, that some businesses may take it for granted. Understand Customer Relationship Management. In order to understand CRM meaning, one needs to substantiate acronym, which stands for Customer Relationship Management.

Understand Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a perspective that allows a company to check the interactions with the customers of past and present. It concludes the history of the customers through data analysis and tries to improve the business relations and focus on the promotion and sales growth of their business. It compiles the data in a range of different companies, websites, live chat, marketing, and most important communication via channels. Bentley reveals plan to go fully electric by 2030. Insurer RSA's shares soar on £7.2bn takeover talks. How liquid air could help keep the lights on. Brexit: Watchdog warns of 'significant' border disruption. The Importance of Painters' Insurance.

Whether you are already the proud owner of a thriving painting business or are hoping to get one off the ground, there are a few very important things about the industry that you either already know or need to get familiar with as soon as possible.

The Importance of Painters' Insurance

One of the most important parts of owning a sustainable and successful painting business is making sure that you, your employees, your customers, and your equipment is well taken care of and well-protected at all times. The best way to be sure of that is to get painter’s insurance. If you are curious about why you should absolutely own painters insurance, read more below. Without painters insurance, your personal finances are on the table. Things You'll Need to Be a Successful Wedding Planner. Do you have a passion for weddings?

Things You'll Need to Be a Successful Wedding Planner

Perhaps you have a natural talent and creative skills that you’d like to put to use? Whether you’ve earned a degree in event management or you’ve helped enough of your friends plan the wedding of their dreams, you could turn your passion into a career. Coronavirus: Rolls-Royce to cut 1,400 jobs as cull continues. Jeffrey Epstein's $22 million Palm Beach mansion will be demolished. The six-bedroom, 14,000-square-foot waterfront home with a staff house and pool house was previously owned by Epstein, who died while in prison in 2019 after being arrested on federal charges for allegedly running a sex-trafficking enterprise between his Manhattan home and his Palm Beach estate.

Jeffrey Epstein's $22 million Palm Beach mansion will be demolished

The home was put on the market in July and Corcoran agent Kerry Warwick confirmed it is currently in contract for purchase. The buyer is Todd Michael Glaser, a Florida-based developer who specializes in multimillion-dollar tear downs. Jeff Bezos dumped $3 billion worth of Amazon stock. Stocks are on track for their best week since April. Tips for Successful Job Interviews. Congratulations!

Tips for Successful Job Interviews

You’ve finally got that job interview scheduled! 3 Things to Consider When Applying for a Payday Loan. Applying for payday loans online is pretty straightford, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to take your eye off the ball. There are several things you need to be aware of when filling in an application for a payday loan and it pays to be prepared. Here’s a simple guide to the three most important factors to consider, to help you get your application right first time. 1) How quickly do you need the money?

Before you decide to apply for a payday loan, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself, such as ‘how quickly will I be able to pay this off? And ‘when do I need the money?’ Jack Ma's Ant Group: World's biggest market debut suspended. Financial markets rise ahead of US election. Ant Group: China yanks IPO to show Jack Ma who's really in charge. The Shanghai Stock Exchange said in a late night statement that it had postponed the Ant Group IPO because of "major issues" that might cause the company "not to meet the listing conditions or disclosure requirements.

" That came after the Chinese central bank and other Chinese government officials called in Ma and Ant Group executives for talks Monday. The Shanghai bourse is "fulfilling its responsibility of self regulation," Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told reporters on Wednesday. China's yuan has its worst fall in years on fears of renewed US tension. China's yuan briefly plunged as much as 1.4% against the US dollar on Wednesday as Trump remained in contention with former Vice President Joe Biden and was projected to win key states like Florida and Texas. The drop in the offshore yuan, where the currency is traded more freely, is the largest single-day percentage drop since February 2018, according to Stephen Innes, chief global market strategist for Axi.

The offshore yuan eventually pared losses, and was last down 0.7%, or about 6.7 yuan per US dollar. The more tightly controlled onshore yuan slumped 0.6% after falling more than 1% in Shanghai. "In light of China-US tensions, the [renminbi] market movement hinges on the US election outcome," according to Ken Cheung, chief foreign exchange strategist for Asia at Mizuho Bank. He wrote in a research note Wednesday that should Trump secure reelection, that would suggest "the extension of America First agenda and protectionism policy. " 3 Sustainable Online Side Gigs You Can Start This Year. Are you passionate about environmental conservation? Do you want to build your own business or start a side hustle? If your answer is yes to both, then why not start a sustainable business? This way, you can earn money while doing something you are passionate about.

Consumers today are more aware about environmental issues, and a majority of them want brands to start green initiatives and eco-friendly practices. How to Create a Website for Your Freelance Event Planning Business. As an event planner, you know how to work a crowd. You plan every performance down to the minute, ensure the food served is at peak freshness, and that each of your guests leave the venue wanting more. You know how to work a crowd, but you might not know how to work the backend of websites. We get it; it can be intimidating. Third of staff 'fear catching Covid at work' Ant Group co-founder Jack Ma called in to talk to Chinese regulators ahead of IPO. The People's Bank of China and three other financial regulators "conducted regulatory interviews" with Ma, Ant executive chairman Eric Jing, and chief executive officer Simon Hu, according to a brief statement from China's Securities Regulatory Commission.

The government statement didn't go into detail. Donald Trump's final bid vs Joe Biden in US election: A false warning of 'cheating' The President's final act of the campaign threatens to rock a surreal election at a destabilizing moment in history, with the US battling a once-in-a century public health crisis, a consequent economic slump and embroiled in an unresolved racial reckoning. Emerging Trends in the Area of FINTECH. How to Renovate Your New Home. New coronavirus lockdowns lead to oil price slump.

Why Amazon and Reliance are fighting for Future Retail in India. Amazon(AMZN), the Seattle-based e-commerce firm owned by Jeff Bezos, is fighting a $3.3 billion deal struck between Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries and the Indian retail conglomerate Future Group. White-collar job layoffs are mounting, from Exxon to Schwab. In the last few days, ExxonMobil, Chevron(CVX), Charles Schwab and Raytheon have announced plans to cut thousands of white-collar jobs. That's on top of major layoffs already announced or reported in the press at Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Salesforce(CRM), Allstate(ALL) and CNN owner WarnerMedia. Corporate America's belt-tightening provides more evidence of the fragile and uneven nature of the economic recovery from the pandemic. Outdoor heaters aren't enough to save restaurants this winter.

But now that the weather is turning in parts of the country, that option is becoming less appealing. 3 Essential Items You Should Prepare Before Moving Offices. Whether you’re moving offices as an employee, employer, or both, the process is undoubtedly going to be a bit frustrating. Tips to Improve the Efficiency of the Finance Department. The finance department is the most crucial group of people in making your business thrive.

They look after budgeting, allocates funds, assess investment qualities, and find a better use of the company resources. Earthquake off Turkey and Greece kills at least fourteen. Officials said twelve people were killed in coastal areas in Turkey's west, while two teenagers died on the Greek island of Samos after a wall collapsed on them. In Turkey, at least 20 buildings in the city of Izmir alone were destroyed, Mayor Tunc Soyer told CNN Turk. Images showed vehicles crushed under the buildings and people digging through the rubble in search of survivors. Singapore's Unemployment Level Hits 16-Year High, Breaching Global Financial Crisis High. Tokyo Stock Exchange Outage: Worst Ever Glitch Halts Trading for Entire Day.

US Equities Post Weekly Gains As Traders Weigh COVID Impact. Outstripped By Russia & China, US To Adopt Chinese Model In Developing Hypersonic Weapons. Reasons Why You Need A Good Business Insurance. 5 Reasons Product Packaging Should Never Be Overlooked. US election 2020: What does it cost and who pays for it? How To Conduct SMS Marketing Effectively.

How Does Effective Recruitment Help in Businesses Succeed. 5 Ways to Prepare the Next Generation of Global Business Leaders. India to sign defensive agreement with US following Himalayan standoff with China. Jared Kushner's very revealing comment on Black Americans' desire for success. Jack Ma is making history again with the Ant IPO, and getting even more wealthy while doing it. How to Dress for an Interview. Helping a Small Business Think Big. The Benefits of Pharmacy Security Cameras. The Americas are at risk of polio outbreak due to disruptions by the pandemic. Berlin Tegel: Farewell to the airport that wouldn't die. PayPal allows Bitcoin and crypto spending. 10 Things You Didn't Know That Could Be Done Remotely. How to Market Your Artistic Talents. 6 Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning over DIY Techniques.

Coronavirus: North Korea warnings over 'yellow dust coming from China' China's Xi Jinping delivers thinly-veiled swipe at US during Korean War anniversary speech. IMF Admits China Has Overtaken The US As The World’s Largest Economy; But Why Is The Media Silent? Jump-Starting Your Small Business. 5 Common Tips For Freshers to Get Into The Marijuana Industry. Why Photo Books Make the Best Gift Idea. Afghanistan conflict: 'Children among dead' in air strike on school.

Election 2020 security: FBI says Russia and Iran have interfered with the US presidential election. Obama delivers scathing takedown of Trump before final debate. The Art of the Open Letter: How to Write One That People Can't Help But Read. Alternative Investments: A Quick Guide. Shopify SEO: Pointers on Gaining More Traffic. Trump maintains bank account in China, says NY Times. Trump: Osama bin Laden's Death Was Faked Back in 2011. Safely Enjoying Your Holidays in Pandemic.

What Are Electrical Contactors? Mind My Business. The Importance of Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategies for Plastic Surgeons. A Beginner's Guide for Taking Out a Mortgage for a First Time Home Buyer. 10 Reason You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020. Here Are Effective Ways to Deal With Gynecomastia. Making Guest Posts and SEO to Increase Website Traffic. Europe coronavirus: Leaders face off against regional authorities as second wave engulfs continent.

Kim Jong Un: Tears don't mean North Korea's leader is softening. Just look at his military hardware. How to Arrange House Parties in Covid-19 Situations. 6 Ways to Create a Mind Healthy Workplace Environment. What is a Company Credit report? How to Market Your Painting Business. Europe coronavirus: Nations smash Covid-19 records as WHO warns deaths could spike.

Two Thai protesters could face life imprisonment for violence against the Queen. How to Make the Move From Renting to Owning. How to Pick an Internet Provider for Your Business. 5 Ways to Make your Sales Brochure Effective. How to Cut Your Bills During the Pandemic. Mail-in ballot rule chaos in North Carolina is hurting Black voters. Paris curfew: Europe capitals bring in strict new rules as coronavirus cases surge. Is Your Business Pandemic Proofed?